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6 Smart Ways Of Punishing A Boyfriend For Cheating Emotionally

6 Smart Ways Of Punishing A Boyfriend For Cheating Emotionally

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Are you hurt and heartbroken because your boyfriend cheated on you?

I am sorry you have had to go through that.

It must be very painful and disappointing to be betrayed in such a way by someone you love.

You deserve better than that.

If you are hurt, you may also want to punish him emotionally.

You might be tempted to do things like making him jealous or exposing his infidelity to others.

However, these actions might not give you the satisfaction or closure you need.

They may even backfire and make you look petty or vindictive.

So, why don’t you try a different approach?

One that will make him realize what he lost and regret his actions.

An approach that will show him that you are strong, confident, and happy without him.

One that will make him wish he never cheated on you in the first place.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some creative ways to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally.

These are not meant to be cruel or abusive but rather to help you heal and move on.

They are also meant to teach him a lesson and make him think twice before cheating again.

Are you ready to find out how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally?

Let’s go!

6 Smart Ways Of Punishing A Boyfriend Cheating Emotionally 

1. Focus on yourself

how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally

It is not selfish to focus on yourself.

Most of the time, people mistake a total lack of self-awareness as being selfless.

However, this is not so, and if you want to get started on hurting your boyfriend who cheated emotionally, you will need to learn how to do this.

It’s not easy to do this after a heartbreak.

Discovering that your boyfriend has been cheating usually leaves you in a confused state that makes it difficult to deal with the hurt that comes with the discovery.

It becomes very easy to start blaming yourself for his cheating or feeling inferior.

The fact is that it puts you in a terrible state of mind.

After such discovery, the first thing to do is get a grip on yourself and calm down.

With calmness, you will begin to process what happened to you and what it means for the future.

Of course, the emotions will come flooding in but you must not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by them and forced to make irrational decisions.

Before attempting to get back at him, try to attain that calmness and stability by focusing on yourself.

It is weird, but at this point, most ladies decide that there is no need for revenge.

2. Try not to break down in his presence

It is normal to feel so hurt when you discover your boyfriend cheating on you.

It’s even normal to feel emotional and shed a few tears at first.

However, if you plan to hurt your boyfriend emotionally for cheating on you, you may need to find a way to curb that tendency.

Shedding tears in front of him shows him that his actions hurt you and that you still care enough about him to feel betrayed by him.

One way of hurting a cheating boyfriend emotionally is to act like his act of betrayal does not hurt you.

Don’t let him see you cry.

He lost the right to see you vulnerable the moment he cheated on you.

I need to add a little note though.

Repressed emotions are harmful to you.

You can cry when you want to.

Just don’t do it in his presence.

3. Treat him casually

how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally

The fact is that nothing eats up a man as much as knowing that he has hurt a lady, yet she is still treating him casually.

You need to maintain a straight face and a calm voice around him.

If you aim to hurt him emotionally, this will help.

He would be confused by your casual indifference and wonder what is happening in your head.

This reminds me of a movie I saw some time ago.

A woman entered their room to find her husband in bed with another woman.

What did she do?

She didn’t scream, yell, weep, or attempt to tear anybody apart.

What did she do then?

She apologized for interrupting them and stepped outside.

This left her husband in a quandary.

He stopped what he was doing, sent the other lady away, and attempted to apologize to his wife, who innocently asked him what he was apologizing for.

She seemed to go out of her way to be nice to her husband, and he spent weeks on tenterhooks wondering what his wife would do to him.

She finally forgave him, but he had experienced the worst weeks of torment of his entire life.

There is no better way to toy with the emotions of a man who has wronged you than by treating him casually.

He will spend so much time trying to figure out what is going on in your head.

4. Ignore him

how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally

If you plan on resolving issues in your relationship, one of the first things to be involved in is open and honest communication.

However, since you plan to hurt your cheating boyfriend emotionally, you don’t need to communicate.

In fact, you need to do the opposite.

He will expect you to listen to him, naturally, because he believes you will be so hurt by his actions and want to know why he did what he did.

If you ignore him, he will most likely be hurt especially if he keeps trying to explain his actions.

On the flip side, if you plan on forgiving him later after toying with him, this step may lead to the permanent dissolution of your relationship.

5. Go on dates

how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally

Please, go on dates.

Try your very best to have fun and enjoy your life.

Yeah, I know there is nothing pleasant about being cheated on.

However, one of the best ways to move on is to find fun things to do.

You could go out on dates with yourself or with friends.

If you are particular about hurting him emotionally, you can go on dates with an attractive guy.

Not just to spite him but to make sure it’s someone you like and trust.

It may be something as simple as going to see a movie, dinner with a friend, or drinks with the entire gang.

This will help you take your mind off him and back on yourself.

However, you need to be careful with hanging out with other guys so soon after being cheated on.

You don’t want to be on the rebound.

Being too hasty or going too far to punish your boyfriend emotionally may just lead to more betrayals and hurt.

6. Be purposeful

how to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally

You may have gone through a horrible situation, and while it may seem like it, the world hasn’t come to an end for you.

You still have activities that make you happy and give you purpose.

You should throw yourself into them wholly.

Give more attention to important aspects of your life like your studies, career, and friendships.

Ignore him while doing all this.

This will terribly hurt him, especially when it seems like you are simply having the time of your life without him in the picture.

Ignore him and focus on yourself.


Ultimately, you know you can’t do this forever.

Sooner or later, you will have to decide on the next thing to do.

Do you walk out of the relationship or patch things up?

The decision is yours.

If you believe your boyfriend is repentant and ready to fight for your relationship, you may choose to give him a second chance.

However, in your attempt to hurt your boyfriend emotionally, you should draw the line between cheating back on him or subjecting him to physical hurt.

They are toxic ways to address the situation.

At the end of it all, focusing on improving yourself is the best approach to the situation.

Through the fires of betrayal, a better you can be born, just like a phoenix.


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