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When A Guy Wants To Marry You So Fast, Look into These 13 Reasons

When A Guy Wants To Marry You So Fast, Look into These 13 Reasons

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The idea of weddings and marriage is surely exciting to a lot of people, no doubt.

The thought of walking down the aisle with the one you love into a wonderful happily ever after and starting a home with them can take you to cloud 9.

However, there are times when thoughts of getting married are not accompanied by only good feelings; they may also bring some feelings of hesitation and uncertainty.

One such time is when someone feels like they’re subtly being rushed into a marriage.

If someone, particularly a woman, feels like her man is being super fast with the plans for marriage, she may wonder why.

To be honest, that’s a valid thought, and so I’m going to highlight the possible reasons for the rush.

When A Guy Wants To Marry You So Fast, Look into These 13 Reasons

1. He’s madly in love with youwhy does he want to marry me so fast

From the early days of our relationship, my man was already talking about us getting married.

Even when I thought he should chill and get to see how things play out first, he didn’t seem to share those exact thoughts.

It was so obvious that he was so crazily in love that he didn’t want to waste any more time being just in the dating phase.

He wanted marriage with me and everything that comes with it as soon as possible.

A man’s desire to marry quickly may have no other interpretation or hidden meaning other than the fact that he’s in love.

Sometimes, Cupid shoots at these men so hard that they’re almost helpless.

If your man is one of those men who are madly in love with their partner – you, that most likely is the reason why he wants to get married to you so fast.

He’s swooning and wants forever with you to start as soon as possible.

2. He’s ready for marriage

The man may just want to get married.

That’s it, nothing more.

He’s ready, believes that he has all it takes, and doesn’t see a need to waste time.

This is why a lot of women who want to get married quickly may leave their boyfriends who aren’t ready to get married for men who are ready for marriage.

This is because, with such men, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

They’ll push for the wedding and do all it takes to make it go smoothly because they’re ready, and it’s what they want.

Financial stability, the desire to build a home, the desire for children, and other factors make these men feel and seem ready.

3. He’s getting olderwhy does he want to marry me so fast

A man may have many meaningless relationships in his life when he’s still in his prime, but when the time comes, he realizes that he won’t be in his twenties or thirties forever.

His age is advancing with every tick of the clock, and it’s getting more real as he celebrates every birthday.

His response?

He deploys a Fire Brigade approach to getting married.

Don’t blame him; his age is the motivating factor.

4. He’s being spontaneous

Spontaneous people can make very interesting decisions.

They can wake up today and decide that they want to try a new experience, a new look, or even move to a new city entirely.

But the more interesting thing about them is that tomorrow, they can wake up and have a different thing to say.

Your man may simply be a spontaneous person who believes in not wasting time, following his heart, and acting quickly on his feelings.

This impulsive behavior is dangerous, especially for a decision as serious as getting married, because it does not allow people to consider the long-term implications of what they’re doing.

5. He doesn’t want someone else to take you awaywhy does he want to marry me so fast

When you find a treasure, you do all you can to keep it with you forever.

For a man who feels this way about the woman he’s with, getting married quickly may be the solution he sees.

He’s found something beautiful in you and might fear losing you if he doesn’t act quickly.

It’s worse if there are other suitors or potential partners in the relationship or if the relationship is experiencing challenges.

6. You’re everything he wants in a wife

There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “He that finds a wife, finds a good thing,” and that quote is super true.

Although there are many women and men on earth, not everyone is for you.

When people find someone who possesses all the qualities they desire in a life partner, they just know.

From the deep passion, love, and emotional security right feel to the compatibility between them to the alignment of their life’s goals, the connection is undeniable.

All of these things may make your man feel like you are highly compatible and a perfect match, making him eager to start that future with you.

7. Pressurewhy does he want to marry me so fast

Pressure is one of the leading reasons why a lot of people desire marriage or even get married.

Women experience the pressure to get married, and so do men.

Your man may be rushing the wedding process with you because he’s being pressured to get married.

The pressure could be from family, friends, societal standards, religious beliefs, or even self-inflicted pressure.

The thing about pressure is that it can be positive, pushing you to take huge positive steps, but it can also be negative, pushing people into things they’re not ready for yet.

8. He’s hiding something

A man wanting to marry you fast can have a lot of sweet meanings, but it can also have a fishy undertone, so you have to tread carefully.

One of the negative but possible reasons is that the man is trying to hide something.

Crazy as it sounds, people use something as heavy as marriage as a coverup.

Perhaps he’s trying to cover up or quickly move past infidelity by hastening to marry you.

Or it may be that there are some personal issues in his life that he believes that marriage will hide, or even issues in the relationship that he’s trying to shy away from by rushing into marriage.

9. He wants to use youwhy does he want to marry me so fast

Another unpleasant reason a man may be rushing to marry you is that he’s out to gain something.

So, while it seems like he’s chasing you for marriage because he’s in love, the truth is that he’s chasing something else.

Marriage sometimes comes with some benefits such as legal benefits, including tax advantages or rights of inheritance, financial gains (access to wealth or assets), immigration privilege, etc.

These things make it advantageous for him to marry you quickly.

The benefits may also be intangible things such as gaining a form of social status or standing, finding someone who’ll do all the chores, taking care of all his emotional baggage, or even finding someone to use as a rebound from a previous relationship or breakup.

Some of these things may not be negative in themselves, but when they involve a hidden agenda that only he is aware of, he’s using you.

10. He’s controlling and manipulative

The urgent quest for marriage may be coming from a place of manipulation, and you have to open your eyes wide to see what’s going on.

If the man is already displaying signs of wanting total control in the relationship, he may just see marriage as a way to take it to the next level.

He’s trying to exert control over the relationship and pushing for a quick marriage is his strategy.

11. Long-Distance relationshipwhy does he want to marry me so fast

Long-distance relationships are super hard, take it from me who has been in it for years.

Sometimes, you just wish you could collapse the earth and magically appear in the same location as your beloved.

It can get so frustrating, especially when the love is solid and deep, and the passion is real.

If you and your mam are in a long-distance relationship, he may want to marry quickly to close the distance and be with you.

Particularly if there’s been abstinence and celibacy in the relationship.

12. Personal conviction

Perhaps he’s moving in the direction of his beliefs and conviction.

Some people have personal convictions about the importance of marriage.

They consider it sacred and crucial, something necessary for their fulfillment in life.

Maybe your man has this mindset and wants to honor that belief.

Thankfully, weddings are not done out of coercion, so you have a say and can ask for things to be slowed down if you think they’re moving too fast.

You want to be sure that your man’s decision to marry is based on genuine love and commitment and not any hidden agenda, so you need to observe and have an open and honest conversation with him.

The reasons for people’s actions vary from person to person, so you can’t assume your man’s motives simply from another person’s experiences or from reading this post.

Those can just serve as a guide but you need to figure out the exact reason in your case by digging deep.

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