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5 Types of Married Women Who No Longer Enjoy Being Sexually Intimate with Their Husbands

5 Types of Married Women Who No Longer Enjoy Being Sexually Intimate with Their Husbands

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Perhaps your marriage started with a lot of energy, both outside and in the “other room” (bedroom), but the energy has now dwindled into nothingness.

Maybe you are not just not initiating sex, or you may seem to be actively dodging any attempts of your husband to get you in the sack.

Either way, you know that this is odd.

Sex is an integral part of most marriages, but not all women enjoy it equally.

Some women may lose interest in sex over time or experience difficulties achieving sexual satisfaction.

If you are a woman going through this phase without realizing what is actually wrong, come along for the ride; this article will be beneficial to you.

Come along as we consider the various types of women who no longer enjoy being sexually intimate with their husbands.

5 Types of Married Women Who No Longer Enjoy Being Sexually Intimate with Their Husbands (And How To Fix It)

1. The Exhausted Wife

types of married women who no longer enjoy being sexually intimate with their husband

Really, it’s hard to think of having sex when you are extremely busy all day and too stressed at night.

This type of wife is constantly busy with work, household chores, childcare, and other responsibilities.

Can you blame her? 

She is overwhelmed and stressed by the daily demands upon her and has little time or energy for herself or her husband. 

She may even view sex as another chore or obligation rather than a source of pleasure and connection. 

She may feel guilty for neglecting her husband’s needs but also resentful at having to do everything.

Well, the exhausted wife needs to prioritize her well-being and self-care. 

The fact is, if you don’t care for yourself, no one else will!

She can delegate some duties to others, request help from her husband or family members, or hire some professional services if possible. 

She can also set aside time to relax, unwind, and do something she enjoys. 

She can communicate with her husband about her feelings and needs and ask for his support and understanding. 

Some women think that womanhood and motherhood are only about sacrifice.

Yeah, it is about sacrifice, but sometimes, it is essential that their needs are met, and someone else supports them.

She can also schedule some quality time with him, such as a date night or a weekend getaway, where they can focus on each other and rekindle their romance.

2. The Bored Wife

types of married women who no longer enjoy being sexually intimate with their husband

Her husband doesn’t satisfy her…and this is another important aspect to consider.

It’s not strange to see some women complaining about the poor quality of sex they get from their husbands.

This type of wife is dissatisfied with the quality or quantity of sex with her husband. 

She may feel that their sex life has become routine, predictable, or dull. 

Comments like “he just gets up, mauls my body in the name of romance and grunts himself into a climax in just one minute. How he manages to do all that in such a short time would always baffle me” are pretty common.

Maybe her husband is a loyal fan of the “missionary style” only.

A woman who undergoes this every night will understandably hesitate about having sex.

Sometimes, it is more variety, excitement, or passion in the bedroom that she craves. 

She may also feel her husband is not attentive, responsive, or adventurous enough to meet her sexual desires. 

If she feels this way, she may lose interest in sex with him or seek it elsewhere.

The simple solution to this is that the bored wife needs to spice up her sex life with her husband. 

She can try to introduce some new elements, such as different positions, locations, toys, fantasies, or role-playing. 

She can also communicate with her husband about her preferences, expectations, and fantasies and encourage him to share his own. 

She can try initiating sex more often or surprising him with sexy gestures or outfits. 

She can also consider exploring other ways of intimacy with him, such as cuddling, kissing, or massaging.

3. The Hurt Wife

types of married women who no longer enjoy being sexually intimate with their husband

This type of wife has experienced some form of betrayal or trauma in her relationship with her husband. 

This could be infidelity, abuse, neglect, or dishonesty. 

She may feel angry, hurt, betrayed, or distrustful of her husband. 

She may be having difficulty forgiving him or moving past the incident. 

There is also the possibility that she may have low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression due to the trauma. 

Because of this, she may choose to withdraw from sex with him to punish him or protect herself.

This is a very frustrating place to be.

The hurt wife needs to heal from the trauma and rebuild trust with her husband. 

Healing can only come with time and commitment from both husband and wife.

She can seek professional help from a therapist or a counselor who can help her process her emotions and cope with the trauma. 

She may also join a support group or talk to a trusted friend who can offer comfort and advice.

Communicating with her husband about how she feels and what she needs from him to heal may also be a step in the right direction. 

Improving her self-esteem and self-love is vital, and she can do this by engaging in positive affirmations and other activities that interest her.

4. The Disconnected Wife

types of married women who no longer enjoy being sexually intimate with their husband

When a wife becomes indifferent to her husband, it is almost impossible for any form of sexual intimacy to exist between them.

This type of wife has lost the emotional connection with her husband. 

They may have grown apart over time due to different interests, values, goals, or lifestyles. 

She may feel that they have nothing in common anymore or that they don’t understand each other.

She may also feel lonely, unappreciated, or unloved by her husband. 

When she feels this way, she may lose interest in sex with him.

This is not far-fetched, especially when the couple has allowed the cares of life and the responsibility of parenting to snuff out the life in their relationship.

Intentionality is gold in building lasting relationships.

There is a need for the couple to attempt reconnecting and locating the divine spark that once characterized their relationship. 

They can try to spend more time together doing things they both enjoy or trying new things together.

She may also share more of her thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams with him and listen to his as well. 

They can also express appreciation and affection for each other in words and actions. 

They can explore emotional intimacy through eye contact, touch, or compliments.

5. Women With Low Libido Or Mismatched Sex Drives

types of married women who no longer enjoy being sexually intimate with their husband

Some women may have a naturally low libido or a sex drive lower than their husbands’. 

This may be due to hormonal changes, medication side effects, stress, fatigue, or other factors that affect sexual desire. 

These women may not feel the urge to have sex as often as their husbands do, or they may not get aroused or orgasm easily.

This can create a mismatch in the sexual expectations and needs of the couple. 

The husband may feel rejected, frustrated, or unloved by his wife’s lack of interest in sex. 

The wife may feel pressured, guilty, or inadequate for not being able to satisfy her husband’s sexual appetite.

The solution for this type of problem is to communicate openly and honestly with each other about sexual issues and expectations. 

The couple should try to understand each other’s perspectives and feelings and respect each other’s preferences and boundaries. 

They should also seek professional help from a doctor, a therapist, or a sexologist if there are any underlying medical or psychological issues that affect sexual desire or functioning.

Of course, every woman and marriage is unique and complex, and other factors or reasons may be involved. 

The important thing is to recognize the problem and seek help.

Also note that even though most of the recommendations in this article were addressed to the woman because she is the focus of the article, she can’t make the change alone.

Her husband must be a willing party and ready to contribute to ‘pimping up’ the sexual intimacy they share.

After all, it takes two to tango.

You are also welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading!


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Donna Wojtkowiak

Sunday 3rd of March 2024

Seems to me that all the blame for the shortfalls of a lazy husband fall at the wifes feet. She should do this, she should do that. I've git a roll on roll off husband and he's not interested in change or shared pleasure.