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13 Heartbreaking Reasons Married Women Regret Getting Married

13 Heartbreaking Reasons Married Women Regret Getting Married

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Have you ever heard a married woman say, “I regret getting married“?

I have heard it a couple of times, sadly.

Although many people enjoy their marriages, the truth is that that is not the case for everyone.

Some people do not enjoy their marriages.

In fact, some people get married and, after some time, begin to regret getting married.

This can happen to either gender, but let us focus on the women in this article.

What are the reasons married women regret getting married?

13 Reasons Married Women Regret Getting Married

1. They think they married the wrong personreasons married women regret getting married

One common thing that makes some women regret getting married is the man they married.

The way a marriage turns out has a lot to do with the individuals involved.

If a woman begins to feel bad about her choice of husband either because of his words or actions in the marriage, she may begin to experience feelings of regret.

She may feel like she could have done better in her choice and become regretful.

Many things can lead to this feeling, and compatibility issues top the list.

If the woman begins to notice major gaps between her and her husband in terms of their lifestyle, values, and personalities, she may feel some level of dissatisfaction.

Another major thing that can make her think she married the wrong man is if she meets someone “better.”

Meeting new love interests has a way of distracting people and making them lose sight of the value in their current partner.

If she has met someone richer, more handsome, or more appealing than her husband, she may begin to reconsider her choices.

At the end of the day, the woman may have valid reasons to think she married the wrong man.

Or she may just be distracted and suffering from a lack of content.

2. They lose themselves

A lot of women lose themselves in marriage.

The pressure and responsibilities that come with being married sometimes weigh them down and make them let go of themselves.

A woman who used to be full of life, vibrant, and actively involved in many activities may become withdrawn and display a lack of enthusiasm.

Her goals, dreams, and aspirations may go down the drain after marriage, particularly if she has had kids or has an unsupportive husband.

If she takes a look back on who she used to be before she got married and transformed into this new person, she may become sober with regret or even furious.

Marriage does not have to be the end of anyone’s dreams, but no doubt, many times, it is for some women because people don’t handle the new phase well or have an unhelpful husband.

3. Abusereasons married women regret getting married

In my opinion, this is a logical and justifiable reason to feel bad about your marriage.

When abuse of any form steps into a marriage, that marriage ceases to be a good one.

So, understandably, women being abused in their marriage may begin to regret getting married.

Of course, when she was a single lady, the man most likely could not abuse her, and even if he did, it was way easier for her to walk away.

But now, in a marriage, things are more complicated.

Abuse does a number on people.

It can affect the physical, mental, and emotional health of the victim.

So, if a woman is being abused by her husband, she is likely to regret marrying him.

4. Bad in-laws

In the part of the world where I come from, in-laws are a major part of people’s marriages.

I understand that in some other parts of the world, in-laws do not have much say in marriages, and so they can’t not influence the marriage much.

But in places where in-laws do have a say if they get actively involved in a marriage, it can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Many times, it is a bad thing because marriage is between two people.

Third parties may sometimes cause issues.

Having bad or toxic in-laws can be a terrible experience, especially for a woman.

Depending on the extent of liberty they are given, they can interfere in the affairs of the couple and bring their negative atmosphere into it.

Some woman suffer abuse, insults, intimidation, and persistent disturbance from their in-laws.

A woman in such a position may regret getting married particularly if her husband does nothing to stop his family’s behavior.

5. Lack of preparationreasons married women regret getting married

Growing up, it was a common saying around me that a person who rushes into marriage is likely to rush out.

What this means is that going into marriage unprepared leaves you susceptible to experiences that may throw you off guard and make you want out.

This is true because it applies to every other thing in life as well.

Venturing into anything without making some level of preparation can put you in a bad place.

I understand that it is possible for someone to prepare for marriage and still not have the best experiences in it.

While someone who went into it blindly enjoys it.

However, this happens only in some cases.

In many cases, when a woman rushes to get married due to pressure from family, society, or herself, she may make a wrong decision.

Pressure makes people decide on things they’re not ready for, and that can result in regrets.

6. Unmet expectations

Unmet expectations are a major reason some married women regret getting married.

A woman may feel that her needs are not being met either materially, emotionally, physically, or sexually.

This can lead to feelings of unhappiness and regret.

Sometimes, the reason for this is unrealistic expectations.

Some women go into marriage with expectations that are not realistic.

They have high hopes about what the marriage will bring, and when their reality falls short of those expectations, they become disappointed.

This can make a married woman regretful.

7. Lack of independencereasons married women regret getting married

If a woman thinks marriage is limiting her and restricting her freedom, she may become dissatisfied.

Some women desire their freedom and independence, which is not a bad thing if it is within boundaries that respect their marriage.

While some other married women want to live like they are single and free.

They are ambitious and adventurous and want to explore.

If they don’t get this, feelings of regret can set in.

8. Communication issues

If the level of communication in a marriage is poor or completely nonexistent, it can lead to a lot of misunderstandings.

Poor communication is a problem that creates many other problems.

Misunderstandings and misinterpretation of intentions can result from this, leading to unmet needs.

This can cause feelings of regret.

9. Major challengesreasons married women regret getting married

Every marriage is bound to go through one challenge or another at some point in life.

These challenges are in varying degrees, and sometimes, how they are handled is dependent on the couple.

Some couples go through serious challenges and can handle them well.

While others may not.

If a woman experiences serious challenges in her marriage, such as financial issues, fertility problems, and so on, she may get overwhelmed and wish she didn’t get married.

10. Changes

This can happen from any angle.

The husband may change over time and choose lifestyles or decisions that do not align with the woman’s aspirations or values.

The woman herself may undergo change, evolving into a version of herself that is no longer comfortable with her marriage.

The change may also come from external factors such as relocation, change of jobs, parenting, career switches, and so on.

Sometimes, change is not easy to deal with.

If a married woman experiences or undergoes changes that make her no longer satisfied with her marriage, she may feel regretful.

11. Lack of supportreasons married women regret getting married

Unsupportive husbands are the reasons some married women regret getting married.

Support is a major part of a healthy marriage that everyone needs.

A woman may lean on her husband for emotional, physical, or financial support.

If she doesn’t get these, she may experience feelings of dissatisfaction and regret.

12. Other influences

Some women get into marriage only to discover that the factors and influences surrounding that marriage do not align with their desires.

If the family dynamics, culture, family practices, and so on embraced by her husband are conflicting with hers, regret may follow.

13. Infidelityreasons married women regret getting married

Infidelity is another major cause of regret for many married women.

Discovering that their husband is cheating can lead to feelings of anger, betrayal, or deep sadness.

This can make them wish they didn’t get married to him or didn’t get married at all.

Final thoughtsreasons married women regret getting married

It is crucial to understand that although many married women experience feelings of disillusionment after marriage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want out.

The reason for their regret can be influenced by a lot of factors and is unique to each person.

Not all married women regret getting married; many have loving, fulfilling, and happy marriages.

However, even for those who experience regret, some of the issues can be worked on, and they can experience happiness and bliss, too.

With a lot of self-reflection, open communication, and, where necessary, professional help from a counselor, some marital issues can be fixed.

But I must admit that some issues can not be fixed, and the individuals may have to seek happiness outside of the marriage.

Ultimately, it is worthy of note that people’s experiences are unique to them and do not necessarily dictate or determine how marriage should be. 

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