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15 Types of Tinder Guys To Avoid: Spot The Losers Fast!

15 Types of Tinder Guys To Avoid: Spot The Losers Fast!

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Dating apps like Tinder can be great for meeting new people, but let’s face it – not everyone on the app is looking for something real.

So, as a single lady, you must know the Tinder guys to avoid.

Spot a Tinder loser before you get too committed because many are looking for innocent women to devour.

15 Tinder Guys To Avoid

  1. The Player

Tinder Guys To Avoid

You’re on Tinder to meet people, right?

Well, so is The Player.

But that’s not what his profile says. 

This guy just wants to get laid.

He’s not looking for a relationship, and he knows it.

The Player is a man who knows the rules of the game.

He’s been playing for years, and he’s never been caught.

He’ll make you think he’s into you, but he’s just looking for a quick lay.

He’s all talk and no action.

He’s so smooth he can convince a nun to strip naked and do a rain dance in Times Square.

These guys are often super flirtatious and seem like they have great intentions at first, but they never follow through with their promises once you meet up with them.

Be wary of these guys if they seem overly eager to take things further before getting to know you or if their Tinder Bio contains cheesy pick-up lines and flirty messages.

These guys are the epitome of a player.

They will play with your emotions and, in the end, leave you feeling like you’re not good enough.


2. The Cheapskate

Tinder Guys To Avoid

These types of guys will never offer to pay for anything!

From dates to Uber rides home after a night out, they always find a way out of paying their fair share – or any share at all.

This kind of guy is all about saving money, so he won’t hesitate to ask you to chip in when it comes time to split the bill.

He might also not bother planning dates that involve more than Netflix and chill.

To spot this type of guy quickly, watch out for his responses when you suggest doing something together.

If he always suggests free activities or volunteers to be the one who drives, he could be someone who’s trying to save every penny he can get his hands on while he uses you for money.


3. The Commitment-Phobe

This type of guy may initially have good intentions, but once things start getting serious, he starts backing away from any commitment he promised earlier in your relationship.

He may even try ghosting you entirely instead of having an honest conversation about why things aren’t working out.

It’s important not to waste too much time dating this kind of person because it’s unlikely that there will ever be a real future between the two of you, no matter how hard you’re trying or how much effort you’re putting into the relationship.

To identify this type quickly, look for signs that point towards him being distant or uninterested in making plans far into the future.

If he avoids conversations about what’s next between you, you should avoid this one!


4. The Friend-Zone Guy

Tinder Guys To Avoid

This guy has a lot of potential but he’s not interested in pursuing it with you.

He’ll make jokes about how he wants to be more than friends, but he’ll never actually make any moves.

He’ll be more than happy to hang out and do things together, but he won’t take any steps toward having a romantic relationship.

His actions often contradict his words, so it can be difficult to spot this type of guy.

The key is to look for signs that he’s just not that into you.

If he never talks about his feelings or emotionally connect with you, then it’s safe to say that he wants to be friends—and nothing else.

It’s important to avoid falling into the friend zone with this kind of guy because it can lead to hurt feelings and wasted time on your part.


5. The Guy Who Only Wants Sex

Tinder Guys To Avoid

This guy is similar to The Player, but the latter is smoother than this one.

The guy who only wants sex may seem like a no-brainer — after all, he’s probably wearing his Tinder profile picture shirtless and flexing his muscles.

But even if he doesn’t use his body as bait, there are other signs that he might be more interested in sex than anything else.

He might ask you intimate questions right off the bat or tell you that he’s only looking for someone to fool around with (and not date).

If he immediately asks when you’re free or where you’d like to meet up, beware, except that’s what you want too.


6. The Guy Who Talks About Himself Too Much

Some guys have an inflated ego and can’t stop talking about themselves and their achievements whenever they have the chance—especially on dating apps, where they have limited information about you other than what they see in your pictures.

They may also brag about how many women they have rejected in the past because they think it makes them seem more desirable.

These types of guys are not the best ones to date, as their self-centeredness can make it hard to have a healthy relationship.


7. The Guy Who Doesn’t Take No For an Answer

No means no; if someone can’t respect that, they are definitely not worth your time.

This type of guy will frequently use intimidating tactics or even threats to persuade you to go out with him, and he does not handle rejection well.

He may also continue messaging you after you’ve told him that you’re not interested in going on a date, which can be highly harassing.

He might be a potential stalker who will make your life a nightmare.


8. The Ghoster

This guy is a total jerk who ghosted you after messaging or meeting up with him in person.

He might have even shown up for a date and then not talked to you again after it was over.

Why does this happen?

Sometimes it’s because he realized he wasn’t attracted to you or vice versa.

Maybe he has something else going on in his life that requires more attention than dating does.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing why he ghosted until he tells you.

But you should avoid Tinder guys who frequently ghost you on the app/website. 


9. The Liar

This guy lies about his age, height, job, or other aspects of his life that he feels insecure about.

It’s easy to exaggerate the truth on a dating app, as you don’t know much about each other.

He’ll post pictures from five years ago and try to pass them off as current.

He might even lie about not being attached when he is actually in a relationship.

It may seem fun initially, but this type of guy will ultimately waste your time and cause heartache.

How do you tell a liar on Tinder?

Check out his pictures and see if they are up-to-date.

Pay attention to the small details he mentions in conversations, and look for inconsistencies.

Also, pay attention to whether or not he seems too good to be true.


10. The Guy Who’s Overly Complimentary

It can be nice to receive compliments, but if someone is too eager to give them out, it will likely come across as insincere.

This type of guy may use compliments to manipulate you into sleeping with him or going on a date, and it can become exhausting and tiresome quickly.


11. The Guy Who Won’t Meet Up

Tinder Guys To Avoid

If a Tinder match refuses to meet up in person or never seems to make plans for an actual date, it could be a sign that he’s not all that interested in getting to know you better.

He may enjoy the thrill of online flirting or playing the game.


12. The Guy Who Remains Online Even After You Start Dating

If you begin dating someone and they remain active on Tinder even after you both have agreed to be exclusive, it’s a sign that they’re not taking your relationship seriously.

It may also mean he’s still looking for other opportunities or keeping his options open.


13. The Guy Who Asks For Money

This type of guy is a scammer, plain and simple.

Don’t fall for it.

He may try to convince you that he needs the money for an emergency or other situation, but don’t let him take advantage of your kind heart.


14. The Guy Who Says Too Little

If someone appears unwilling to provide much information about themselves or is overly evasive, they may not be the best choice.

This type of guy won’t provide much in terms of an actual relationship, and you’ll likely end up feeling frustrated by your lack of progress.


15. The Guy Who Refuses To Move On From His Ex

If a Tinder match still talks about his ex or seems unable to move on from the past relationship, he may not be ready for anything new.

This type of guy could lead you into an emotionally draining situation where he only ever compares your relationship with his old one.

Avoid this at all costs!


Navigating through Tinder can feel like navigating a minefield sometimes – especially when there are many “losers” lurking around.

However, as long as single ladies keep an eye out for these types listed above, they should be able to spot potential red flags early enough before any serious damage is done.

Tinder Guys To Avoid

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