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How To Make Him Need You: 10 Ways to Become Irreplaceable to Him

How To Make Him Need You: 10 Ways to Become Irreplaceable to Him

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In a day and age where there’s an app for everything, it’s easy to forget that the best way to get someone to commit to you is by making them fall in love with you.

How do you do that?

By making him need you.

That’s why you should know how to make him need you.

You’ve heard of the concept of supply and demand.

This applies even when it comes to your relationship.

You want to be so desirable, so irresistible, that he can’t help but want you around.

That way, he’ll always feel the need for you to be in his life.

Whether you’re just getting started in a relationship or you’ve been together for years, there are some things that you can do to make him need you more and keep the spark alive.

If a guy feels as though he can easily replace you at any time, then it’s not likely that he’ll feel the need to keep you forever.

On the other hand, if he thinks that there’s no one else out there who could possibly give him what you do and that if he were to lose you, he’d miss what your presence brings for him, then a lot of positive things will start happening for you in your relationship.

Because he’ll put more time and effort into making sure that your relationship works.

It’s only when guys know they can easily find someone new to take your place that they start taking their relationships for granted and stop appreciating everything you do for them.

Here are some ways that you can make him need you:

How To Make Him Need You

1. Discover His Needs

The first thing you need to do is to find out what his needs are.

If he feels comfortable with you, and if he’s able to open up to you, he will start telling you about his needs.

You should be able to know what they are by asking, listening to him talk, and being observant.

The more time that you spend with him, the more likely it is that he will tell you what his needs are.

The second thing that you do is consider your own needs in comparison to his needs.

Are your needs compatible?

If they’re not, then this relationship won’t last very long.

You must be able to fulfill each other’s needs in order for the two of you to have a successful relationship.

When your needs are similar, this will make both of you feel like the other is needed in your life so much that neither one of you would want to lose each other.

When it comes down to it, all relationships are based on needs fulfillment.

Whether or not someone can make us happy is directly related to their ability to fulfill our needs. 

2. Make yourself interesting 

How To Make Him Need You

An interesting woman is much more attractive than a boring one.

One of the best ways to make a man need you is by being interesting.

Be someone that he wants to learn more about, be fascinated by, and want to spend time with.

Engage in activities that interest you and bring your bubbly personality to the table.

Make yourself interesting by learning new things and meeting new people, while still keeping up on your own life goals and passions.

Do some research if you’re not sure what kind of activities interest you.

Try a few different things out until you find the ones that intrigue you most—rock climbing, writing in a journal every morning, reading, working out, reviewing books or movies, attending meet-ups for small business owners, etc.

Make sure he has something to look forward to when he spends time with you.

Even if it’s just a new story or joke, keeping things fresh will help him want to spend as much time with you as possible.

Being that amazing woman who is so intriguing and full of life will make any man want you.

And when he does, make sure to keep the mystery alive by always being a little bit out of reach—just enough to make him long for you.

This is not about being a tease or about leading guys on, it’s about being real and honest but still keeping some parts of yourself private until the right time comes.

It’s the perfect balance between letting him in and keeping some things for yourself.

The thing about men and women is that we all want what we can’t have, and if we get it too easily, we don’t appreciate it as much.

Soon, he won’t be able to imagine his life without you!

2. Get to Know Him So Well Even More Than Himself

If you want to make him need you, then you have to get to know him so well, even more than himself.

You have to understand what makes him tick, what his needs and wants are, and how to fulfil them.

Only then will he be desperate to keep you around, because no one else can compare to how well you know him.

Plus, by fulfilling his needs, you’ll make him feel happy and fulfilled – something that everyone wants in life.

So start learning about your man today and watch as he falls more in love with you each day.

3. Don’t Be Needy

Seriously, this is key.

If you’re needy, he’s going to lose interest fast.

You want him to crave your company, not feel like he has to be with you all the time.

The best way to do this is by having your own life and being busy doing things that make you happy.

When he sees how great you are without him, he’ll start to realize how much he needs you in his life.

