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Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men? :16 Reasons

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men? :16 Reasons

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If you’ve ever asked the question, “Why do women knowingly sleep with married men?” then I’m assuming you’re confused and genuinely curious as to why it happens.

I get you, honestly, because you’d expect people to respect other people’s marriages and respect themselves enough not to do such a thing.

Unfortunately, we don’t always see that happening.

It’s different if a woman gets involved with a man, thinking he is single, only to find out later that he’s married.

That’s a case of deception, and it’s the man’s fault.

But there are cases where the women know that the man is married, and they still sleep with him.

Some ladies go as far as saying they even prefer married men to single ones.

Wonder why?

I’ll tell you.

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?: 16 Reasons

1. Lack of personal values: 

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?


When a woman sleeps with a married man, it says a lot about her, and one of the things it reveals is an absence of morals.

Lack of personal morals and values is why some women knowingly sleep with married men.

Thinking everyone has principles of right and wrong or standard of behavior is unrealistic.

Some people couldn’t care less about upholding certain standards, such as avoiding men who are taken.

For women like this, if the opportunity to sleep with a married man presents itself and they’re interested, they’ll embrace it with loving arms.

Some of these women may even go in search of the man themselves.

They don’t see anything wrong with it, and even if it’s wrong, they don’t care.

2. Unhealthy sense of self: 

Apart from respecting people’s marriages, respect for themselves is another thing that keeps most women from getting involved with married men.

Personally, when a married man approaches me, I don’t feel flattered in any way.

I feel insulted and lose whatever respect I had for the man because I don’t see why a man who has a wife should be comfortable enough to seek romantic involvement with me.

Do I look like a second option?

But a woman who has personal issues like inferiority complex, low self-esteem, and insecurities will see things differently.

Such women may seek validation or feel a sense of worth from being desired by a married man.

They may feel happy and grateful for the married man’s attention because they don’t know their worth or think they’re attractive.

The illicit relationship is like proof of their attractiveness or desirability.

It’s wild the things that poor self-esteem does to people’s minds.

3. Financial benefits: 

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?

If we were to assemble all the women who sleep with married men in a room and take an honest poll, this would be the leading cause for their actions.

A lot of women who sleep with married men do it for the money, and that’s just the truth.

They’d pick the married man over fellow single guys because, often, the married man has a better level of financial stability.

Sometimes, these women go in search of wealthy married men.

Other times, it’s the married men that draw them in.

Like Nigerian artiste, Wizkid sang, “Are you gonna dance o If I show you my money?” These married men sing to women, and guess who dances into their beds?

4. Homewrecker behavior: 

I once watched a hilarious but somewhat sad National Geographic clip about the Homewrecker penguin who came to sleep with another penguin’s wife.

The short, sad clip was about animals but showed so much emotion.

It was surprising to see how the homewrecker penguin dared fight the legitimate husband after being caught red-handed with his wife.

Even though the homewrecker penguin in this story was a male, it applies to females, too.

Some people are just naturally homewreckers.

They derive pleasure and joy in pulling down people’s relationships and marriages.

This is the category that some women who sleep with married men fall into, and this is not to absolve the married man of his share of the blame.

The person with the greater fault is the one who broke their vows.

I digress back to the penguin story:  even after the legitimate husband fought the homewrecker, his wife still left him.

It goes to show that a spouse who is cheating shouldn’t be fought for or forced to stay.

So, back to our point, the married man is also at fault, but today, we’re looking at the reasons from the woman’s side.

And that reason sometimes is just vileness that leads them to put much effort into wrecking people’s marriages.

It may be coming from a place of jealousy, envy, or just sadistic behavior.

5. Other benefits: 

We already talked about money but money is not the only benefit gotten from being with a married man.

Some women gravitate towards married men, especially the wealthy or influential ones, for other benefits such as social status enhancement and access to opportunities.

If he’s a boss or a senior in their field, they may just be exchanging sex for promotions and opportunities.

6. Emptiness and loneliness: 

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?

“Loneliness is the ache that comes from wanting to be wanted.” ‒ Carrie Fisher

When people feel lonely, they may seek solace in the craziest places.

Some women would rather curl up in the bed of a married man than deal with loneliness.

