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How To Make A Ghoster Regret: 11 Ways To Turn The Tables

How To Make A Ghoster Regret: 11 Ways To Turn The Tables

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How to make a ghoster regret?

You meet someone nice, and you two start talking.

It is looking good, and your emotions are soaring. 

You probably started thinking this is the one.

You hang out and have fun together but just as the excitement peaks, they cut you off.

Kaput! No explanation.

Ghosters are the worst.

They cause a lot of emotional stress and can cause you to doubt yourself.

You begin to ask your questions and wonder where you went wrong.

If you do not know who a ghoster is, we will tell you.

In summary, a ghoster is a person who starts a form of relationship with a “potential” partner only to suddenly disappear from their lives, leaving them high and dry.

If you have been a victim of ghosting before, you have probably wondered how to make your ghoster regret what they did.

And if you have never considered it, we hope the tips below convince you.


How To Make A Ghoster Regret: 9 Powerful Tips

1. Focus On Yourself First

How To Make A Ghoster Regret

The first thing you need to do is focus on healing and flourishing.

You undoubtedly were hurt by their actions, and we understand.

Yet, taking action without first healing and being at peace with yourself will only make you vengeful and exhausted.

You need to be in your best state of mind before doing anything.

Focusing on yourself also involves accepting you are hurt. 

This way, you also allow yourself to heal. 

Stop blaming yourself and replaying the actions of some idiot in your head. 

Happiness is the best revenge!


2. Regain Your Confidence

How To Make A Ghoster Regret

Getting ghosted can toy with your self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence, which is normal.

However, if you want your ghoster to regret his actions, pick yourself up and be confident.

This may not happen automatically, but you can fake it till you make it.

Show up everywhere as a strong and confident version of yourself.

Refuse to allow your ghoster to gloat over your misery.

So, do not go about looking miserable and pitiful. 



3. Stop Texting Them

Since they left without any explanation, you may have tried contacting them to no avail.

It’s high time you stopped and ghosted them back.

Avoid calling, texting, or reaching out to them via social media.

No matter your deep desire for closure, have a sense of pride.

Shut them off completely.

Begin by shutting them off your mind first.

They will wonder why you stopped calling and (hopefully) feel bad.

The natural response to ghosters is bombarding them with calls and texts. 

Do not do that. 



4. Ignore Them Completely

How To Make A Ghoster Regret

Another thing to do to make your ghoster regret their actions is to ignore them when they reach out again.

When you stop texting them, they may get curious and try to reach out to you again.

Do not think they want you back.

They want to find out why you did not chase them.

Your ghoster will try to deceive you, but you will not let that happen.

When they reach out to you, ignore them.

Leave their message on read, and ignore their phone calls and DMs.

If you see them in public, brush them off and keep moving. 

Let them see that they did not ruin your life and make you miserable as they hoped to. 



5. Dress Well And Look Great


If you and your ghoster will meet in a public place, pass a message to them that you are thriving.

Ensure you dress beautifully, smell sweet, and look put together and attractive.

Do not go out looking miserable, even if you feel that way.

Your ghoster does not need to know that. 



6. Have Fun

How To Make A Ghoster Regret

It all starts with you, so you must focus on having good fun, hanging out with friends, and doing what you love.

If you can make your ghoster see you doing all these, make them!

Seeing you enjoy your life regardless of their actions is one sure way to make them regret it. 

But beyond making them see how much fun you have, do it for you. 

You deserve to be happy. 



7. Give Someone Else A Chance

How To Make A Ghoster Regret

You may have ignored other potential partners because of your relationship with the ghoster.

And even after you got ghosted, you still feel so sad you did not pay attention to anyone else.

Now is the time to heal and open up your heart.

Do not let the fear of being ghosted keep you from dating again.

Of course, you are now wiser and more careful but do not be unnecessarily suspicious. 

Not everyone is a ghoster. 

After deciding to give someone else a chance, let your ghoster see you two together. 

Go on dates and post great pictures. 



8. Up Your Social Media Game

How To Make A Ghoster Regret

Another great way to make your ghoster regret his actions is to show off on social media.

After ghosting you, their first likely action will be to stalk you on social media.

They will keep up with your social media feed to see how you cope, and ensure you give them something interesting to feed on.

Do not overdo anything.

But be sure to post and highlight some of your best moments.

If you have a new partner, show them off subtly.

This will make him realize you do not care about his behavior, and he will regret his actions.


9. Let Go of Your Anger

Anger keeps us stuck in situations where we’re unhappy or unfulfilled.

If you want to move forward with your life after being ghosted, you need to let go of this negative energy as soon as possible so it doesn’t hold you back from getting out there again.

You can’t enjoy new relationships if you are still angry at what a ghoster did to you.


10. It’s Not About You

I know it’s easy to feel like the victim when someone ghosted you.

You’re left wondering what you did wrong, how you could have been better, and why it hurts so bad.

But there’s another way to look at it.

Maybe they weren’t the right person for you or they were just scared of committing to a real relationship.

It’s not your fault and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

If someone has decided to end things with you without explanation, don’t waste time dwelling on what went wrong or beating yourself up over what you could have done differently.

The right person will not ghost you.

Oh no, they won’t. 


11. Get Professional Help

How To Make A Ghoster Regret

If after you have tried everything to make your ghoster regret their actions, you still feel miserable, seek professional help.

Speak with a relationship coach or expert.

They can give you specific advice tailored to your unique situation.


Final words

The worst part about being ghosted is the lingering feeling of uncertainty.

You don’t know if your relationship is over, if you did something wrong, or if this person just isn’t interested.

Ghosting is an epidemic, and if you’re going to be a victim of it, you should at least know how to make a ghoster regret their decision.

Because being ghosted without reason by someone you cared about is a painful and frustrating experience.

But experience has shown that misery is not the way forward.

You can move on and do it with style.

The steps above will help you navigate this season and flourish in a way that makes your ghoster regret.



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