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Why Do Guys Keep Photos Of Their Exes? 7 Reasons Why

Why Do Guys Keep Photos Of Their Exes? 7 Reasons Why

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Have you ever wandered around your partner’s house or scrolled through their phone and seen a picture of their ex?

Yes, a lovely picture of them, and it leaves you feeling a twinge of jealousy and possibly anger.

You hate that feeling, and you can not help but wonder, “Why do guys keep photos of their exes?”

It is quite painful to think the person you are in a relationship with has not fully gotten over their ex yet.

This could lead to serious issues in a relationship if you do not address it as soon as possible.

There are various possible reasons why your boyfriend still keeps pictures of his ex, but the most certain amongst them is that he is still in love with her and has not completely gotten over the past.

Another reason could be that he is just used to hoarding photos and has no feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

If you find yourself in such a situation, do not hastily jump to conclusions, as there may be other motives for this action.

So, before you start planning the next step to take after finding out your boyfriend still keeps pictures of his ex, here are some other reasons why guys keep photos of their ex even when they are in a new relationship.

They may apply to your boyfriend too.


Why Do Guys Keep Photos Of Their Exes? 7 Reasons Why

1. He Has Not Gotten Over His Ex Yet

Why Do Guys Keep Photos Of Their Exes?

This is the first and most common reason guys keep photos of their ex.

He still keeps photos of his ex, hoping they might get back together again.

Feelings for his ex still exist, and he finds it difficult to discard the pictures because he still wants to remember her and the fond memories they shared together.

Most times, this could mean he still wants her back or misses her however, it could also just imply that she was a huge part of his life, a longtime friend before they became lovers.

To be certain, you have to speak to your boyfriend about it to avoid getting the wrong idea.

Find out if he wants to break off the relationship and get back together with his ex or if he wants you.

You have to state the rules in clear terms.


2. He Does Not See It As A Big Deal

Whatever you choose to do with the photos of an ex after a breakup should be based on your personal decision.

No one should pressure or make you delete it, especially when the other party is insecure and controlling.

I know you will want him to get rid of the pictures of his ex completely and other shared possession they had; however, when your man is not giving you any reasons to doubt his love for you, then you might consider letting it go.

It just might not be that big of a deal to him.

Sometimes they are just memories they want to keep, which does not hinder him from creating new fond memories with you.


3. He Is Avoiding Drama

Another possible reason he still keeps photos of his ex is because he’s trying as much as possible to avoid drama from close friends and family.

It could be that the relationship lasted a long time, and he is trying to keep the breakup private from those wanting to dig up why they should stay together.

Other chances are he is trying to wait for the right time to get rid of the pictures without attracting attention.

Whatever his reasons, it will be great to ask him to communicate his intent with you.


4. He Loves To Hoard Things

Why Do Guys Keep Photos Of Their Exes?

It does not necessarily have to be a picture of an ex or a common possession they shared that he still has in his possession.

It could be other seemingly unnecessary things that he keeps too.

Maybe he is a meticulous record keeper who always thinks there might be a need for things even after they are no longer actively useful.

So he keeps any and everything carefully stocked away.

Unfortunately, this includes memories of his last relationship.

While this is a personality thing, it can still be worked on if you let him know how it makes you feel


5. No Hard Feelings

Why Do Guys Keep Photos Of Their Exes?

If the breakup did not end on a bad note or a rough path, they might not feel the urgent need to erase the presence of an ex.

What’s more, if the ex is someone they shared more than just romantic memories with, it might be a little hard to delete those images just because of a breakup.

They are not keeping the photos to annoy you, or with intentions of cheating, they are simply keeping memories of a friend.


6. To Show Off

Why Do Guys Keep Photos Of Their Exes?

This might sound amusing, but one of the reasons why guys keep photos of their ex is to have a plus on their dating resume.

This may not necessarily be because he still has feelings for her but because he just wants to show off that he has dated a beautiful lady.

This is an unnecessary reason, but it is what it is.


7. He Has Forgotten That The Photos Exist

While you may be getting angry that your boyfriend still has pictures of his ex, your boyfriend may be completely unaware of your anger because he does not even know how still has those photos.

It could be that he forgot to rid himself of those photos months after the breakup, or they just do not matter to him.

Sometimes, images pile up in galleries, and it is a Herculean task to go through them, sort them, and delete the unnecessary ones.

Try not to read so much meaning to his actions.



Having one or two photos of your ex is not completely bad when no special meanings are attached to them.

You need to understand that they were a part of his life, and you can not just get rid of them as soon as you set your eyes on them.

You have to respect his memories, or else you might push him away.

If he is constantly staring at those pictures or spending time with them, which leaves you wondering if he still has feelings for his ex then that is an issue.

But sometimes, it could be because they were an important part of the person’s life.

If you feel uneasy about it, you can ask him why he still keeps pictures of someone he once had feelings for when he has you.

Some guys get into a relationship to let go of their past and try to take advantage of your emotion to help them get over their ex, using you as a rebound.

Communicate the need for him to erase the photos if it is detrimental to your current relationship.

Do not be one of those girls who keep things to themselves because that will not help you at all.

Ask him upfront why he keeps photos of his ex and listen to his justifications.

You do not want to make judgments before you find out the truth.



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