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8 Tips on How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

8 Tips on How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

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How to tell if a woman has multiple partners?

You may be interested in a woman and want to know more about her before taking the bold step of asking her out.

It’s only natural for you to want to know if she’s single, in a relationship, or worse still, have multiple partners.

Sometimes asking straightforward questions about things like this won’t get you the truth.

Although being exclusive with one partner is optional these days, people are not always proud of their choices if they have multiple partners.

So how do you tell if a woman has multiple partners?


How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

1. She never talks about the future with you

Chances are high that a woman is dating other people if she has never talked about her future together.

It’s often difficult to have similar long-term goals with a partner with whom you’re not in an exclusive relationship.

Any woman you’re in a relationship with who does not talk about the future is not interested in you.

It’s as simple as that.

If she’s interested in you she’ll have expectations from the relationship and will want to know if you’re on the same page with her.

She has no plans to commit to you if she never pictures her future with you in it.

It may be that she has multiple partners or issues with committing to anyone.

Whatever the case, it’s nothing good communication can’t take care of.


2. She guards her phone jealously

How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

A woman with multiple partners will always stick with her phone and never let it out of her sight.

She needs to be secretive about the fact that she is dating more than one person.

Although this might be a possible sign of a woman having multiple partners, it can be dicey.

Generally, you’ll think that asking for access to a woman’s phone with nothing to hide will be easy, right?

While you’re not wrong in any way, you may be triggering bad memories for the woman with your request, especially if she has an ugly past with an ex who kept snooping around her phone.

In this case, she will refuse to grant you access to her phone despite not having any skeletons in her cupboard.

She’s simply trying to prevent history from repeating itself in this new relationship.

However, if she doesn’t let you get anywhere near her phone for anything, it’s a sign that she might be hiding something from you.

She may have multiple partners, after all.


3. She has never introduced you to any of her family or friends

One of the clear indications that a woman has multiple partners is that you have never met with any of her family members or friends.

Of course, she might have a main boyfriend who is well acquainted with her family and friends.

And then, there’s you and some other guys on the side, who know practically next to nothing about her.

It’s a major red flag when your partner doesn’t even make any attempt to introduce you to her family and friends when you’ve probably done that and more on your end.


4. She doesn’t text you back

If she’s not texting you back at all or texting you as fast as she would if you were the only man in her life, it’s a sign that she might have multiple partners.

She may be ignoring your texts or replying late because she’s with another of her numerous partners and wouldn’t want him to suspect her actions.

It can also be that she’s wasting time before replying to you to get you nervous in anticipation of her reply.

The above action of hers is a form of manipulation, coupled with the fact that she’s disrespecting you already by being in a relationship with several other people apart from you.

If her slow texting skill is the only thing that’s off about her, you don’t have to bother your head much about it.

Some people do not like texting and will take a long time to reply, even if they’re head over heels in love with you and you’re their only partner.

You should raise an eyebrow at her slow texting mode if there are other negative signs you notice alongside it.


5. Men text her a lot

How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

How to tell if a woman has multiple partners?

She gets a lot of texts from different men regularly.

You’ll notice that there are always new numbers sending her texts regularly.

And she reacts harshly whenever you want to know if she’s also seeing another guy by the side.

There’s no need for your woman to be dramatic if the person texting her is just a friend.

You need to have a conversation about what’s happening, and if she refuses to talk to you about it, you need to figure out the situation yourself.


6. She invites you over impromptu

Your woman may have multiple partners if she’s always inviting you to her place on short notice and at odd hours.

It could be that the other guy stood her up, and she settled for you as her last resort.

Or it could be that one of you is a backup plan for her in case the relationship with one person goes south.

It could also be that the time she invited you over was the only time she was not with the other guy, so she decided to see you.

Chances are high that whoever claims to love you but is uncomfortable hanging out with you at reasonable hours does not take their relationship with you seriously.

When you like somebody, you derive joy in engaging in fun activities together, planning real dates, and not always having awkward late-night meetings.


7. She tells you that she has another boyfriend

When a woman opens up to you that she has another boyfriend, of course, that’s a sure sign that you are not the only guy she’s seeing.

What makes you think you’re the only other guy in her life if she’s in a polygamous relationship?

There are possibly other guys in her life you don’t know about.

The only good thing you can do for yourself in this situation is to never try to convince her that you’re the right partner for her.

It’s either you accept her polygamous lifestyle, or you exit her life without causing yourself unnecessary pain.

You’ll only be heartbroken in the end if you think you’ll get into a relationship with her and hope to change her in the long run.


8. She rarely has time for you

How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

How to tell a woman has multiple partners is that she hardly has time for you.

Either her other boyfriends are more important to her than you, or she’s busy spending time with them.

However, this sign is not absolute as you can be in an exclusive relationship, and she’ll be very busy with her job and other activities.

But if she used to spend quality time with you before and suddenly changed without any tangible reason, she might have multiple partners.

How To Tell If a Woman Has Multiple Partners

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