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9 Signs Your Baby Daddy Misses You For Real

9 Signs Your Baby Daddy Misses You For Real

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Your baby’s daddy is your baby-daddy because the only relationship that now exists between you both is that of co-parents.

Nothing more.

However, his actions lately are somewhat hinting that there’s more.

You suspect that he misses you, but you don’t want to rush to conclusions.

Let me help you shed light on this matter by opening your eyes to the signs your baby daddy misses you.

This is to help you confirm if your suspicions are anything to go by.

9 Signs Your Baby Daddy Misses You

1. You sense it

You most likely already strongly believe that he misses you, and that’s possibly why you’re reading this in the first place.

Something about him made you arrive at this conclusion.

Maybe from his general behavior (we’ll go into details of this in the subsequent points) or from your instincts.

If you trust your instincts because they rarely lie to you, and they’ve been telling you that this man misses you, then maybe that’s all the sign you need.

But I’d still highly recommend that you keep reading through to avoid just being delulu (slang for delusional) and lying to yourself.


2. His phone calls and texts increase

When a person misses you, their frequent phone calls and texts are usually the culprit that gives them away.

You will notice this with your baby daddy if he misses you.

The number of times he calls you will increase, and he will want to be on the phone with you for a longer duration than necessary.

I mean, he has every reason to contact you because you both have a whole child together, but you will notice that his calls and texts are now more than required and may even have nothing to do with your child.

And if you ever have any reason to text him, he responds almost immediately.


3. He “needs” to see his child more

signs your baby daddy misses you

All of a sudden, your child’s father wants to see his child more.

When you take a microscopic view of this new desire of his, you will notice that his interest in seeing his child more is so that he can get to see you and possibly spend time with you.

He does not want to see the child and take them out alone, but he wants to hang out with them while you’re there.

Maybe the only time he gets to see you is when he comes to see your child, so he grabs the opportunity and holds on tightly to it like a child would hold on to a bar of candy.

It’s the perfect excuse.


4. He asks your kid questions about you

One thing I love about kids is that they’re going to snitch.

Lol! There are no secrets with children.

They will tell you everything you need to know, especially when they’re still very young and innocent.

So your kid has been telling you that daddy asked about you, about how you are doing, and if you have been going out a lot.

He probably asked them, thinking they’d not remember to tell you, but he thought wrong.

Your kid comes to tell you everything, and from what they’ve said, it sounds like your baby daddy cares and is interested in your life.

Also, your kid may not tell you this voluntarily because they’re kids and may not think much of it or even forget.

But when you ask them what they discussed with their dad, they let it all out, telling you everything.

This may be their dad just asking them questions to keep the conversation going, but it may also be a serious sign that he misses you.


5. He becomes interested in your life

signs your baby daddy misses you

Aside from the fact that he calls often and grabs every opportunity to see you, you will also notice a peak in his interest in your life.

Depending on the kind of relationship that you two had prior, you may notice a slight change.

Maybe how now asks more questions about your day, what you’ve been up to, and maybe even about the men in your life, if there are any.

His interest now goes beyond what is expected in a co-parent relationship.

He misses being a part of your life and is trying to crawl back in gently.

When you notice this, it can be a strong sign that he misses you, and you have the option to either let it continue or draw away, depending on what you want at that point in your life.


6. He tells you

signs your baby daddy misses you

You may not even have to do all of these mental gymnastics because he will come out and tell you.

Maybe you have turned a blind eye to all of his signs, or you genuinely did not even notice them; he may directly come out to tell you that he misses you.

Now, whether or not his intentions are genuine is a different question entirely,

But we cannot rule out the possibility that your baby daddy can tell you that he misses you and means it.

He may also not tell you directly in black and white that he misses you.

But he may say it in other ways, such as reminding you of the good times you both had together, trying to reawaken your affection for him.


7. Your kid/other people tell you

Sometimes, you don’t see the signs, and other people have to come into the picture to help you.

Your baby daddy may have told your family and mutual friends or even your kid that he misses you.

Or maybe, in your case, he didn’t even tell them verbally, but they noticed his behavior, and they came to tell you.

Of course, you’re not to live solely based on other people’s observations but their drawing it to your attention should make you observe closely and see things for yourself.

If it is coming from your kids, then you should pay attention to it because, a lot of times, they’re right.

But it’s still not enough to conclude.


8. He seems miserable

signs your baby daddy misses you

When people miss someone they care about, they react to it in different ways, and getting miserable is one of the most common ones.

Your baby daddy may have become a shadow of himself, less happy and bubbly because you’re no longer in his life officially.

You may notice it in his social interactions, lifestyle, or even social media posts.

It’s evident that something is missing in his life, and you are that thing (well, I don’t literally mean you’re a “thing,” but you get the gist).

His misery worsens if you give him any clue that you’re with another man.

He becomes jealous and further sinks into unhappiness.


9. He tries to play husband

There is a difference between a husband and a baby daddy.

While one is committed and has obligations to fulfill towards you and your child, the other is only committed to your child and only owes you basic human decency and respect, nothing more.

But you may notice that your baby daddy begins to play the role that isn’t captured in his baby daddy job description.

He shows up for you, is there for you, helps with your personal challenges, and tries to do all the heavy lifting for you, doing way more than he’s required to.

He provides you with emotional support and acts like he’s the man in your life when, in fact, he’s not.

These are simply signs that he misses you, and his heart is trying to reach out to you.

Having a baby daddy can be a complex situation on its own; adding confused feelings to the mix is the last thing anybody needs.

The signs above can strongly indicate that your baby daddy misses you, but I wouldn’t advise you to conclude solely based on them.

There are many things your baby daddy can do that can imply that he misses you when, in fact, he’s just being polite and kind.

This is why it is important to have respectful, open, and honest conversations about things like this to avoid misinterpreting actions.

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