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10 Signs Your Husband Is Sexting Another Woman

10 Signs Your Husband Is Sexting Another Woman

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The world is fast changing and becoming more liberal.

This wave of change has made new communication mediums emerge, including lewd ones.

One of such is sexting.

The issue of sexting is quite controversial and complex.

To the liberal school of thought, it is perceived as a harmless form of flirtation or self-expression.

The more conservative folks frown at the very idea of communicating sexually triggering images and words between people.

However I must point out that sexting with your partner or wife is okay as it helps drive excitement for many couples, especially those who are apart due to distance.

Whether you argue for or against it, in the context of marriage, sexting with another woman is a betrayal of trust that can cause pain and distress in the relationship. 

Sadly, it has made cheating a piece of cake for philanderous husbands. 

You may find that something seems off about your husband, only to discover that he isn’t cheating physically; he is sexting with another woman.

Can we agree already that sexting with another woman is cheating?

Now, let us look at the signs your husband is sexting another woman.

10 Signs Your Husband is Sexting Another Woman

1. He spends increased time on his devicesSigns your husband is sexting another woman

For men who are naturally carefree about their phones, it is easy to nab them here.

If your husband, who didn’t care about his phone, would miss calls, not respond to messages, or scarcely go online suddenly becomes attached to his phone, then you should smell a rat.  

It gets more interesting if you find he spends this time chatting and texting a lot.

He might even be so engrossed in his chats that he is unaware of your presence.

Uncharacteristically, pressing his phone has become his favorite pastime.

This is a red flag, and you know it; your guy might just be sexting with another woman.

2. He deletes his text oftenSigns your husband is sexting another woman

While it is true that some people delete their chats to free up space on their devices or for general privacy, your husband’s behavior is somewhat off if he didn’t use to do so before.

If your husband suddenly becomes a heavy texter and online user, but you can’t find his chat trails when you check his phone, he isn’t up to any good.

Certainly, he is deleting his chats and conversations because they are implicating.

3. He is secretive and protective of his devicesSigns your husband is sexting another woman

Is your husband suddenly paranoid about you touching his device?

If you have noticed that he gets unusually apprehensive when he forgets his phone on the bed and goes to the bathroom, then something is very wrong.

I once saw a skit where a man started sweating profusely when he realized he had forgotten his phone at home with his wife.

Why was he sweating? Your guess is as good as mine!

Undoubtedly, using passwords on his devices could just be an ordinary security measure, as many of us have passwords on our devices. 

However, if both of you were open with each other’s devices and passwords only for him to suddenly change his phone’s password and start locking his chats, he may be sexting another woman.

Also, if your husband never had a password on his phone but suddenly locks his devices and acts considerably secretive with his phone, he is hiding something from you.

Unfortunately, that something may be his sexts with another woman.

4. There is a decrease in intimacy and affectionSigns your husband is sexting another woman

Another sign of trouble in paradise is decreased intimacy and affection, possibly because he is emotionally or physically invested in another person.

There’s something about sexting that drives anticipation and could make the man experience sexual pleasure from such interaction.

He might even become withdrawn, distracted, spend less time with you, and be unwilling to have sexual relations or initiate it with you.

Please remember that there could be other explanations for decreased intimacy and affection, such as stress, health issues, or other life changes.

However, if this sign is paired with other signs, it could be that he is sexting with another woman.

5. There are changes in his sleep pattern and appetiteSigns Your Husband Is Sexting Another Woman

You should be worried if your early sleeper husband suddenly becomes a night owl, fiddling with his phone far into the night.

He may be sexting with another woman.

There’s something intimate about night conversations, and your husband and his partner may be harnessing the cool of the night to get intimate.

Perhaps the thrill of sexting has even changed his sleep pattern and appetite.

6. He spends an unexplainable amount on phone and internet bills

Have you observed that your husband’s expenses on data subscription have increased in a way you cannot fathom?

There are a few ways that increased spending on phone or internet bills could be a sign of sexting.

One possibility is that he is paying for premium features or services on messaging apps like Snapchat.

Another possibility is that he makes long-distance calls or sends international text messages, which are pricey.

He might also use more data than usual because he spends more time on his phone.

This may be a sign of his newest investment: sexting with another woman.

7. He responds unusually late to your chatsSigns your husband is sexting another woman

If sexting with another woman is your husband’s new-found hobby, chances are that he may get carried away to the point of ignoring your messages.

This is profoundly so if he is usually on his phone, but he is very slow to respond to your messages whether or not you are together.

It could be because he is busy sexting someone else.

8. He uses multiple messaging apps

When your husband moves from not caring about chatting online to having multiple messaging apps, this might be a pointer to sexting operations.

Certain messaging apps help foster sexting, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage.

In fact, if he starts using a burner phone, you should raise an eyebrow.

People sometimes use burner phones for sexting because they can be more anonymous.

So, if you discover that your husband now has or uses a burner phone, he might just be sexting with another woman. 

9. He loses interest in sex with you

This may be the effect of sexting with another woman.

The truth is that sexting is a very intimate activity that can lead to strong emotional reactions.

Some people may become more interested in sex after sexting, while others may have a decreased interest in sex with their partner.

One potential effect of sexting is a feeling of emotional distance or detachment from a romantic partner.

You are likely to observe a loss of interest because his attraction to the other woman may make him pay you less attention, let alone have sex with you.

He may also begin to make comparisons between you and the other woman, making him have unrealistic expectations of you.

10. He develops the habit of masturbating

As a follow-up to the last point, you may suddenly discover that your husband now masturbates.

This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it indicates that someone else is arousing him sexually over the phone.

By the way, masturbation is a common habit found in people who engage in sexting.


Last Thoughts

I would like to point out that the signs mentioned above are possible indications and do not automatically mean that your husband is sexting another woman.

You may have to consider the peculiarities of your relationship to conclude what to make of the signs you notice.

Even though sexting with another woman is unfaithful and a breach of marital vows, various factors could lead to such behavior.

Some include feeling unfulfilled in the marriage, struggling with self-esteem, loneliness or isolation, and psychological or even emotional issues.

This doesn’t in any way justify the betrayal of trust.

However, if you find that your husband is sexting another woman, even though you are sure to be hurt by his actions, you may want to approach the matter carefully.

Seek the help of a professional marriage counselor if you can.

If your husband’s case is rooted in self-esteem issues or unhealed trauma, he may need to explore therapy.

With much support, sincere and effective communication, patience, understanding, and clear boundaries, you may weather the storm and build trust in your marriage again.

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