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7 Trusted Tips To Get Your Baby Daddy Back When He Has A Girlfriend

7 Trusted Tips To Get Your Baby Daddy Back When He Has A Girlfriend

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If you want to get your baby daddy back from his girlfriend, I have tips that might help you.

Your desire to have your baby daddy not just in your kid’s life but in yours as well is not bad after all

While I do not support trying to sabotage his ongoing relationship to have him to yourself, I understand how you feel and know that your kid would be happier to have both parents together.

Let’s be honest: if he isn’t married to someone else yet, there’s still some slim chance that you both might still work out.

We will look into some things you can do to increase those chances from slim to wide.

7 Trusted Tips To Get Your Baby Daddy Back When He Has A Girlfriend

1. Be kind to himhow to get your baby daddy back when he has a girlfriend

I’ve realized lately that nobody on earth, no matter how tough, is immune to kindness.

When you constantly show kindness and love to someone, they will reciprocate it with time, sometimes even unconsciously.

If your relationship with your baby daddy has been strict and formal before now, try bringing some softness into it by showing him kind gestures.

Gestures such as being polite when you both meet, pardoning him when he brings his kid back later than he’s allowed to, or even offering him food.

He’s bound to cave in at some point, no matter how tough he is; I mean, a bond already exists between you both; you have a whole child together.

With the right amount of kindness, his heart may soften towards you, and he may decide to come back to you.

2. Spend time with him and your kidhow to get your baby daddy back when he has a girlfriend

Involving your kid is dicey and can get manipulative if not done well.

You don’t want to give them any hope that mummy and daddy are now back together when that’s not the case, at least not yet.

Especially if your kid is still very young.

But you can occasionally sit with your baby daddy when he’s spending time with his child or offer to join them when they go out.

Your baby daddy will likely not turn you down, especially because of the child present.

This is an opportunity for you to bond with him more and make him see the beauty in your being together.

3. Apologize to him

Perhaps a fallout led to you both going your separate ways, and you were at fault.

One way to draw your child’s father near is by admitting your fault and apologizing.

Let your apology be genuine because you indeed see you’re wrong and not just because you want him back.

If your apology isn’t genuine, he can tell with time.

So you want to be as sincere as possible, letting him know you’re a better person now.

4. Let him know you’re available

Your baby daddy may have gotten someone else because he thought you were taken or you’re not interested in him.

In such a case, it’s your job to draw his attention.

Make it clear that you’re not seeing anyone and you’re available.

Look extra good on the days that you know you’ll see him and don’t forget your perfume.

Randomly sneak into your conversations with him and highlight that you’re not seeing anyone.

Whatever way you decide to communicate, it is fine; just let him know.

5. Align with himhow to get your baby daddy back when he has a girlfriend

One of the fastest ways to get someone interested in you is by getting interested in the things that matter to them.

If you want your baby daddy back, then you have to make him see that you’re a great fit for him by aligning with his interests, opinions, desires, and views.

Make it obvious that you’re the woman he needs by talking about what he holds dear, asking for his opinion on things and actually doing them, and showing him lavish appreciation, telling him how much of a great dad he is.

I have to mention again that this has to be as real as possible.

If you’re only faking it, girl, you will be found out.

6. Speak with mutual friends and family

I’m sure there are a few family members and mutual friends that you both have who want you both to be together.

Can you think of any of such people?

Fantastic, they’re going to be helpful here.

You need to start getting close to those people and letting them know your desire to get back with your baby’s daddy.

When family and friends are on your side, they can facilitate things faster than you think.

They can do signs and wonders.

7. Bring up memorieshow to get your baby daddy back when he has a girlfriend

Another card you need to pull out is the reminder card.

Don’t do this in an obvious and glaring way by just saying things like,

“Remember the last time we kissed?”

That’s rather too sudden and far.

You can embrace more subtle ways, like saying,

“Ben (insert your kid’s name) loves pineapples a lot, and it reminded me of how much you used to love them too. Do you still take them as much?”

Now that’s more like it.

Subtle but effective.

Remember the tiny details about him and bring them up when he’s not expecting.

With these tips, your baby daddy is returning to your arms.

4 Essential Considerations In Getting Your Baby Daddy Back From His Girlfriend

If you’re looking to get your baby daddy back, there are a few things to consider.

1. The state of his current relationshiphow to get your baby daddy back when he has a girlfriend

If he’s genuinely happy and in a serious and healthy relationship, trying to break that for your interest will be selfish.

Just because he’s your baby daddy doesn’t mean that you own him, especially if you two were not married.

If you both agreed to move on, and he’s now happy with someone else, consider moving on with someone else.

2. Why he’s your baby daddy

There’s a reason he’s your baby daddy and not your husband.

What is that reason?

If you both couldn’t work out then, why do you think that you will now?

Girl, I understand that you want to have your child’s father in the home with you, but if the relationship is unhealthy or you both have different values and principles, hence your separation,

Would it be wise to try to initiate a reunion?

I don’t think so.

Perhaps one of you was toxic and abusive, and that’s why it didn’t work out.

Why try to force it now?

3. Your reasons how to get your baby daddy back when he has a girlfriend

Why do you want him back?

Do you have good reasons?

Or are you just jealous because he’s moved on?

You have to take a microscopic look at your heart and be fair to your conscience.

Is it worth it to just want him back to prove a point or play around?

4. Is he interested in you?how to get your baby daddy back when he has a girlfriend

The last thing you want is to look desperate and still end up failing at your pursuit.

You have to observe and see if your child’s father has even the slightest interest in you.

If he does, then maybe you can build on that.

However, if he doesn’t and has moved on for real, then this quest of yours may already be dead on arrival.

While it is good to desire a working relationship between you and your child’s father, it’s important to take a holistic view of the situation to know what’s best.

He may be your baby’s daddy, but he doesn’t necessarily have to be your man, especially if the situation is not right or he’s moved on with someone else.

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