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8 Surefire Ways To Make A Man Know Your Worth

8 Surefire Ways To Make A Man Know Your Worth

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Being in a relationship where your man appreciates your worth is one of the best things.

It adds respect and value to the relationship.

If you’re wondering how to make your man, or any man at all, know your worth, I’ve got you.

These practices will help you elevate yourself in his eyes which will in turn create the atmosphere for a healthier and more respectful relationship.

When you do these, I assure you that your worth will be recognized and valued.

8 Surefire Ways To Make A Man Know Your Worth

1. Know your worth

how to make a man know your worth

To make someone know something, you first have to know it first. 

Especially when it comes to something like self-worth.

First, you have to know and be convinced beyond doubt that you’re valuable and worth something; that’s when you can make anyone else see it.

If you don’t believe that you’re worth much, trying to convince a man that you are will be futile; you’ll end up convincing him of the opposite.

A woman who will make a man know her worth knows it herself first.

You show that you understand your worth by how you carry yourself and choose not to settle for less.

You constantly improve your character, skill, knowledge, and overall lifestyle, showing up as your highest self.

2. Be confident

how to make a man know your worth

You can’t be timid and unnecessarily shy and be able to make a man believe that you’re valuable.

You have to be audacious and assertive, not only aware of your worth but letting it reflect in your actions.

Confidence is a trait with such magnetic force that it can’t be ignored.

Be self-assured and comfortable with showing yourself kindness and respect.

Your confidence is also seen in your communication.

Be bold enough to express your opinions, feelings, and thoughts fearlessly and honestly to the man and everyone else.

You shouldn’t be rude, lack a filter, or fail to be diplomatic where necessary, but be sure to maintain your assertiveness.

3. Exude grace

how to make a man know your worth

Sometimes, women make the mistake of thinking that to make a man know their worth, they have to be a mean girl, being harsh and wicked for no reason.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You shouldn’t continue thinking that way unless you’re in high school.

I agree that sometimes, some atom of strictness and firmness is required to make people see your worth, but not meanness.

On the other hand, kindness and gracefulness are required on this journey.

Be a considerate and supportive woman, making sacrifices and compromises when needed and when you can.

Be encouraging and understanding, making him feel peace and solace in you; if you can be helpful in any way, gracefully come in and render your help.

Honesty should also be one of your core values; gratitude shouldn’t be far from you, either.

When he carries out nice gestures, acknowledge and appreciate his efforts.

Also, try to be empathetic, seeing things from his perspective.

4. Be selectively available

For some reason, people tend to hold in high esteem things or people that aren’t always available.

I don’t know why, but it’s just how we are as humans.

Even celebrities, as much as they’re loved, remain highly valued because they’re not always seen.

Imagine becoming flatmates with Demi Lovato or any of your favorite celebrities.

I’m sure you’ll not be screaming as much as others would at her concerts just because you know you’ll get to see her at home later that night and probably hear her sing the same song in the shower.

That’s how life is.

When people know that they only get to see you or have access to you occasionally, their respect for you heightens.

Don’t be the girl who’s always around a man, all up in his face and space, even to the point where he’s irritated or uncomfortable.

That’s a huge No.

If he’ll see your worth, you have to be selectively available, only giving him your time when it’s essential and withholding your presence intentionally sometimes.

Don’t show up randomly or be present when it’s not necessary.

That’s how your value goes.

5. Keep some things away

how to make a man know your worth

Apart from keeping yourself away sometimes, you should also keep some things about yourself away.

Mystery is not only exciting; it also brings about respect and value.

Maintain a sense of mystery by withholding some information and keeping him intrigued.

It’d be an error to reveal everything about yourself to him all at once.

Similarly, don’t be sexually available to him until marriage.

This is not a common practice in our world currently, which is why there are so many casual relationships.

Why will he treat you as valuable when you already gave him everything at no cost?

Doing this makes it possible for the man to eat his cake and have it, which is wrong.

This is why some ladies, although valuable, get used and dumped.

Apart from giving themselves to the wrong man, they also gave themselves to him completely without holding back.

It became a case of “see finish” (over-familiarity), with the man seeing her as nothing.

6. Be firm and have boundaries

how to make a man know your worth

You need some lessons from Strict Babe 101 to achieve this.

And this doesn’t mean being unnecessarily hard, but being firm and principled.

You can’t be living an undisciplined and careless life and expect a man to see your worth.

You have to establish clear and firm boundaries and you have to stick to them.

In fact, set clear boundaries in your relationship.

Don’t embrace or welcome just anything and everything into your life; that’s what people who don’t know their worth do.

Have standards, and don’t compromise your values or cave in for people carelessly.

You should also be able to and fine with standing on your own.

When you have your hobbies, interests, affairs, goals, and hobbies as a woman, it helps define you as an individual and elevate you in the eyes of others.

7. Take care of yourself

how to make a man know your worth

Self-care is an integral part of making people see your worth.

Don’t neglect yourself because you’re pursuing being seen a certain way.

Or pursue other goals at the expense of your personal care.

No, don’t do that.

Self-care is part of the package.

So, pay attention to yourself and prioritize your well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally.

8. Be authentic

how to make a man know your worth

Nothing beats being your true self.

Authenticity is where it’s at.

Trying to imitate someone else or certain lifestyles is great, but it doesn’t come close to maximizing one’s potential when one is oneself.

You were made to be you, and when you connect with your inner magic and focus on being a better version of yourself, your genuine self shines through.

Being true to yourself will make him see your worth.

These tips will help you have a healthier mindset and lifestyle overall, and they’ll also help you have a more respectful relationship.

However, I must add this caveat: You should show up as your highest self, but it’s not your job to make people see your worth.

And sometimes, no matter who you are and how valuable you are, some men will still not see your worth and treat you less than you deserve.

It’s your job to remove yourself from situations where your value is not seen and the lives of men who trivialize you.

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