Have your own interests and hobbies outside of your relationship.

Make sure you’re always looking and feeling your best even when you’re not around him!

4. Be Independent and Confident

How To Make Him Need You

In a relationship, the person who seems most confident is the one who needs the other the least.

To make him need you, be independent.

If you depend on him for everything, how will he need you?

What will he need you for?

Be independent but also be willing to admit that you are vulnerable in some ways.

Do things together that give you a chance to show off your strength and independence–but then let him help. 

5. Be Playful With Him

How To Make Him Need You

Guys love clever comebacks and silly jokes, but most importantly, they love to laugh with their girlfriends.

Laughing together shows that you enjoy spending time with each other and again reaffirms his place in your life.

Make sure to have fun and enjoy life!

A man wants to be around someone who is happy and positive,

No one wants to be around someone who is always negative and complaining.

This upbeat attitude will definitely rub off on him, and he will start to see just how wonderful it is to be around you.

6. Keep Him Guessing About What You’ll Do Next

How To Make Him Need You

One way to make him need you is to keep him guessing about what you’ll do next.

If he can’t predict your behavior, he’ll be more likely to crave your company.

The most important thing is to avoid falling into a predictable pattern of behavior and keep your guy guessing about what you’ll do next or how you’ll respond to something he does.

Men love women who are unpredictable.

One of the best ways to stay unpredictable is to try new things.

Keeping the spark alive is also about doing something you’ve always done but in a different way.

The idea isn’t that you should become an expert in any one thing; it’s that being with you is never boring because there are so many new experiences for him to look forward to.

Be unpredictable in small ways.

For example, wear a new outfit when you know he’s going to see you or change up your hairstyle.

You don’t have to go overboard – just enough so that he takes notice.

Another way to keep him guessing is to be spontaneous.

Showing up at his door with tickets for a concert or organizing an impromptu picnic in the park can make him feel like he has no idea what adventures are in store and makes him look forward to whatever comes next.

7. Be Trustworthy

If you want to make him need you, then be someone that he can trust.

Be someone who is loyal and honest.

If he knows that he can always count on you, then he will definitely need you in his life.

If you can’t be trusted, then you won’t be needed.

Men will not remain with a woman who they cannot trust.

8. Be Supportive

How To Make Him Need You

Be a supportive partner.

When he comes to you with his problems or concerns, listen attentively and provide helpful advice when necessary.

Let him know that you are there for him, and he will appreciate everything that you do for him (if he’s a well-thinking man).

By being a good listener and showing genuine concern, you will make him feel loved and needed – two things that every man craves!

9. Be Feminine and Graceful

How To Make Him Need You

One of the ways to make a man need you is by being feminine and graceful.

Many men enjoy the company of a woman who is feminine, warm, and friendly.

This does not mean that you have to be a pushover because you are a lady. 

It simply means that you should be graceful in your actions.

Let him see the softer side of you – the side that’s caring, nurturing, and loving.

When he sees how good it feels to be around you, he won’t be able to resist wanting more.

Being feminine is not the same as being weak.

Your femininity can be one of the most powerful things when dealing with men. 

Another reason that being feminine is attractive to men is that they see it as a way of calming them down when they are agitated or upset.

Since women tend to act more emotionally than men do, they can often help men feel more relaxed when they are struggling with their emotions.

By being feminine and graceful, you can give him this opportunity to calm his emotions so he doesn’t do or say something he will regret later on.

10. Be Yourself

One of the best ways to make him need you is to simply be yourself.

Don’t try to be someone that you’re not, because he will eventually see through your act and it will only push him further away.

Be genuine and authentic, and let your true personality shine through.

If a guy likes you and wants to pursue a relationship, he will be turned off by pretense.

When he sees how amazing you are just as you are, he’ll start to crave your presence more and more.

And before you know it, he’ll be needing you like never before!

This list isn’t exhaustive and you can be the best thing since grilled chicken, and a guy will still not choose you.

You should never feel you are not enough. 

Your worth does not reduce based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

How To Make Him Need You

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