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26 Awesome Things That Make You Feel Alive

26 Awesome Things That Make You Feel Alive

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Have you ever felt like you were going through the motions in life?

Like you’re living but not really alive?

Like your life has no meaning.

That’s because you’re not doing the things that make you feel alive.

We all have our own idea of what makes us feel alive, and we all have different levels of how much we need to feel it.

What makes you feel alive?

It’s a simple question.

But, like most simple questions, it’s difficult to answer.

It may require some thought and reflection to come up with a good answer.

There are things you can do to get out of a funk and start feeling alive again.

In this post, we’ll explore a few of those things.

So read on for tips on how to bring more life into your days!


26 Things That Make You Feel Alive

1. Travel

Many people associate travel with excitement and newness.

I do.

I love traveling and seeing new places.

And it has the potential to be, but if you’re not careful, your vacation can feel more like work than play.

If you want to get the most out of your vacation, don’t just go through the motions.

Get into that mindset where anything can happen and you’re open to new experiences and just go with it.

Use travel as a way of unplugging from your normal life and recharging for when you get home.

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2. Engage in challenging activities

Strenuous exercise such as running or weightlifting can give you that rush of adrenaline we crave so much.

They make you feel focused, powerful, and alive.

You don’t have to work out for hours every day, either.

Even a brisk walk or a yoga class can make a big difference in your life.

I can attest to this.

Whenever I walk in the morning, I feel alive!

Running will be more fun when you have running accessories such as compression socks, compression pants, and running belts.


3. Start a business

things that make you feel alive

Starting a business isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

There’s often very little initial reward, and it can feel like you’re throwing money down the drain without seeing much success.

But starting your own business will give you an incredible sense of freedom – freedom to call your own shots, freedom to be who you are rather than what society expects of you, and freedom to put your soul into something.

So if you’re feeling stuck in a dead-end job or just going through the motions at work, consider starting a business that aligns with your passions.  

It’s scary as hell but worth every second of the growing pains involved…trust me!

Getting some knowledge can also equip you for success in business.


4. Try out a new hobby

things that make you feel alive

If you’re not feeling alive, it may be because your interests have run dry.

Perhaps you’re just going through the motions in every hobby you have.

It’s time to try something new!

Think of a few things you’ve always been curious about, and go for it!

Maybe that means trying a new cooking technique or learning a language.  

The possibilities are endless, so be open to anything!


5. Throw yourself into your work…but keep it fun

Most people equate work with drudgery and boredom.  

That’s why they use Facebook at work, or other such things to make their job bearable.

If you’re feeling stuck in a dead-end job, consider changing things up a bit.  

Find ways to make your work more interesting and exciting.  

Take on new challenges, work with a different team, or just go for a few extra projects that show you have enthusiasm and initiative.

It’s important to give your all at work – after all, that’s what you’re being paid for!.

However, it’s equally important not to take yourself or your job too seriously.

When you’re feeling bored and unappreciated at work, remember that you have a life outside of work, and then live those moments to the best of your ability.

You’ll feel more fulfilled, and more alive.


6. Make a bucket list and start crossing things off

There’s no better feeling than checking something off of your to-do list.  

So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, put it on a bucket list and go for it.

Start with small check-off items such as taking a weekend getaway or going to an outdoor concert.

If you can afford it, go big and cross off something major like sky diving.

Whatever makes you feel alive is the right choice for you.

Anything from traveling across the world to learning to salsa dance (if that’s what gives your heart a pump, go for it).


7. Get involved in a cause that matters to you

Doing charity work will not only make you feel like a better person, but you’ll contribute to society and help your community.

If you’re feeling uninspired and like your life lacks purpose, working towards something bigger than yourself is sure to put things into perspective and make you feel like the amazing person that you are.


8. Spend more time with your loved ones

things that make you feel alive

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, it might be because those closest to you aren’t around as much as they should be.

Spend an afternoon hanging out with friends or family members who really matter to you – even if they’re only around for a short time.  

You’ll leave feeling invigorated and reconnected to the parts of your life that really count.


9. Invest in yourself

The most important person in your life is you, so it’s essential that you take care of yourself.

Buy some new clothes that make you feel great, book a spa day, or join a gym.  

