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Two Things Ladies Do in a Relationship that They Later Regret Terribly

Two Things Ladies Do in a Relationship that They Later Regret Terribly

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Love is beautiful. No matter how civilized we become, we can never be too civilized not to fall in love.

Because humans are social beings. We are made to love and to be loved. We are created for intimacy. Love stories can never go into extinction. We never get tired of hearing them.

While falling in love is a beautiful experience, ladies do some things in the name of love that make love become a nightmare for them, especially when the relationship ends.

I’m not making these things up. They are real!

Because I get emails and messages on my social media platforms from ladies who are haunted by the things they did when they were drinking from the cistern of love.

This is why I’m writing this article because I’m tired of getting these kinds of emails.

Come on, ladies. We can do better than this!

What are these two things that ladies do in a relationship that they later regret?

  • Sending nudes to boyfriends
  • Recording s*x tapes with boyfriends

Sending nudes
When in love, ladies are usually blinded by love. We assume a lot of things like:

  • the new relationship will last forever
  • the new guy is our prince charming
  • this new love can/will never turn sour
  • the new guy can never hurt us even when things go awry
  • whatever we do in the relationship ends when the relationship ends.

Well, newsflash ladies, things have changed.

The world is getting sicker by the day and people getting wickeder.

Sending your nudes on request or out of excitement or whatever could turn out to be a mistake you’d regret later, just as many ladies have regretted.

When a man is in possession of your nudes, you’re setting yourself up for an easy blackmail; except of course, you don’t mind having your nudes out there.

If you don’t mind, you can stop reading now.

Lovers in this age are so caught up in the ‘nudes craze’, that when the relationship ends, and a party (usually the man) is aggrieved, he starts threatening to release your nudes except you succumb to his wish. You become his victim. You’ll be at his mercy.

Sending of nudes could be quite tempting especially when you’re newly in love or in a long distance relationship.

While it’s important to trust whoever you’re dating, you need to understand that the true nature of a person is revealed when things go sour. And like I said, it’s a crazy world, girl.

Don’t trap yourself by sharing nudes in a relationship. Don’t set yourself up for blackmail. Exchange of nudes isn’t a proof of love.

And you should be wary of any man who insists that you send your nudes to him. That’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

Recording a s*x video



I’ll never understand why ladies agree to recording an adult video. Not even with your husband, but with a boyfriend?

Even with a husband, you can’t be so sure.

Nothing is sure.

Not everyone will have the ‘mess turned into a message‘ story. Not everyone will become ‘famous’ for featuring in a leaked adult video.

Ladies are usually the victims, that’s why I’m writing this; because I go weak when ladies come to me with this kind of preventable mess.

I’ve been getting frequent messages from ladies who are pregnant for men who don’t want to take responsibility.

And I ask them, “Girl, why did you let this happen to you? Why?”

Strong women don’t treat themselves like that. Strong women don’t share their cookie with someone who doesn’t deserve it, someone who hasn’t done right by you.

Ladies, let’s start treating ourselves better. We deserve it. No one can treat you less without your permission. Have some self respect. No man will respect you more than you respect yourself.

Don’t do in a relationship what you’ll regret terribly when the relationship ends.

Don’t trust your nudes with anyone but yourself.

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Monday 8th of April 2019

This is apt. Great one sis

Olubunmi Mabel

Saturday 20th of April 2019

Thank you