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16 Subtle Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday: Double Celebration!

16 Subtle Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday: Double Celebration!

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You’re about to turn a year older, and you wonder if your boyfriend will propose on your birthday.

Birthday proposals have become the in thing now, so it’s not out of place to look for signs he is going to propose on your birthday.

Of course, the most obvious signs of a proposal are the ring and the engagement ring.

But there are other signs that can be the giveaway of a man who is about to propose on your birthday.


16 Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday

1. He acts sneaky with his phone

Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday

You have a sneaking suspicion that he’s spending a lot of time on his phone.

You try to look at the screen, but he hides it whenever you catch a glimpse of it and tells you that “it’s nothing”.

This is not something he normally does.

He may be looking up engagement rings online or scoping out your friends and family members to see who could help him plan the proposal (or who could join in on the surprise).


2. He takes charge of your birthday reservations

Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday

If you have plans for your birthday, but he takes charge of the reservations or even wants to cook dinner at home because he thinks it would be more romantic, this could be a huge clue that he plans on proposing to you that day.

He has to be in control of the day to carry out his plans, so deciding the birthday venue is huge.


3. He’s asked your friends and family for advice

If he has been talking to your family and friends more than usual, he could be seeking their opinions and help on his surprise birthday proposal.

This is especially true if he has become unusually close to your best friends and those are acting weird. 


4. He asks you to go see a jeweler with him

If he asks you to help him find a pair of cufflinks or a watch, but he doesn’t need your help, he is just making sure you know what kind of jewelry you like.

If he wants to buy jewelry for you, he will want it to be something you love and wear, so don’t be surprised when your man asks you to go window shopping with him.

He might also ask subtly what kind of ring you like.


5. He’s dressed more nicely than usual on your birthday

Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday

If he’s dressed up in an outfit that he doesn’t normally wear, it could be because he wants to look nice for you.

After all, he’s got a plan.

He has to look his best when proposing to you.


6. He’s on a budget (which may mean he’s been saving up); so he might complain about being broke

Most men don’t have much money in their savings accounts for expensive engagement rings.

So he’s either going to be saving up for a while or putting it on a credit card and taking time to pay it off.

Either way, he may comment about being broke or not having enough money.

Some guys might tell you they’re saving up for something.

They might say they aren’t spending any money because they need it for something important—something big—and ask if you can help them out by skipping dinner out and instead just staying home and watching Netflix.


7. He gets excited about your birthday or may try to mask his excitement

If you want to know for sure that he is proposing on your birthday, pay close attention to any changes in his behavior.

If he wants to surprise you and keep it a secret, he may try to mask his excitement by acting like this is just another day.

However, if he gets excited about your birthday, that could also indicate what’s in store.

So, be aware of changes in his body language around this time.

If he’s normally open with his feelings but suddenly shuts down whenever you talk about your birthday, he’s trying not to give himself away!


8. He seems nervous around you, especially when marriage talks come up

If your man is acting nervous around you, it might be because he is on the verge of proposing to you.

Nervousness is normal when an important event is coming up in your life.

It can also be quite contagious, which means that if your boyfriend starts acting nervous, then there’s a good chance you will start to show signs of nervousness.

It’s not unusual for a man to feel anxious before proposing to his woman, even if he knows she wants to be married.

What if she doesn’t say ‘yes’?

What if she doesn’t like the proposal?

What if she wants to be married but not to him?

What if she’s not ready?

No one wants to go through the pain and embarrassment of rejection.

That is why every man looking to propose to their woman should do these five things before proposing to a woman.


9. He’s hinted that he wants to get married

Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday

When you’re dating someone seriously, the topic of marriage is bound to come up at one point or another.

If it has come up recently, or if he seems particularly interested in the topic of marriage in general, this can be a sign that he plans to propose on your birthday.

So, you might hear him using ‘we’ a lot instead of ‘I.’

He might also ask your thoughts about your future plans to see if they align with his.


10. He’s been staring at you unusually

You’ve caught him staring at you a lot lately, almost as if he is trying to memorize your features.

When you ask him what he’s looking at, he says, “Nothing.”

But you can tell he’s deep in thought, and it seems as though he’s daydreaming about something special.

He might be thinking about his proposal to you on your birthday.


11. You have met his family and close friends

When a man introduces you to the important people in his life, he is serious about you.

If you spend a lot more time with his friends and family before your birthday, he might be seriously thinking about proposing.


12. You’re celebrating your birthday with both families

If he invites both his family and yours over for your birthday, and it’s something he’s never done before, there’s a good chance you’re going to get engaged.

Being surrounded by loved ones during your proposal is a special way to make sure the big moment is truly memorable for you and the people who know and care about you most.


13. He doesn’t want to get you anything but a ‘card,’ which might mean something else

Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday

If his birthday gift is a card and nothing else, that’s a sign he has bigger things planned.

He may just write a note on the inside or have it printed in the card itself: “Will you marry me?”


14. His friends act strangely around you

If his pals seem extra friendly and act weird around you, it might be because they know something you don’t know.


15. He’s been acting extra nice to you

Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday

If your boyfriend has been acting extra sweet to you, giving you a lot of attention and some tender loving care before your birthday, he might be planning to pop the question.

It makes sense for him to ensure that you are happy with him before he asks you to marry him. 


16. You’ve been together a long time

If you have been dating for a long time and observe the above signs, the chances are good that he is comfortable with you and ready to take the next step.


If these signs are positive in your relationship, get a manicure and be ready to show off your engagement ring!

And if you don’t get the ring on your birthday, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it later. 

A man who is serious about keeping you in his life forever will want to take a step towards ensuring that. 

Signs He is Going to Propose on Your Birthday




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