Whatever you do, don’t neglect your health and well-being.

Feeling good about yourself is the key to feeling alive.


10. Get a new skill

things that make you feel alive

Do you want to feel more fulfilled?  

Then get a new skill.

You’ll meet new people, challenge yourself academically, and gain valuable skills that will make you more marketable both in your current industry and/or a completely different field.


11. Fall in love

Can’t find the motivation to make your life better?  

Then why not try meeting someone new?

Spending time with a loved one or finding love can give your life the boost it needs.


12. Be selfish for once

Don’t let anyone guilt you into doing something you don’t want to do just so you can be a selfless person.

Give yourself some time to relax or to pursue your own personal interests instead of being so put-together all the time.

If others give you grief about taking care of yourself, remember that they don’t know what it’s like for you.

You’re the only person who knows what you need to make yourself feel alive, so stop worrying about what other people think and do whatever makes you happy.


13. Help others

Being a kind and selfless person is an amazing quality, but sometimes you need to be selfish too.

Take some time for yourself by helping others who are less fortunate than yourself.

You’ll feel great about giving back to your community, and you’ll learn that it’s okay to say no once in a while.


14. Enjoy the present moment

Life is fast-paced and we’re always busy – but all too often, we’re focused on the future or past instead of what’s happening right in front of us.

If you want to feel truly alive and present, take a moment every day to mentally check out from your regular routine.  

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the serenity of an empty mind for a little while.


15. When your favorite song comes on the radio, turn it up, and sing out loud

When you’re driving down the road, singing your heart out to your favorite song with the windows rolled down.

It’s a small gesture that can make you feel truly alive. (Unless of course, you have neighbors who are annoyed by this).


16. Get a hug from someone you love

Hugs are a great way to remind you of the good things in life and who you truly love.  

I usually request a hug from my husband almost daily.

Hugging is so comforting.


17. Look up at the stars

The night sky is utterly amazing, so why not take some time to appreciate it?  

Go for a walk under the moonlight and marvel at how vast the universe is as well as how small we are in comparison.

It’s truly awe-inspiring!


18. Dance like nobody’s watching (even if somebody is)

Dancing is a great way to let loose and relax but also reminds you of how important it is to express yourself.

You don’t have to dance alone.

Invite your friends out for a night of fun music and good times.


19. Choose three words that speak to you 

What are the three words that speak to you?

Write them down and then create an action plan based on those words.

Find the three words that best describe how you want to feel and use them as your guide.


20. Go on a road trip

When was the last time you went somewhere you’d never been before?  

Get in the car and go see everything that’s out there.

There’s no better way to experience life, as well as grow as a person, than seeing new places.


21. Be spontaneous

Don’t let the daily grind stop you from being adventurous.

You never know what amazing experience may happen if you just go for it.

What have you always wanted to do but been afraid of doing?

Make a plan and then do it.


22. Dance in the rain

Have a positive attitude about getting a little wet and going outside when it’s raining!.

It’s a great time to dance and enjoy yourself without worrying too much about how you look, plus there are no other people around to judge you for your moves.


23. Eat something you’ve never tried before

Food may not seem like it makes a difference in how you feel, but adding new foods into your diet will keep things interesting.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try something new that is still within your comfort zone.  

Like spicy food?  

Grab a taco from a restaurant you’ve never been before.


24. Getting a massage or bodywork done and feeling the physical tension melt away from your body

Self-care is important, especially when it comes to your mind and body.

If you’re feeling stressed or upset, giving yourself a little bit of extra TLC can make all the difference in the world!

I get massages from my husband whenever I can because they help me relax and feel great about myself.


25. Get enough sleep (it’s a game changer)

I always used to think that sleep was for the weak.  

I could get by with five hours a night and still function perfectly fine, I thought.

But it wasn’t until I had kids that I realized how important getting enough sleep is.

 Having more energy means you can accomplish more in a day.  

And the more you get done, the closer you are to reaching your goals.


26. Be grateful for what you have

Being thankful is something I’m still working on every single day.

It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting or wishing things were different that we forget all the many wonderful things we do have.

The more you focus on the good things in life, the happier you will be!

So, keep a gratitude list.

I hope you feel more alive as you try out these activities.


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