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10 Spiritual Signs To End A Relationship

10 Spiritual Signs To End A Relationship

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As humans, we are not just bodily beings but also spiritual beings.

Therefore, we sometimes get spiritual clues and signs.

Thus, if you’re wondering if there are spiritual signs to end a relationship, you’re in the right place.

When in a love relationship, we often suspend our reasoning and ignore signs and red flags staring at us right in the face.

Sometimes, we honestly do not even notice these signs and flags.

If you believe in the existence of a supernatural sovereign Being and acknowledge that you have a spirit, then you should know that there are spiritual signs and leading for every step you want to take in life.

You may have been feeling like it’s time to end your relationship, but you are unsure because you can not accurately interpret the signs you see and feel.

Today, we’re sharing some clear spiritual signs to end your relationship to help you decide.

If you feel or notice any of these signs, they’re spiritual signs to end your relationship.


10 Spiritual Signs To End A Relationship

1. You do not feel peace about it

Your peace is a very important factor in everything you do in life.

Your spirit can sense if a thing is good for your future and make you feel peaceful about it.

On the other hand, if a relationship or situation is bad for you, you may lose your peace and begin to feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and stressed.

It is important that you trust this spiritual sign to end a relationship because ignoring it will make you walk into negative places and situations you have no business in. 


2. They make you reduce your fervency and connection with God

Your relationship should help all areas of your life, your spiritual life inclusive.

If that is not happening, it is a spiritual sign to end your relationship.

If you find out that your relationship with your partner brings you down in your relationship with God and makes you almost lose touch with the spiritual side of you, they’re not good for you.

Just like you’d be worried if your relationship is bringing you down in your career, health, or physically, you should also be worried if it brings you down spiritually because your spirituality is an essential side of you.


3. You have disturbing dreams about your partner 

Dreams can be a communication channel from the spirit realm to you, so don’t ignore them.

For many people, important information is delivered to them through dreams, and they’re warned of looming danger through the same.

If you are getting negative and disturbing dreams about your relationship or your partner, that may just be the spiritual sign to end your relationship, especially if dreams are a major way God speaks to you.

Even when things are seemingly okay in the relationship physically, if your dreams say otherwise, do not just ignore them.

Pay attention and act accordingly.

I don’t take my dreams seriously because that’s not the Spirit’s primary medium of communication with me.

But if you are not like me, don’t joke with your dreams.

Not every dream has a spiritual connotation, so you need the Spirit of God to guide you in interpreting your dreams.


4. They do not share your spiritual beliefs

It is not unusual for a partner who hitherto shared and supported your spiritual beliefs to one day change suddenly and declare their unbelief or belief in another entity or theory.

If this happens or is happening in your relationship, it is a sign that the relationship should end.

This is because you and your partner are now unequally yoked, and your frequencies will no longer resonate.

You both may find yourselves in consistent tension with one person always trying to change the other.

To avoid these frequent clashes and conflicts, paying attention to this spiritual sign and ending the relationship is important.


5. You just feel very negative about it

If your guts tell you that you’re not safe with a person, please believe it.

Do not ignore the subtle signs or shake off how you feel simply because of shallow reasons like your partner’s charming looks or the material gifts they give you.

Many people have ended up in sad situations that they regret simply because they had earlier ignored spiritual signs to end their relationship like this one.

If you don’t feel safe, then you’re not safe.

If you feel afraid, then you’re in the wrong place.

If you feel negative about a person or a place, then it’s time to move.


6. You’re living way below your potential

You have a higher self that God desires that you live and show up as daily and in everything.

You were made to thrive and flourish into beautiful things; if you’re not doing that, something is wrong.

Your relationship goes a long way in determining who and what you become.

Some relationships stifle your growth and progress.

They make you become a shadow of yourself and push you into low self-esteem.

When you end such a relationship, you begin to notice that you’re thriving and doing way better in all areas than when your partner was in the picture.


7. The relationship is toxic

A relationship that drains you, puts you down, and makes you numb is a relationship you should end.

Sometimes you may even be the one who has become toxic as a result of your connection to your partner.

If you find yourself becoming toxic and unhealthy to your partner, yourself, or other people, it is a spiritual sign to end the relationship.

Spiritual signs are great in helping you assess a relationship, especially when the physical signs seem vague.

If your relationship poisons your mind, spirit, soul, or body, it is time for you to end it.


8. You’d rather be alone all the time

If you constantly do not want to be in your partner’s company, it is likely because something about their spirit is repelling you, and you do not want them in your space.

This is a clear spiritual sign to end a relationship.

They may not necessarily be negative people, and neither are you, but you are just not meant to continue in that relationship.


9. Your mental health is getting affected

If your relationship hurts your mental health, it’s time for that relationship to go.

You may notice your partner doing or saying things that affect you mentally without regard to how you feel.

You do not have to wait until your mental health is completely affected, and you need serious help before you detach yourself from that unhelpful situation.

Following this spiritual signal can help you end a relationship healthily before things get messy.


10. You’ve lost yourself

Another important spiritual sign to end your relationship is when you notice that the core of your being is diminishing or even lost.

This means that the relationship has sapped your energy and has taken too much from your essence.

The relationship is no longer serving you or fulfilling your needs, and there is no way your partner’s needs can be met in such a situation because you can not pour from an empty cup.

You do not have to remain a shadow of yourself in a relationship.

Consider these signs and make a good decision for you and your partner.


Spiritual Signs To End A Relationship

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