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8 Scary Signs You Hate Your Husband

8 Scary Signs You Hate Your Husband

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What are the signs you hate your husband?

I realize that “hate” is a strong word, but it’s safe to say many married people have had feelings of hatred for their partner at some point.

Stating that you hate your partner might come up in an argument when you’ve lost your cool and things have gotten a little out of hand for everyone.

But what if it’s a feeling that gradually builds up in you day by day?

What if it’s eating you up from the inside out?

What if you find that even in everyday situations, your husband is becoming intolerable?

How embarrassing would it be if others could tell?

Let me begin by acknowledging it all starts with a reason.

There is always a cause behind why someone loses affection for another person; it never happens by accident.

But because the reason connects to the signs you’ll notice in yourself, you must understand where all the resentment is coming from in the first place.

In the meantime, here are some tell-tale signs that may indicate you feel resentment toward your husband.


8 Signs You Hate Your Husband

1. You Begin To Show Physical Disinterest In Him

Signs you Hate your Husband

This is an obvious and expected sign as it gets expressed so openly that you can miss it.

For some, a lack of attraction or reduced intimacy can be a passing feeling.

But for others, it may spell doom for your relationship, especially when it goes on for too long.

When you resent your husband, even the tiniest of gestures may piss you off, not to mention the big ones.

Your husband’s touch that once gave you butterflies could now feel like a nuisance.

You may start avoiding physical contact by creating boundaries between you two

This is a common detachment style.

So, if you feel this aversion to your husband, it’s always smart to dig a little deeper and find out why hubby’s touch is the last thing you want.



2. Your Communication Become Strained

Signs you Hate your Husband

Communication with your husband becomes so tense that the slightest exchange of words will start an argument.

You may even find yourself responding rudely, even when you don’t want to act that way, leading to consistent miscommunications.

At other times, you may not want to interact at all, and deeply, you’d love it if he shuts up.

Sometimes, this comes up as nagging.

Little things he does start to upset you so much that you find it incredibly hard to keep quiet about it.

You may want to express yourself, but it becomes an argument you don’t concede.

You take the high road because you feel he isn’t listening, and when he’s listening, he would repeat the mistake when you’ve talked to him so much about it.

Nagging leads you to distrust your husband’s abilities to do things the way you feel they should be done.

You may begin to notice you’d much rather do things yourself than let him “help” you.



3. You Feel Uncoupled

Signs you Hate your Husband

Uncoupling means separating things that were joined together.

It is seen in relationships when one or both partners feel disconnected from their bond.

In marriages, this is expressed as growing apart.

The bond between the two parties has been so reduced it feels like two people living together.

When you resent your husband, you will feel “uncoupled” or detached from him.

It could even get awkward between you and him to the point that you feel like roommates, just two people living under the same roof.

As a woman, you may feel this so strongly that you begin to hate even the smell of his perfume.

Your relationship with your husband loses its very essence, and you disconnect from him.



4. You Find Ways To Get Out Of Time Together

If you could spend time with your husband, but you consciously and consistently decide not to, that could be another sign that things aren’t going well, especially when you strongly feel opposed to the idea of it.

You start to find excuses to get out of time together.

Even if you don’t have any valid reasons, you would make them up.

You may find that time away from him feels better and more peaceful, and you start craving his absence more.

If you don’t hear from him for a while, you don’t feel as worried as you used to be.

You may even forget about him and start to dread his presence instead.

Just the sound of his name may cause your heart to sink, and his presence starts to feel suffocating.

To make things worse, you may find that what made you fall in love with him are the things you hate the most.

You can’t stand him, like the way he calls your name or his cute dimple when he smiles.



5. You Forget Important Dates You Used To Look Forward To

It is normal to forget an important date, like your anniversary.

You could lose track of these things when you’re busy, or they could skip your mind.

But forgetting important dates when you’d normally be excited about them is a bit strange, especially when you don’t feel sorry about forgetting them.

When you feel so distant from your husband to the extent that days that held so much meaning to you feel unimportant, it is a sign that there may be some resentment towards him.

If you begin to remember days that held so much meaning to you – like when he went on one knee proposing to you or when he put the ring on your finger and fed you your wedding cake in front of all the people you loved – and feel regret about them, then your relationship with him has gone sour.

At this point, you might even forget appointments with him and feel sad, angry, or burdened when you remember them.



6. Emotional Cheating

Signs you Hate your Husband

If you become emotionally distant from your husband, you may find comfort in someone else company.

This connection goes beyond the boundaries of a healthy, platonic relationship and suggests a breach of trust within your marriage.

You may find that you start confiding more in a male friend outside your marriage.

When your husband’s name comes up, you may dismiss the conversation or even talk badly about him.

You may start to get the emotional stability you used to get in your marriage from somewhere else.

This may be from a man you know you shouldn’t be getting it from because it feels like you’re cheating on your husband, even if you haven’t had sex or been physically intimate with that person.

Emotional cheating is as bad as physical infidelity and even leads to it.

If you notice this sign in yourself, you may realize that getting this emotional stability from someone else fuels the resentment you already feel for your husband.

Therefore, it feeds a negative cycle that could only end up worse for you, your marriage, your husband, and your “friend”.



7. You Fight About The Same Things Repeatedly

Signs you Hate your Husband

You find that your arguments are never fully resolved, and instead, you both continually reopen old wounds.

It seems you and your husband are constantly in conflict over the same issues because they always seem to surface again in some form or another.

This becomes a negative communication habit that makes it difficult to have mutual respect and understanding in your marriage.

You may have a hard time letting go of the past.

You will instead play the same bitter comments repeatedly in your head like a broken record player repeating the same song.

This fuels the frustration you already feel and quickly increases the bitter feelings you may have for your husband.

Recurring arguments happened in many homes during the lockdown that it’s called “the pandemic effect.”

This emotion will build up until you become filled with animosity towards your spouse, which will ultimately ruin your marriage from the inside out if nothing is done to resolve it.



8. You Begin To Fantasize About How Your Life Will Look Without Him

It’s normal to wonder about the life you’d have if you weren’t with your spouse.

But frequently fantasizing about being alone, being with someone else, or even being a widow is a clear sign that something is wrong, making a part of you long to escape from your marriage.

If the thought of ending your marriage brings you comfort, you may have been harboring some resentful thoughts against your husband.

You find yourself imagining him out of your life over and over again.

You start to become obsessed with the idea, and it eventually becomes your glimmer of hope.

You may not even feel bad about it that you barely make an effort to patch things up with your husband.

All you may want is for the relationship to be over with.

We have many signs when we’ve secretly moved on from our lovers, especially when spiteful feelings are growing.

However, hateful feelings are like poison that harms the bottle more than the person that drinks it.

These feelings could get overwhelming and start eating you up from the inside.

It may also rear its ugly head in moments that could put you in a terrible position in public, or even worse, in front of your children.

As soon as you notice these signs and identify your feelings as resentment, work on those feelings or find help so you can know what action is best for your peace of mind.

Most importantly, communicate with your husband, so that together you fix your problems. 



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