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11 Signs He is Over His Ex And You Should Relax

11 Signs He is Over His Ex And You Should Relax

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It can be pretty frustrating if you’re dating a guy who is still hung up on his ex.

You might feel like you’re not good enough for him or that you’re his second best.

And sometimes, it can be hard to know whether or not a guy is over his ex, especially if you’re just getting to know him or he’s been through a break-up recently.

But don’t worry!

I’ve got you covered.

Here are some signs that the guy you’re interested in is over his ex:

11 Signs He is Over His Ex

  1. He doesn’t communicate with her anymore

If you’re not over your ex, you’ll want to stay in contact with them with the hope that you can mend things.

But if you’re over your ex, you don’t want to hear from them.

You don’t want to see them, and you don’t want to be reminded of them.

If a guy is over his ex, he’ll act like she never existed—even if they were together for years.


2. He isn’t afraid to commit to you

signs he is over his ex

A guy who has moved on from his ex won’t be scared of commitment.

Instead, he will want to make you a priority in his life, so he will commit to spending more time with you.

He won’t be afraid of taking the next step in your relationship, even if it means risking heartbreak.

He may even be willing to go as far as proposing marriage.

But if he can’t bring himself to commit to you, it might be because he hasn’t gotten over his ex.


3. He’s comfortable being vulnerable around you

signs he is over his ex

Someone who’s had a bad breakup might have been hurt by their ex-partner in some way—maybe they were cheated on or lied to—and that can make them wary of opening up again.

But if they’ve already moved past those feelings and are comfortable with opening up to you to connect, that means something about your relationship makes them feel safe enough to open up again.

So if a guy is over his ex, he’ll be comfortable being vulnerable around you.

He’ll trust you, and he’ll be able to share his feelings with you without worrying about how you’re going to respond


4. He’s not trying to make her jealous

People who are still stuck on their ex do everything to make their ex jealous in a bid to make them miss them and come back to them.

But people over their ex don’t devote their energy to getting a rise out of ex because they don’t care about them anymore.

They don’t care about their opinion or feelings.

If this is the case with your man, he’s over his ex.


5. He doesn’t stalk her on social media

Social media is the best place to keep tabs on someone and be updated about their life without them even knowing.

A man who is not over his ex will be checking updates about her life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or wherever she’s active.

He wants to know what’s up with her, especially if she has a new man.

But if he’s no longer interested in her, there’ll be no reason to stalk her profile.

Men who are over their exes are trying to move on and focus on the future, not relive the past.


6. He doesn’t compare you to her

A man who is yet to get over his ex will make her the standard for every other female he dates, and most times, they won’t measure up.

If your man doesn’t make comparisons between you and his ex, he’s probably over her.

Even if he does, it’ll be positive where he thinks you’re better than her.


7. He doesn’t talk about her anymore, and if he does, he talks freely about her

A guy still hung up on his ex will constantly bring her up in conversations, even if he’s trying not to be.

He’ll make references to things she does and says, or he’ll talk about how amazing she was as a person.

He might even talk about how much he misses her and wishes things had gone differently between them.

But if a guy has been over his ex for a while, he probably won’t talk about her.

If he does talk about her, he’ll be able to do so freely and without hesitation.


8. He doesn’t take long to answer you when you ask him if he’s over her

signs he is over his ex

If you ask him if he is over his ex, he’ll be able to answer your questions quickly and confidently if indeed he is.

But if he takes a long time to answer or avoids eye contact and gets very quiet when you ask him if he’s over his ex, it’s likely that he’s still hurting from their breakup and not over her yet.


9. He tells you about his past relationships in a positive way

If your guy is over his ex, he’ll talk about her with positivity, warmth, gratitude, and respect.

He may even tell stories about their time together that make him seem nostalgic — but not wistful or sad.

He may share memories that led him to decide they were better off apart than together, but they won’t make him sad or angry.


10. He’s excited to be with you, and you can tell

Signs He is Over His Ex

If a guy is truly over his past relationship, he’ll be excited that he has met someone new — and that excitement will show through in his actions and words.

If he doesn’t seem happy about being with you or he’s pretending, it’s possible that he may still be hung up on his ex-girlfriend.

True happiness cannot be faked.

If you’re paying attention, you can tell if a guy is happy to be with you or not.


11. He doesn’t have any pictures of her on his phone

If you’ve noticed that he has no photos of his ex on his phone, that’s a good sign that he’s over her. 

If he’s still holding on to the past, he might have some old photos of his ex stored somewhere.

But if he doesn’t have any cuties of them together, he’s ready to let go and move forward with the next chapter in his life.

People are different, and we react in different ways in different circumstances. 

However, if a guy does most of these things, he’s probably over his ex.

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