If they feel lonely or isolated, they may go to lengths to seek companionship or connection, even if it is with a married man.

There’s another special category of women who intentionally set their gaze on married men because they believe that they feel a sense of emotional connection with them that they are not getting in their own lives.

7. Lack of options: 

Sometimes, these things happen because the woman doesn’t have other options.

When a woman waits or searches for potential partners to no avail, she may resort to going for other women’s partners.

The unavailability of options does not excuse the act, but it does happen.

Instead, They’d pursue relationships with married men despite the ethical concerns rather than remain alone.

8. Fun:

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?

It’s ridiculous to think that someone would do something as wild as sleeping with someone’s husband for fun, but that’s the reality.

Some women live life without thinking much about what is right or wrong.

As long as it’s exciting, count them in.

The secrecy and forbidden nature of being with a married man add excitement and thrill for them.

They’re delighted to take up the challenge of rocking such a complicated relationship.

9. The freedom the relationship brings: 

A relationship with a married man is not a conventional relationship.

Most times, there are no strings attached, and there’s no exclusivity.

That is what makes some women go for it.

They know the man has his wife at home, so his demands on them won’t be much.

The lack of commitment and reduced expectations compared to a traditional relationship makes them opt for it.

10. Revenge: 

Some women sleep with married men as an act of revenge.

You may think that’s a pretty far-reaching goal in a quest for vengeance, but they don’t share your thoughts.

Their thirst for retaliation is strong enough to take them to any length.

They may have been hurt in the past by men and still be hurt.

Or maybe another woman slept with their husband, so they’re paying back that coin but to another person.

Conversely, their vendetta may be against the wife of the man.

Perhaps they had a scuffle, and sleeping with her husband was the perfect revenge.

11. Love:

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?

As funny as it sounds, some women swear that the love of their lives is someone else’s husband.

They fell in love with him either before he married someone else or after.

However, that they fell in love is no longer necessary; the point is that they can’t let go of him even though he’s married.

They believe they’re in love, and his marriage doesn’t have to stop their intimacy.

12. Escapism:

People do all sorts of things to deal with the issues in their lives.

While some focus on dealing with those issues, others may resort to escapism.

Different forms of escapism exist: addiction to dangerous substances, getting involved in new activities, getting new romantic interests, etc.

For some women, sleeping with a married man is the escapism they choose from their problems or challenges in life.

13. Sexual fulfillment:

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?

It may just be the sex.

Perhaps they find the sexual relationship with a married man more fulfilling.

Of course, for them to have tried it in the first place shows their disregard for his marriage and lack of morals.

But now they’re hooked.

The married man is more satisfying than other options available to them.

14. Misplaced compassion:

Misplaced compassion is when someone does something to help, but what they did was everything but helpful.

Some women believe that they’re helping the married man when they sleep with him.

I don’t know if they respect or believe that or if they use it as an excuse.

Still, they do say that by sleeping with him, they’re providing him with emotional support or companionship, especially if his marriage is going through a tough time.

Let me just be clear – you’re not helping a married man or anyone by sleeping with him.

15. Peer pressure or influence:

Some women don’t start as homewreckers; they become it along the way.

Environmental factors contribute to making them women who sleep with married men.

If a woman has friends or peers who are also involved in similar relationships, they gradually will be led into believing that this is an acceptable behavior.

16. They’re hopeful for a change: 

Why Do Women Knowingly Sleep With Married Men?

When a woman sleeps with a man, even though he’s married, she may be trying to achieve something.

It may be part of a master plan to lure the man out of his marriage.

She may believe that if she warms his bed long enough, he will gradually leave his marriage and marry her.

Such women believe that their love, or do I say sex, can change the situation.

It’s a funny way to think and may not work, but it has worked for some women, so another woman may decide to give it a shot.

Women who sleep with married men have their motivations, and they can vary greatly, but usually, they revolve around the reasons mentioned above.

These reasons are not justifications for infidelity, but they’re the reality for many people.

I must re-emphasize that a woman can not have sexual relations with a married man without his cooperation unless it’s a case of rape or sexual assault.

So, when considering something like this, you should look at the two people involved in it.

Infidelity is never okay, no matter what the reasons for it are.

It always leaves dire consequences for the people involved, and these effects even extend to others.

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