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5 Signs The No Contact Rule is Working

5 Signs The No Contact Rule is Working

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Does the no-contact rule work?

What are the signs the no contact rule is working?

First, let’s talk about what the no contact rule is.

What is The No Contact Rule?

If you are trying to get over someone, one of the best things you can do is follow the no-contact rule.

The idea behind this strategy is simple: if you don’t hear from your ex, they won’t hear anything from you, either.

This is a rule very similar to the no-contact order.

Basically, you’re avoiding any and all contact with your ex — whether in person or online.

You won’t call them (or block their number), email them, text them… nothing!

The no-contact rule can also be applied if you’re the one who got dumped.

The idea is to give your ex some space and yourself a chance to breathe after being broken up with abruptly or out of the blue.

This rule can be tough at first — especially if you’ve been in contact with them even before you made this decision — but it becomes easier as time goes by.

Some also use the no contact rule as a strategy to get their ex back.

They hope that by giving their ex some space and time to think about what they’ve done, they will realize that breaking up with them was a mistake.


How Long Do You Have To Stick With The No Contact Rule?

You can follow this strategy as long as you need, but generally speaking, one month should be enough time to start feeling better about yourself again after being dumped or broken up with abruptly.

For some people, though, two months are needed before truly moving on from their ex-partner… and even more, if there was infidelity involved in the breakup.


Will No-Contact Work If He Lost Feelings?

If a man already lost feelings for you, going on no-contact won’t magically make him change his mind.

If your ex has already lost feelings for you, the best thing that you can do is to stop contacting them altogether until they come to their senses or realize what they are potentially losing out on by not being with you anymore.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope in getting back together though.

There’s always room for second chances when two people were once deeply emotionally attached but then drifted apart due to whatever reason.


Does The No Contact Rule Really Work?

The signs that the no-contact rule is working are hard to identify at first.

You may have mixed feelings, or you can’t tell if it’s really happening because you’re so used to being in a relationship with them and their toxic behaviors.

The signs aren’t always obvious either—so many people don’t realize they even exist until time has passed by.

But once you begin learning how to practice self-care while trying no-contact, some signs will start popping up here and there the way!

Here are 5 signs the no-contact rule is working:

5 Signs The No Contact Rule is Working

1. You Feel Better

Signs The No Contact Rule is Working

Number one sign that the no-contact rule is working is that you feel better.

When you don’t hear from your ex, this can give you more time and peace of mind to focus on yourself.

As a result, it becomes easier for you to get closer to healing emotionally after a heartbreak or any other difficult breakup experience.

So, if you observe that you are happier and more peaceful, the no-contact rule is working for you.


2. You’re Not Obsessing Over Your Ex

Number two sign that the no-contact rule is working for you is that you are not obsessing over your ex.

It’s normal to think about them now and then, but when it becomes obsessive or controlling—that’s a big no-no.

No-contact gives the space needed for you to focus on yourself rather than thinking of things related to your ex.

Sometimes it’s easy to catch yourself wondering what they’re doing, who they’re with and how they feel without us around—and this can cause anxiety levels to rise.

No-contact gives your mind some time off from having to think about your ex all day long.

Thus, if you are not constantly thinking your ex or reliving painful memories every few minutes (or even worse—every second), then this means you are doing well and putting yourself first for once.

The no-contact rule is working for you.


3. You’re Not Checking Their Social Media Accounts

Signs The No Contact Rule is Working


Number three sign that this strategy is working involves not checking their social media accounts obsessively.

No contact frees up your time from having to check in with all of their online profiles and pages—especially when they have blocked you.

In some cases, even looking at your ex’s profile pictures or status updates can be too much.

If you are not stalking their accounts, the no-contact rule is working for you.


4. You Are More Motivated

You know the no-contact rule is working for you when you become more motivated than ever before because there’s less distractions due to following this rule by keeping away from the person that you’re trying to get over.

There may be signs like a greater desire and drive for self-improvement or other signs of personal growth which happen when people go through difficult breakups and heartbreaks.

Some people apply to new jobs, hit the gym to get back in shape, look for new hobbies and interests, volunteer, spend more time with family and friends, or even travel more.

People do this because they are happier when not thinking about the ex all the time—and no-contact is a great way to achieve that.

The signs of motivation prove that you’re on your way towards feeling emotionally better rather than worse due to obsessing over your ex constantly.

If you find yourself becoming more motivated to improve your life and sense of well-being without that person in the picture, then the no contact rule is working out just fine for you.


5. Your Ex Starts Initiating Contact With You

Number five sign that the no-contact rule is working for you is when your ex decides to break their silence and reach out in any way whatsoever (even through friends), especially if that was your aim from the start.

In other words, if you’ve been trying to get your ex back by using no contact and then they do come around—it’s a sign that this strategy is working for you.

If you have stayed away from them for long enough, it means your absence has caused their feelings of longing and desire to grow stronger than ever before.

Being able to initiate any form of communication with you again shows signs that what you did was effective because preventing someone from getting in touch with you can make anyone want you more.

Although this can be confusing because it’s not clear whether they’re trying to get back together or if they are just feeling lonely and want company.


Signs The No Contact Rule is Working


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