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How To Make Him Realize He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Know It

How To Make Him Realize He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Know It

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How to make him realize he loves you?

Read on to know more.


There is a nice guy in your life who you really like and would like to date.

You know he likes you too because you can tell from how he speaks with you, looks at you, and cares for you.

But you do not think he realizes just yet that he is in love with you.

Sometimes, women are smarter at these things than men are.

A woman can pick a sign from a mile away, while a man may still be clueless for a long time.

You are certain he loves you, but you do not want to come on to him yourself.

The issue now is, how do you make him realize it by himself?

Or maybe he is your man already, but he takes you for granted and does not show you love anymore, but you know that the love still exists within him. 

You just need sure ways to make him realize it. 

The signs below are surefire ways to make him realize he loves you:


How To Make Him Realize He Loves You

1) Spend Time With Him

How To Make Him Realize He Loves You.

Spending time with a person endears you to them and makes them value you more.

One way to make him realize that he loves you is to spend more time with him.

Grab every opportunity you get to hang out with him, go on dates, work with him, speak with him, text him, etc.

If he really loves you, he will soon realize it with your constant presence.

You do not even have to do too much for him to realize his feelings for you when you are around very often. 

Like they say, out of sight is out of mind, so if you are too far from him, it will make it more difficult for him to realize that he loves you. 

Put some effort into spending time with him. 

Don’t overdo this though.

You don’t want to come off as desperate, clingy, or needy as this will only send him far away from you and make him lose interest.

As a smart woman, you should know when to be in his face and when to give him space.


2) Be Kind To Him


Kindness is a virtue that draws everyone close, including enemies.

Another way to ignite what a man feels for you even more to a point where it is undeniable and he has to realize it, is to show him kindness.

Go the extra mile sometimes by buying him gifts, getting him a meal, sending him helpful links, materials and opportunities, showing concern for issues that relate to him, remembering details about him which no one else remembers, providing help to him in any way that you can, etc.

Your kindness might just be what makes him finally read the handwriting on the wall and realize that he loves you. 

He may not have been able to process what he feels for you before, but with some kindness from your end, he sure will.

Men usually realize they love you when they need you.

Let’s be honest, men are not the most selfless beings.

Men keep women who give them what others cannot give them; women get them like no one else can.

If you have a huge positive influence on him, he would be a fool to lose you.

This is why you need to understand a guy and what he needs the most, and meet that need.

No, it’s not what you think.

Read how to make him crazy about you for insight.



3) Show Him Love

How To Make Him Realize He Loves You.

You can show him love without being the one to approach him.

If you are trying to make him realize that he loves you, showing him love the right way can do the magic.

In a world where people, especially men, do not have a lot of cheerleaders until they become successful, be there for him and give him all the encouragement he needs. 

Men are expected to always give without people caring what they have to go through to give.

Give him a taste of what he will enjoy if he begins to love you.

Do not do too much but give him something good.

Love brings about more love.



4) Love His Family And Friends 

How To Make Him Realize He Loves You.

Sometimes the way to a man’s heart is his family. 

It’s easier if you are already in his heart and just want him to realize it. 

You can easily achieve this by building a good relationship with his family and friends. 

Be good to them but don’t overdo things in a way that makes them think you are bribing your way to their hearts.

It is easier for him to realize that he has feelings for you when his friends and family keep talking about how great you are. 



5) Do More Of What He Loves 

To make him realize that he loves you, you have to attract his attention somehow and a great way to do that is by doing the things he likes. 

Have you noticed that he likes a particular dress on you? Wear it more. 

Know his favorite color? Use it more. 

Is he sapiosexual? You better improve on your intelligence level.

Be interested in the things he loves and show him. 

In no time, he will be drawn to this damsel who seems to be his perfect match and tick all the boxes for him. 



6) Withdraw

How To Make Him Realize He Loves You.

After doing all you can do, the next thing to do is withdraw.

Draw back from him and focus on yourself.

If you have applied all of the steps above and showed him kindness, your absence in his life will immediately be noticed and he will come for you.

More so, when you withdraw from him a bit and focus on yourself, you glow more and become more confident and attractive. 

Your withdrawing from his life will make him realize how much he needs you and does not want you to stay away.

That will make him realize that he has feelings for you.



7) Make Him Jealous

How To Make Him Realize He Loves You.

This is a unique way to evoke feelings in a man that loves you.

You must do this softly and not too much.

Hang out with a different guy, take nice pictures and act concerned about him.

Post them where you know he will see them.

He is sure to feel jealous and realize that he loves you.

Do not do this too much so he doesn’t get sad, and you do not scare him away. 



8) Tell Him You Like Him


This is the last step because it should be your last resort after you have engaged all the steps above.

You must be cautious when doing this because not all men fancy being chased by a woman.

Some men like to do the chasing and if you are the one who approaches them, you may ruin everything they feel about you.

However, not all men are this way.

Some men do not mind being approached by ladies and your man might just be one of them.

You telling him that you like him may be what gives him the courage to come to terms with how he feels about you and open up to you.

After doing all of these, the final thing you need to do is give it time and give him time. 

Do not be desperate or too eager. 

Time brings clarity and makes things better most times. 

The time is for you and for him.

You need time to apply the steps above and focus on yourself because you need to be in a good place to accept his love.

He also needs some time.

He may just need some time to handle other things in his life and see more clearly. 

If he truly loves you, when you apply the steps above, it is just a matter of time before he realizes it and comes to you. 

And if he doesn’t, don’t waste your time on a man who doesn’t know what he wants.

Put yourself out there, meet new people, and pray that God brings a man who will value you your way.

You deserve everything good.



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