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8 Signs He Regrets Losing You

8 Signs He Regrets Losing You

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If your ex calls you up one day and starts reliving memories you two shared, you may think he wants you back.

How do you know the signs he regrets losing you?

Leaving the person you love hurts a great deal.

But knowing they do not miss you in return or even regret leaving you hurts even more.

You will feel this way if your ex was the one who initiated the breakup or who hurt you in the relationship.

You want to see some signs that show he regrets losing you.

In this article, we will share those signs with you.

They will help you to easily know when a man regrets losing you.

The truth is, breaking up with some people is a huge loss because of their amazing personalities, beautiful hearts, peaceful nature, and what they bring to the table. 

You may be one of such people, and when your relationship with someone ends, they are most likely to regret losing you very soon.

These are the ways to know that he regrets losing you.


8 Signs He Regrets Losing You

1) He Keeps Calling You

signs he regrets losing you

One obvious sign a man regrets losing you is that he continues to call you repeatedly.

He still has your phone number from when you were together and will not fail to call you.

When a man realizes he made a mistake letting you leave his life, he will immediately start trying to reach you.

He believes that if he begins to call you immediately and repeatedly, he may get you back.

If you’ve been noticing that your ex keeps calling you nonstop, you have a sign that he misses you and regrets losing you.



2) He Stalks You

signs he regrets losing you

Stalking is creepy, no doubt.

However, it is fueled by strong emotion. 

In your case, it can be due to the sheer fact that he misses you.

When a person has regrets about leaving their ex, they may begin to have a borderline obsession with them and their new life.

The hurt they feel can make them start checking your social media pages many times, coming to your workplace, or even your house!

This may creep you out and make you uncomfortable.

If it gets too bad, or you feel unsafe, you should warn them to stay off or put the necessary security measures in place.

But if you are wondering why they are stalking you, you have your answer – they regret losing you.



3) He Is Always Unhappy

signs he regrets losing you

Regret brings unhappiness.

So another sign he regrets losing you is that he becomes sad and frustrated, almost depressed.

He remembers all you were to him and the times you two shared and further sinks into unhappiness.

Usually, when men leave a relationship, they are not as miserable or emotionally wrecked as women are.

But when the man regrets the breakup, it is a different case because he will be unhappy.

His unhappiness is a classical sign that he misses you and regrets losing you.



4) He Posts Sad Quotes on Social Media

Posting how they feel on social media is not something men often do.

You are more likely to find a woman who shares her hurt than a man.

However, a man can get to that point too.

If you have noticed that he shares posts suggesting sadness and misery on social media or quotes that even directly talk about regrets, you know that he regrets losing you.



5) He Doesn’t Get Involved With Anyone Else

A man who regrets losing you will find it difficult to move on.

It may have been a while since the breakup happened, but you may have moved on and expected him to do the same.

Yet, that is not always the case.

He keeps living in regret and sadness and does not move on or get involved with someone else.



6) He Tells You

Another sign that he regrets losing you is he tells you.

It can be as simple as that.

He verbally communicates how he feels to you and tells you he regrets leaving you.

This is the most obvious sign he regrets losing you.

He may even say you are ”the one who got away”.

Men are egoistic and will not readily admit that they regret letting you go.

For a man to tell you he regrets losing you, then it’s so serious that he can’t keep it to himself any longer.


7) He Talks About How Great Things Were Between The Two of You

If he is constantly reminiscing about how great things were between the two of you before things went sour, he surely regrets losing his relationship with you and would like nothing more than to get back together again.

He hopes that by reminiscing about the good parts of the past and taking you down memory lane, he can win you over.


8) He Tries to Get Back To You

With regret comes an urge to make things right.

If he could turn back the hands of time, he wouldn’t have let you go.

But now that is impossible, so the next best thing is for him to try to win you back.

If he is making attempts to get back together, it is a sign that he regrets letting you go.


9) He Tries To Make Amends for His Mistakes

If he regrets losing you, he’ll try to make amends for all the things that went wrong in your relationship.

He’ll apologize for cheating on you and promise that it will never happen again, if that was what happened.

He’ll tell you how much he misses being with you and how much happier he is when you’re around.

If he truly regrets losing you, he will genuinely feel bad about hurting you.


10) He Turns A New Leaf

The breakup may have happened because of some of his behaviors or lifestyle you found unpleasant.

Maybe you were patient for a long time and kept trying to make him change but failed.

Now you have left his life, and he regrets letting that happen.

You will notice he no longer does those things, or he comes to promise you he is a changed person and will never return to his old life.


11) You Can See It In His Face

If you are able to see him, you’ll see regret written all over his face.

If you were together for a while, you should be able to interpret his facial expression.

He will have this sad look on his face.

Even if he tries to look happy, you will know he’s pretending.


12) Your Mutual Friends Tell You 

When people are regretful, they tend to share their regrets with close friends and family.

Even if a guy doesn’t tell you he regrets letting you go, his loved ones may be aware.

So if people who knew you together tell you he has been miserable since you guys are no longer together, that’s likely to be the case.


Now that you know signs that he regrets losing you, what you do with this information is up to you. 

While we can’t tell you what to do with your life, we believe you will think deeply and make the right decision for yourself.



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