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The 7 Types of Men Who Have Affairs

The 7 Types of Men Who Have Affairs

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Discarding the “females love bad boys” narrative, it is the deepest desire of every female to be with a guy that treats them rightly.

The right sort of treatment in relationships includes loyalty, love, and care.

You don’t necessarily need to have access to the statistics on infidelity to be worried about infidelity in your marriage/ relationship.

A glance at the statistics on infidelity will only end up worsening your fears as approximately 70% of married Americans admitted to cheating at least once in their marriage according to a study.

The statistics don’t look so good and it probably won’t get better.

Hence, if you are planning on committing to a relationship, you may be feeling an important need to know if they are ways to spot a man who will cheat on you.

Don’t get it twisted, both males and females have the tendency to be unfaithful.

However, it seems that males are slightly more guilty of the act than women.

To help you identify the types of men that cheat, this article aims to provide extensive illumination on the traits and characteristics of men who cheat.

Ladies and … gentlemen?

I present to you the different types of men who have affairs.

7 Types of Men Who Have Affairs

1. The Playboy

Types of Men Who Have Affairs

This is the real-life version of your basic idea of the playboy in those erotic romance novels.

This sort of guy enjoys charming females into his bed just for sport.

He really doesn’t take you seriously but he will do or say anything just to get you into his bed.

He is usually very charismatic and can talk very smoothly and glibly.

He may appear personable, exciting, fun, confidential, and just about everything else you may consider attractive.

He loves the attention of being with someone new and he compares the thrill of a new romantic conquests to that of Alexander the Great’s triumphs on the battlefield.

For this type of man who cheats, infidelity is not committed in response to issues faced in his relationship.

He just commits infidelity to feel the thrill of pursuing a prospective catch.

If you suspected right from the start of the relationship but you stayed with him because you believed he could be reformed, he could still be doing the same thing at the moment.

Playboys usually have a history of several shattered and damaged hearts.

If you want to go along with a relationship with such a person, then you should be prepared for the probability of him cheating on you too.

This should not discount the fact that he could actually change and stay faithful to you, it’s just an attempt to point out to you that the probability of this happening is really small.

Statistics from a study suggest that between 22% and 55% of those who have cheated in the past will do so again.

So, if he has cheated on you before or on someone else, the odds are he will do it again.

The Playboy kind of guy is a skilled flirt who seems to flirt for a living.

Behind the caring facade he exudes, he is more concerned about satisfying his own needs and desires than any other person’s.

He may even lack empathy in most cases.

These are the traits that can identify a man as a Playboy.


2. The Opportunist

Types of Men Who Have Affairs

It is a great misconception to think that all forms of cheating occur as a result of issues on the home front.

Some cases of cheating just make it look like you can actually be happy in your relationship and still end up having an affair.

There are some classes of men that cheat just because they can.

This may be shocking but it’s the truth.

Many men cheat because they recognized an opportunity to have an affair with another lady they find attractive.

When some of them are caught at it, you may hear things like, “My wife and I weren’t having any issues. I love her so much and I didn’t think I will get caught doing this”

In fact, this is one of the reasons men get caught cheating because it just happened on the spur of the moment so they didn’t have the time to plan it out carefully.

This sort of man may not be on dating apps pretending to be single and searching neither is he the kind of person to take off his ring before going to bars searching for receptive women but if he is “fortunate” to be “in the right place at the right time”, he will seize the moment.

Unlike the Playboy, he feels some guilt at his actions even though it fades with the fear of being discovered.

Such a man may be the kind of person who likes to be flattered by the opposite sex.

Hence, one of the scenarios that can bring him down may involve an attractive lady flattering and making direct sexual advances at him.

It is harder to spot this sort of man because he is just your regular kind of guy, has a happy home, and loves his wife.

One way you can spot such a person though is by the frequency of his outings with his friends.

He is always going out with his friends without including his wife.

This behavior is characteristic of an opportunist.


3. The Frustrated Husband

Types of Men Who Have Affairs

This type of man is very easy to recognize.

He cheats because he feels frustrated by his relationship.

He may be doing this because he feels that his needs are not being met by his relationship.

He may actually be truly suffering from sexual deprivation and emotional unavailability in his marriage/relationship.

If a man is not having regular sex with his wife, he may be tempted to look somewhere else for satisfaction.

Sexual deprivation is one major factor that makes this sort of man consider cheating.

He may also be feeling a disconnect from his partner as a result of a lack of intimacy and poor communication.

If a man is unhappy in his marriage, he may end up resorting to cheating to satisfy his needs.

You may even feel tempted to feel sorry for this sort of man because they seem to be victims as well.

However, there is no excuse for cheating in a relationship.

If you can’t endure or resolve the issue, then it is better to dissolve the relationship.

Efforts should be made to ensure that a solution to the situation is pursued before giving up on your relationship.


4. Men Who Want To Boost Their Ego  

Sometimes, some men cheat because they want to feel powerful or important.

This kind of cheating is usually done by those who have low self-esteem and need validation from others.

It may be a way for them to prove that they are still attractive and desirable, irrespective of what they think about themselves.

Cheating in this situation can also be a sort of risk-taking behavior, you know, a way of getting out of their comfort zone and feeling powerful and in control.


5. Revenge Seekers

You must have known by now that there’s something called ”revenge cheating.”

Men and women who are wronged by their partners may choose to cheat as a way of getting back at them.

It could be because they feel that their partner has been unfaithful or irresponsible in some way.

They might feel the need to do something “drastic” so that their partner can realize how wrong they have been. 

This kind of cheater is more interested in hurting their partner than they are in the relationship itself. 


6. Men Who Don’t Value Their Marital Vows

types of men who have affairs

Some men may believe that marriage is a way to get whatever they want without having to commit. 

They may indulge in extra-marital affairs, thinking it’s their right as long as they’re not caught. 

They might view cheating as just another perk of being married and feel entitled to fulfill their desires without consequence or guilt. 

A man with this kind of mindset will cheat without remorse.


7. Men Who Don’t Value Their Family

If you are caught cheating, you risk losing your family.

A man who cheats habitually is definitely one who doesn’t care about losing his family.


Final Words

It is important that we don’t forget that both genders have the tendency to be unfaithful and avoid painting the generality of men as cheats.

Individual choices and values play a major role in influencing people to cheat.

Most importantly, married couples should practice good communication with each other to ensure that every form of dissatisfaction or problem is resolved before it creates a crisis in their relationship.




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