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Can A Cheating Man Change And Be Faithful? Yes, If…

Can A Cheating Man Change And Be Faithful? Yes, If…

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If you or a loved one has a cheating man, the question “Can a cheating man change and be faithful?” will plague your mind often.

Being with a cheating partner is not a pleasant experience, and no one deserves that.

While for some people, cheating is the deal breaker, and they will leave the instant their man cheats, for others it is not.

In reality, it is not always easy to immediately leave a relationship or marriage when a partner cheats.

Not to mention if you love the person and have invested in that relationship.

You will feel hurt that your man cheated and will not want to remain with a cheating spouse, but part of you will still want to hope he will change and become faithful. 

Hence the question, “Can a cheating man change and be faithful?”

If this question is one you have asked at one point or another, you are in the right place because we will be giving you intelligent and realistic answers today in this article. 

The answer to the question “Can a cheating man change and be faithful?” is not direct.

Thus, you are not getting a “yes” or a “no”.

Let’s take a general look into this matter like this to help guide you to answer the question yourself based on your situation.

As much as you are asking, “Can a cheating man change and be faithful?” we both know that in reality, what you want to know is not if all cheating men change but if your own cheating man will change.

This is why we think it is better to give you specific answers.


Can A Cheating Man Change And Be Faithful?

The truth is, some habits are more difficult to overcome than others, and cheating is one of them.

It is somewhat easy for a man to change some habits like his sleeping position, hygiene, etc, but it will be tougher when you ask the same man to stop drinking, smoking, or cheating.

Especially when he has done it for a while, and it has become a part of him.

It will take an intentional decision and deliberate efforts from the man himself for any change to happen.

In essence, the general answer to the big question is yes, a cheating man CAN change and become faithful.

But the bigger question is- “will he?”

Anybody can change.

It is commonly said that if you are in an unpleasant place, you do not have to remain there.

You are not a tree so you can change and move.

If a man is cheating, he is not a robot, he can change.

But whether or not he makes the effort to change is a different matter altogether.

So, if you are wondering if your cheating man will change, here are a few pointers to help you know.


Can A Cheating Man Change And Be Faithful? Factors To Consider: 

1) Is He Remorseful? 

Can a cheating man change and be faithful?

The first sign a person is not likely to repeat an action is that they show remorse and sadness about it.

What was his reaction when you found out that he was cheating?

It is deception to believe that a man who shows no remorse for cheating will change and become faithful. 

This does not mean that just because a man shows remorse after cheating, he will automatically change.

However, it is a green flag, at least.

If your man shows no remorse, you do not need any further signs.

It simply means that he does not see the wrong in his actions, and it will happen again.

Expecting faithfulness from such a man is a waste of time. 



2) Does He Try To Make Things Right? 

Can a cheating man change and be faithful?

Another sign that shows if a cheating man will change, or not is his attitude toward making things right.

Like the sign mentioned above, this also is not a sure-fire sign that automatically means he will change and become faithful, but it is a step forward.

If a man cheats on you and never feels bad about it or feels the need to make things right, the chances of that man changing and becoming faithful are very slim. 



3) Does He Take Steps To Change? 

One clear way to know that a man will change is that he takes progressive steps toward change.

It is risky to assume that a man will change when he refuses to take the required steps.

Steps like creating boundaries, cutting ties with the person he cheated with, going for counseling if need be, and taking up new habits and exercises.

A man who will change will be willing to take these steps and more.

The truth is for someone who was once a cheat to become a faithful partner, a complete change in mindset and habits are required. 



Final Words

Cheating is one of the most painful experiences a woman can go through.

It’s not only emotionally devastating, but the trust that was once there is broken and impossible to repair.

Is it possible for a cheating man to change and be faithful?

Generally, a cheating man can change and become faithful, but it takes intentional effort from him.

You must observe his attitude and be honest with yourself about it.

It is not difficult to tell if a person is willing to change.

Unfortunately, many women remain with hardened men who are stuck in their ways and show no sign of remorse for their bad behavior.

Staying with such a man is not only reducing yourself and your self-worth, but it also puts yourself at risk of different diseases.

Worse, there is no assurance that he will ever change.

More so, when he cheats, and you remain with him, he takes it to mean that you do not mind or you will stick with him regardless, so he continues. 

So, the answer to”Can a cheating man change and be faithful?” is yes.

Because, anybody can change from bad behavior with willingness, discipline, and dedication. 

A man who values his relationship or marriage can stop cheating and become a faithful partner. 

The signs shared above are the first steps toward recognizing a man who has the potential to change.

If a man doesn’t show any of these signs, there is a high chance that he won’t.

Can A Cheating Man Change And Be Faithful?



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