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”My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out”: Get Him To Start!

”My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out”: Get Him To Start!

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Are you in the ‘my boyfriend never takes me out clique?’

Is this becoming an issue in your relationship?

What could be the problem?

Read on to satisfy your curiosity.

Perhaps you have a boyfriend whom you have been dating for quite some time.

You have discovered that he has not taken you out since you both started dating.

When you visit him at his house, you two spend all the time at home scrolling through your social media news feeds or watching TV to avoid being bored.

Even if there are occasions that call for a celebration, such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or birthdays, he will opt to celebrate in the house instead of going out for the celebration.

It can be frustrating being with someone like that.

The truth is that going on outings spices up your relationship and adds color to it.

It strengthens your bond, rekindles the feelings you shared with each other, and makes the relationship appear brand new.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys are just like your boyfriend.

They do not see any need to go out and think it is an unnecessary stress to be avoided.

For every effect, there is a cause. 

That is why we will be looking at reasons he does not ever take you out

Then, we will proffer solutions you can apply if your boyfriend never takes you out.

My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out: 5 Possible Reasons

  1. He Has Become Used To You Being Around Him

My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out: 5 Possible Reasons

Normally, we take what is always available for granted.

It can be that your boyfriend never takes you out because you are always with him or around him.

For instance, if you see him daily, he will hardly see the need to take you out.

Our human psychology is such that we appreciate what is scarce.

Your boyfriend will jump at the idea of taking you out if he has not seen you for a week or more, and the only opportunity he has to see you is when he fixes a date between you two.


  1. He Just Doesn’t Like Going Out

My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out: 5 Possible Reasons

There are also a lot of guys like your boyfriend who do not like going out.

Planning dates and attending them screams stress to him.

He will prefer to stay at home and to create fun there.

You will notice that he always has a handy excuse whenever you suggest going out and having fun outside.

It happens mostly with guys who are used to being alone or staying home.

Guys like him usually lack the motivation to leave their houses and hang out.

Usually, preparing for an outing requires mental and physical efforts, and this is what a guy who does not like going out does not want to do — put in the effort.

He would rather stay home with you and give you undivided attention than step out for a date.


  1. He Is Either Shy Or Has Low Self-esteem

My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out: 5 Possible Reasons

This is a tough one.

Guys with low self-esteem or are shy can give anything to avoid going out.

Even the mere talk of hanging out can make him freak out and spoil his mood.

If you say, ‘my boyfriend never takes me out’, it is possible that your boyfriend finds it difficult to stay with other people and has low self-esteem.

If you insist on taking him on a date, check his heart rate because it has probably risen higher than normal because of what you said.

You will find out that he is more comfortable sharing his space with only you than having many people hovering around him.


  1. He Doesn’t Have Money

My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out: 5 Possible Reasons

Your boyfriend may not be taking you out because he does not have the funds to splurge on you.

Being broke can be a love buster.

As you know, outings need money, and a guy who does not have a lot of it will try to avoid going out as he would not want to spend the little he has on outings.

Things are expensive these days, and you will gain nothing from getting your boyfriend broke simply because you want him to satisfy your selfish desires.

Another angle is that your broke boyfriend may not want to start taking you out and not be consistent with it.

Simply put, he might not want to start what he cannot finish.

Also, he is not sure that you would not invite your friends to the date and incur more expenses for him.

There are stories where girlfriends bring their friends on intimate dates thus incurring more debt for the guy.


  1. He’s Getting Tired Of Your Relationship

My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out: 5 Possible Reasons

This is the scariest one.

A guy who is tired of the relationship will not put in the effort to make things work.

He now sees the relationship as a burden and will choose to date another lady while you are at home waiting for him.

If you ask him directly to take you on a date, he will try to pick a fight with you or give meaningless excuses on why he cannot.


My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out: 3 Things You Can Do About It

Now, let us look at better ways you can handle the issue of your boyfriend never taking you out.

  1. Have A Conversation With Him About It


My Boyfriend Never Takes Me OutMany ladies will choose to be quiet about issues like this and then begin to hate their boyfriends for not taking them out on dates and hangouts.

Honey, zipping up is not the best way to go about it.

In fact, you are simply building resentment and adding to the existing frustration you feel about your relationship.

Instead, have you considered having a conversation with him about it?

Open up to him and let him know that you like it when you go on dates and engage in exciting activities.

Tell him that you do not buy the idea of always staying at home to play with your phone or watch TV.

Enlighten him that going on dates will take away the tendency of your relationship getting boring.

Make him understand that through those outings, you build memories to talk about when you hang out or go on dates.

Speak to him with no holds barred concerning this issue and let him know exactly how you feel and your stand on going out.

He should also know that outings must not be expensive; it could be taking a stroll in a park or having dinner at a cheap restaurant around the block.

Let him know that you are open to doing anything that does not involve just sitting at home and being bored.


  1. Plan An Outing Schedule And Stick To It


My Boyfriend Never Takes Me OutYou can plan an outing schedule for both of you if you notice your boyfriend doesn’t like going out.

For instance, you can plan to go to the movies twice monthly; dates at fancy restaurants once a month; hiking; and other activities.

Creating schedules like this makes the relationship fun and exciting.

You will even be surprised that he has started looking forward to these outings.

All you have to do is keep a record of the outings and remind him of them.


  1. You Can Take Him Out On Dates


My Boyfriend Never Takes Me OutTake the bull by the horns instead of waiting for him to come on board.

If he does not like to go on dates, take him out on dates instead.

After all, there is no written rule that it must be the guy who takes the lady out on dates.

Besides, people treat us the way they see us treat ourselves.

If you take your boyfriend out a couple of times, he will notice that you like going on dates and make plans to take you out on a date sometime.


4. Masturdate!

Before you scream, read that again.

‘Masturdate’ simply means going out by yourself. 

If your boyfriend isn’t taking you out (enough), take yourself out.

Don’t wait for him to take you out. 

It’s not just a fun way to spend your Friday night—it’s also a great way to show your boyfriend how independent and capable you are.

Take some time for yourself, whether it’s going shopping or grabbing dinner with friends.

If there’s something that you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the opportunity, make sure to grab tickets while they’re still available.

Your boyfriend might start going out with you if he sees how much fun you are having and how much fun is missing out on.

I hope this article helps!

My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out

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