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What To Do If Your Wife Yells At You So You Don’t Go Crazy

What To Do If Your Wife Yells At You So You Don’t Go Crazy

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Are you wondering what to do if your wife yells at you?

Hold up!

Do you mean that your wife yells at you and keeps repeating it despite you talking to her about it?

It is normal for couples in relationships to have arguments over different issues; this is what we call ‘difference of opinions’.

In a situation where both parties have different points of view about the same issue, they’ll make their opinions known.

Usually, each tries hard to convince the other person to buy into their opinion.

But if you have a wife who yells at you whenever you’re arguing, and it’s a frequent occurrence, it’s abnormal.

It’s a form of emotional abuse.

What you must do is find out why she can’t seem to stop shouting at you.

If she wasn’t acting that way when you first met her, know that something has changed, and she’s deeply bothered.

The best thing you can do is to find out the root of her anger and anxiety.

Also, seek ways to stop this abusive behavior before it gets out of hand.

Several actions may make your wife yell at you, and you should take them seriously.

There is nothing normal about partners in a relationship yelling at each other.

If yelling has found its way into your marriage through your wife, assess every angle of the situation, and work on your relationship.

When not put in check, aggressive behaviors such as yelling can turn your relationship into a toxic one.

If you’ve been wondering what to do if your wife yells at you, you’re in the right place.

Here, you’ll learn the proper ways to act if you find yourself in this situation.

Read on!

What To Do If Your Wife Yells At You

If your wife didn’t yell at you in the past, has it occurred to you that you might be part of why she’s yelling at you now?

She might resent you for something you did, hence the reason for her actions.

If you’re looking for what to do if your wife yells at you, you may want to find out why she yells at you in the first place.

You can act accordingly when you’ve gotten to the root of the matter.


1. Pay Attention And Listen Carefully To Her

What To Do If Your Wife Yells At You

You need to listen attentively and respond properly whenever your wife is talking to you.

It’ll give her a sense of belonging and let her know that she has your full attention and that you understand the message she’s trying to pass on to you.

She’ll be calm, see you as her confidant, and open up more to you.

It’s a good way of strengthening the bond between your wife and yourself.



2. Do Not Yell Back At Her When She Yells At You

What To Do If Your Wife Yells At You

Yelling doesn’t solve anything; rather, it makes the situation worse.

So don’t go into a yelling competition with her, no matter how tempting it may look at the moment.

Not only will you be unfocused on the issue at hand, but yelling back at your wife will only get her angrier.

You won’t be able to resolve issues when both of you are screaming at each other.

If you join the yelling feat, I think you’ll be adding fuel to the fire.

Try to keep your temper in check if you want to make any headway in resolving her yelling issues.



3. Scrutinize Her Words To Find Out What The Problem Is

When you’re calm and can listen to all the words pouring from her mouth in that moment of anger, you’ll grasp what the problem is.

You’ll be able to know if she’s upset about something specific or if there is a broader issue causing her frustration.

If you’re unsure what she means, it’s okay to ask questions to clarify.

This can help you better understand her perspective.

The moment you discover what the yelling is about, try to calm her down by apologizing for whatever it is you did wrong.

You can take it a step further by making it up to her by giving her a nice treat, for example, a dinner date in a fancy restaurant.



4. Try To Relax And Be Calm In The Heat Of The Moment

What To Do If Your Wife Yells At You

It’s natural to feel upset or angry when someone you love is yelling at you, but it’s important to try to stay calm and not let your emotions get the best of you.

Take deep breaths.

Slow, deep breaths can help you relax and calm down.

You can also use positive self-talk.

Remind yourself that it’s okay to feel upset but that you can handle the situation and that everything will be okay.

When she’s done yelling, do not react immediately.

Walk away and think of all the things she said.

Staying around her after her outburst may worsen her temper, so I’ll advise you to stay away from her.

Try to relax while thinking of all that just went down.

That way, you’ll easily come up with reasonable steps to take about the situation.



5. Let Her Know That You Know Your Responsibilities And Can Handle Them

Letting her know that you’re aware of your responsibilities and can handle them effectively will show her how much you love and care about her.

Show her your willingness to take on more responsibilities around the house so that she won’t feel pressured by many household responsibilities.

You can start doing more household chores to let her see you care about her health.

It’ll also let her know that you know your duties as her husband and are willing to do anything to make her happy and relaxed in your marriage.

You can achieve this by doing the dishes and preparing dinner before she returns from work.

Also, allocate time to spend with the kids to enable her to carry out activities such as hanging out with friends and shopping.

Engaging in these personal activities occasionally has proven to take our minds off the stress we experience and help us relax before coming back to face life as it is.

So don’t deny her the opportunity to relieve stress, rewind, and be happy.

Being more involved in your children’s education and school activities will let her know how much you care about your children.

Attending some of the parents’ and teachers’ meetings never hurt anyone.


6. Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is an important aspect of any healthy relationship.

It involves establishing what you are and are not comfortable with in the relationship and communicating that to your partner.

If you have tried everything and your wife continues to yell at you, it’s time to establish boundaries.

Let her know you will no longer tolerate her yelling.

If she can’t communicate respectfully, then there will be consequences.

Let her know what the consequences would be.

You know your wife better, so you know what would work for her.

Read more about setting boundaries in marriage.



There’s nothing good about your wife yelling at you.

Aggressive characters, such as yelling, have no business in a healthy relationship or marriage.

Partners should do their best to fix any problems that arise in their union.

If you’re wondering what to do if your wife yells at you, I hope this article has been helpful.

If you help your wife, you’re invariably helping yourself and your marriage.

Remember that happy individuals make happy relationships and marriages.

If you find out the cause of your wife’s yelling problem and address it, not only will she be relieved, you’ll be relieved too.

And when everyone is happy, the home is happy.

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