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11 Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

11 Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

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When a man cheats, we often think maybe all is not well at home.

Maybe he’s unhappy, or his needs aren’t met.

But have you seen cases where a man has a wife so good that even the blind can see it?


There are some men who will cheat, even if they have the best wives.

Let’s see who they are:

11 Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

1. The Eternal Bachelor:

Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

You’d think that an eternal bachelor shouldn’t get married in the first place since they are so addicted to the single life.

I mean, isn’t that the most reasonable thing to do?

If you love your independence and freedom so much, why tie yourself down to one person for the rest of your life and make your partner miserable?

But some men just can’t resist the societal pressure to settle down, even if it goes against their natural inclination.

Some really want kids, though, or even a family to call their own, but they still love the single life and all its perks.

You know, the freedom, the variety, and the excitement that comes with being unattached.

Even if he has the best wife any man could ask for, he’ll still feel suffocated and seek out flings to satisfy his itch for freedom.

He will always act as if he’s available, flirting openly or hanging out at singles’ spots because the habits and mindsets of his bachelor days are deeply ingrained.

That’s why when a man cheats, it’s not always a sign that he’s unhappy in his marriage.

Sometimes, it’s just the eternal bachelor in him wanting to break free.

And if you are married to this kind of guy, you’ll lose your mind trying to figure out where you’ve gone wrong despite being the sweetest wife ever.

But the truth is, it’s not about you; it’s about him and his fear of commitment.

Nothing you do can change that.


2. The Insecure One:

It’s easy to assume that cheaters have an inflated ego and are full of themselves, but the truth is often the opposite.

Some men cheat because they are terribly insecure and need constant validation from others.

Even if they have the best wife in the world who loves, supports, and praises them, it’s never enough.

They always want more attention, admiration, and validation from other women to feel good about themselves.

They may even be successful in their career, but deep down, they feel inadequate and unworthy.

And when someone shows interest in them, especially a woman who seems out of their league, they’ll be flattered and intrigued.

This insecure guy will think, “Why is she interested in me? There must be something special about me after all.”

And this validation will make him feel better about himself.


3. The Narcissist:

Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

People who are married to narcissists will tell you they are always on the lookout for their partners’ next infidelity because they know it’s bound to happen.

These types of men will cheat even if they have the best wives because they believe they deserve everything and anything, including a string of affairs.

They feel entitled to constant admiration, adoration, and attention from others, regardless of how amazing their wife is.

They have an insatiable need for validation and will seek it from multiple sources, regardless of the consequences.

They also have a distorted sense of self-worth, so even if their wife is perfect in every way, they’ll find ways to make her feel inferior.


4. The Thrill-Seeker:

For some men, cheating isn’t about being unhappy or lacking something in their marriage.

It’s simply about the thrill of doing something forbidden and dangerous.

These types of men are often risk-takers by nature, and cheating is just another way to get that adrenaline rush.

Even if they have the best wife who satisfies them in every aspect, they’ll still be tempted by the excitement and novelty of a new fling.

The thought of getting caught also adds to the thrill, making it even more exciting for them.

They may not even have a particular type or preference when it comes to their affairs – as long as it’s risky and forbidden, they’ll go for it.

What a life!


5. The High Achiever:

Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

Success is a powerful aphrodisiac and can be a double-edged sword when it comes to relationships.

On one hand, it can strengthen a marriage by providing financial stability and security.

Who doesn’t love the good things of life that success brings?

But success can also lead to a sense of entitlement and arrogance in some men.

It can fuel their ego and make them feel invincible and untouchable.

These types of men may have it all – a beautiful wife, a great career, and material possessions – but they want even more.

They see cheating as another conquest, something to add to their list of achievements.

And even if they get caught, they may not feel guilty because, in their mind, they’ve earned the right to do whatever they want.


6. The Manipulator:

Some men are just natural manipulators who always know what to say and do to get what they want.

And when it comes to cheating, these types of men are masters at manipulating both their wives and their mistresses.

They can charm their way out of any situation and make both women believe that they are the most important person in their lives.

They may also use infidelity as a way to control and manipulate their spouse, making them feel insecure and always on edge.


7. The Serial Cheater:

Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

We’ve all heard the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” and for some men, it’s sadly true.

These types of men have a history of infidelity and may have cheated in past relationships as well.

They can’t seem to stay faithful, no matter how amazing their partner is.

Their cheating behavior stems from deep-seated issues that they may not even be aware of, such as commitment phobia or feeling unfulfilled in their life.

Even if they have the best wife who is willing to work through their issues, they’ll still find a way to cheat.

They may even convince themselves that it’s not cheating as long as it’s just physical and not emotional.


8. The Unrepentant:

Some men have no remorse for their actions, regardless of how much they hurt their partner.

These types of cheaters may even boast about their affairs or openly flirt with other women in front of their wives.

They may also gaslight their spouse, making them feel crazy for suspecting infidelity or denying it altogether.

They may have a wife who is willing to forgive and forget, but they’ll continue to cheat without a second thought.

They may even see their partner’s forgiveness as a sign of weakness and continue to take advantage of them.


9. The Addict:

Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

We often think of addiction as being limited to substances like drugs and alcohol, but some people can also become addicted to sex.

These types of men are constantly seeking out new sexual experiences and have a difficult time remaining faithful, even if they have the best wives.

They may genuinely love their wife, but their addiction overrides any feelings of guilt or remorse, thus making them more likely to cheat.

This is why I pity women who think they can keep a sex-addicted husband by being super-sexual or considerate.

The issue is his addiction and not your inability to satisfy them.


10. The Disrespectful One:

Some men simply have no respect for the sanctity of marriage or their spouse’s feelings.

They may see their wife as just another possession or status symbol, and cheating is just something that comes with the territory.

This is usually common in patriarchal societies where men are raised to believe they have a right to do whatever they want, including cheating.

Even if they have the best wife, they may still feel entitled to cheat without any regard for the emotional damage it may cause.


11. The Opportunist

Types of Men Who Will Always Cheat, Even If They Have The Best Wives

If there’s a chance to stray without getting caught, the opportunist will take it.

He doesn’t necessarily plan to cheat, but he’s not great at resisting temptation, either.

It’s just like saying, ”I don’t go looking for it, but I’m not going to turn it down if it’s offered.” 

The opportunist may find himself in situations that he could have avoided, but he doesn’t try to do the right thing. 

He takes advantage of opportunities when they present themselves without considering how his actions might hurt his partner.

This is a type of behavior that often occurs when people are away from home and in a different environment that doesn’t contain the same moral boundaries. 

For example, a business trip, vacation, or a night out with friends can quickly turn into an affair for these types of men.


These types aren’t set in stone, because people can change.

This is just to enlighten us that some men are wired in a way that makes them more likely to cheat, no matter how great their wife is.

And while it’s not an excuse for infidelity, understanding these types of men can help women protect themselves and their relationships.

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