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Do Womanizers Ever Feel Guilty? Do They Have a Conscience At All?

Do Womanizers Ever Feel Guilty? Do They Have a Conscience At All?

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A womanizer is a guy who goes from one woman to another without any intention of a serious relationship.

We don’t need a seer to tell us this is bad news for any woman who is searching for a committed partner.

But have you ever wondered if these men feel any guilt about their actions?

Do they ever stop and think about the women whose hearts they break or the impact of their behavior?

Do Womanizers Ever Feel Guilty?

Are All Womanizers The Same?

Before we discuss whether or not womanizers feel guilt, we have to understand that womanizers aren’t a one-size-fits-all category.

As humans, we are complicated, and so are our motivations and feelings.

There’s a whole spectrum of feelings and reasons why someone becomes a womanizer in the first place.

To understand this deeper, let’s consider the different types of womanizers.

4 Types of Womanizers

1. The Thrill-Seeker

do womanizers ever feel guilty

This one is drawn in by the exhilaration of the chase.

You know, the kind of guy who loves the thrill of pursuit, the excitement of a new conquest?

This isn’t about a deep emotional connection; it’s all about the adrenaline rush for him.

He relishes the feeling of successfully wooing a woman, but once the chase is over, the thrill fades, and he’s on to the next.

He is like a hunter seeking his prey, finding satisfaction in the pursuit and capture, not so much in what follows.

But does he ever feel guilty?

Well, it’s hard to say.

He might feel a twinge of guilt, but the thrill of the chase often overshadows it because he loves the chase more than anything.

2. The Emotional Runaway Guy

This type of womanizer is a little different.

He’s not out to catch as many women as possible; he’s searching for an escape from his emotions.

Maybe he just came out of a long-term relationship and is afraid of getting his heart broken again.

So, instead, he jumps from one short-term fling to another, never letting anyone get too close.

Deep down, he might feel guilty about his actions but convinces himself it’s better than getting hurt.

3. The Narcissist

This type of womanizer is the most dangerous.

He manipulates and charms women, only to leave them heartbroken and confused.

Narcissists have no regard for anyone else’s feelings but their own.

They crave attention and validation from others, but deep down, they feel empty and insecure.

Do these men ever feel guilty?

The truth is that they probably don’t.

Their inflated sense of self and lack of empathy make it difficult for them to feel remorse or guilt for their actions.

4. The Lost Soul

do womanizers ever feel guilty

This one is the most relatable type of womanizer.

He’s on a journey of self-discovery and trying to figure out his place in the world.

And while he does that, he uses women as a form of temporary companionship.

For him, it’s not so much about hurting others but finding himself.

In fact, sometimes, a guy doesn’t even know why he’s jumping from one relationship to another.

These are the ones most likely to feel guilty when they realize the emotional havoc they’re wreaking.

So, do womanizers ever feel guilty?

The answer is yes and no.

It ultimately depends on the type of womanizer and their level of self-awareness.

Some may feel a slight twinge of guilt, while others may not feel any at all.

Also, depending on which type a womanizer leans towards, his feelings of guilt will vary.

Some might feel guilty but brush it aside quickly, while others might carry it with them, letting it eat away at them slowly.

And, of course, there are those who don’t feel guilty at all.

They are comfortable with their lifestyle and have no intention of changing it.

Context Matters

Context also matters.

The way a womanizer behaves towards someone they are genuinely interested in will be entirely different from how they behave with someone they know is only a temporary fling.

They may feel guiltier when hurting someone they care about but not so much when it comes to a casual encounter.

Also, if a womanizer is upfront about not wanting a relationship and the other party agrees, he may feel less guilt.

But if he’s leading someone on or lying to them, the guilt will likely be greater.

Actually, many womanizers build an emotional wall to avoid feeling guilty.

They keep their emotions at arm’s length and dodge any form of attachment that could make them feel responsible for their actions.

There are times when a wake-up call hits them hard.

Maybe they hurt someone they actually care about, or they finally see the impact of their actions.

This is when guilt often comes into the picture.

When this happens, some change their ways, but others might revert back to their old habits.

Let me play the devil’s advocate here by saying becoming a womanizer isn’t always about malicious intentions or a desire to hurt others.

Sometimes, it’s a result of someone who is too afraid to open up because they don’t want to get hurt.

It can also stem from deep-seated insecurities, past traumas, or a lack of emotional maturity.

However, no matter what, being a womanizer, especially when the other party is not aware of what they are getting into, is wrong!

It’s okay to have empathy for those who become womanizers, but not at the cost of making excuses for their actions.


If you’re dealing or have dealt with a womanizer, it’s easy to feel like a fool for not seeing the signs or falling for their charms.

But remember, their actions are a reflection of them, not you.

You were not wrong to believe in love and be open to a relationship.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not enough just because they can’t commit or deal with their own issues.

Womanizers are human beings, too.

They have emotions and motivations just like anyone else.

But, as with any behavior, there will always be consequences.

If you are a womanizer, take a step back and reflect on your actions.

Are you truly happy with the way things are?

Is it worth hurting others for temporary satisfaction?

Yes, you deserve love and happiness, but it starts with respecting yourself and others.

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