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75 Mean Things To Say To The Other Woman

75 Mean Things To Say To The Other Woman

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Why search for mean things to say to the other woman?

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as putting the other woman in her place.

Whether she’s been flirting with your man or trying to steal your thunder, putting her in her place can be a great way to boost your confidence and take her down a peg or two.

Of course, you need to be careful not to go too far; meanness for the sake of meanness is never attractive.

But a well-placed put-down can be the perfect way to let her know that you’re not going to take any of her crap.

So what are some mean things to say to the other woman?

Here are a few examples:

75 Mean Things To Say To The Other Woman

  1. ”He doesn’t love you; he loves his wife and children. Do you really think he’ll leave his family for you? Dream on, dear.”


2. “You’re not even in his league. He’s out of your league, and you’re lucky he’s even giving you the time of day.”


3. “You must be the ‘friend’ he’s been talking about. I didn’t know ‘friend’ was code for side dish.”


4. “I bet you’re great in bed. That’s probably the only reason he’s with you.”


5. “You’re just a phase. He’ll be over you soon enough and back with his family where he belongs.”


6. “I wouldn’t worry about him cheating on you. He’s not worth it. Both of you are not.”


7. “I wouldn’t get too attached to him if I were you. He’s not going to be around for long.”


8. “You’re the candy bar in his diet. Fun for a cheat day, but not part of the main plan.”


9. “I can see why he’s with you. I mean, you’re pretty enough, but you don’t have much going on upstairs, do you?”


10. “He’s only with you because he’s bored. Once he starts getting bored with you, he’ll move on.”

Mean Things To Say To The Other Woman


11. “I wouldn’t waste my time on him if I were you. He’s not worth it.”


12. “He’s just using you. He’ll never really love you.”


13. “Did he tell you you’re special? Oh, you’re not the first woman he’s cheated on me with, and you probably won’t be the last.”


14. “You’re the distraction, but I’m the main event. Don’t get it twisted.”


15. “I wouldn’t trust him if I were you. He’s a liar and a cheat.”


16. “I know you want to believe that he loves you, but don’t kid yourself. He doesn’t really care about you.”


17. “You are no longer his dirty little secret. I know about you.”


18. “You’re nothing but a convenient piece of ass for him.”


19. “Don’t you have any self-respect?”


20. ”I’m just slightly concerned about your lack of ethics.

Mean Things To Say To The Other Woman


21. “We all know why he’s with you – because you’re easy.”


22. “You may have caught his eye, but I captured his heart. Good luck competing with that.”


23. “Are you the appetizer? Because I’m the five-star meal he’s been enjoying for years.”


24. ”No, I’m not jealous of you; I feel sorry for you.”


25. “You’re like that impulse buy at checkout—fun for a moment, but ultimately unnecessary.”


26. ”You’re just a phase; he’ll be over you soon enough.”


27. ”You’re nothing but a dirty little secret.”


28. ”If he didn’t want to be with me, he would’ve already left me. He obviously doesn’t think he can do any better than me.”


29. ”You’re like a cheap knockoff of me—and I’m the real thing.”


30. ”Your perfume smells like cat pee, but I guess that’s what you get when you are sleeping with another woman’s husband.”


31. ”You know you’re a limited-time offer, right? I’m the lifetime guarantee.”


32. ” So, what’s it like being with a man who can’t even commit to one woman?”


33. ”You’re not even pretty enough to be this much of a threat.”

Mean Things To Say To The Other Woman


34. “He might have roamed, but I’m the home he’ll always return to.”


35. ”Are you a clown? Because I think you are to think that you can have peace sleeping with another woman’s husband.”


36. ”You seem really unhappy in your relationship with my husband, but maybe you should try therapy instead of stealing him from me?”


37. ”Maybe if you spent more time on yourself and less time with other people’s husbands, you’d find your own man.”


38. “I must say, you have exceptional taste in men. But unfortunately, he’s a limited edition, and I’ve already got the collector’s item.”


39. “Honey, I don’t know if you’re Ms. Right or Ms. Right Now, but either way, you’re definitely Ms. Wrong for him.”


40. “I was always told to share my toys as a kid. But sorry, he’s not part of my toy box.”


41. “You must be the spice he added to his life. Just remember, I’m the whole darn meal.”


42. “So you’re the one who’s been entertaining my husband? Mind if I leave a Yelp review?”


43. “Look, I don’t blame you for falling for him. But unlike some people, I don’t go shopping in someone else’s cart.”


44. “Kudos on bagging a married man. It takes a special kind of ambition to aim that low.”


45. “Being the other woman must be so exciting. Do you guys have a secret handshake, too?”


46. “I get it; we all want what we can’t have. But honey, you can’t have this.”


47. “Stealing hearts is cute in fairy tales, but this ain’t a Disney movie, girl.”


48. “Sorry, he’s already subscribed to a better plan. No room for additional lines.”


49. “So you’re the chaos to my calm. Hope it was worth it; because the storm is coming.”


50. “You want drama, get a Netflix subscription. My life isn’t your soap opera.”


51. “Sure, I may have lost him for a second. But you’ll never have what we built.”


52. “You thought you were his future? Honey, you’re not even a footnote.”


53. “He may have strayed for a moment, but just know, home is where his heart is. And that’s with me.”

54. “You must be the bonus feature—not really needed, but thrown in for extra drama.”


55. ”Congratulations on winning the side-chick lottery! What’s the prize, a lifetime supply of secrecy?”


56. “So you’re the other woman? Can’t say I’m impressed. He’s usually got better taste.”


57. “I hope you’re enjoying your 15 minutes of fame in his life because time’s almost up.”


58. “Oh, you think you’re a chapter in his life? Sweetie, I’m the book.”


59. ”You look like the type of woman who only dates married men.”


60. ”You might be his distraction, but I’m his focus. There’s a difference.”


61. “It takes more than a few texts and secret meet-ups to fill my shoes.”


62. “You might be the flavor of the month, but I’m the classic that never goes out of style.”


63. ”I can’t believe he’s with you. I mean, you’re not even his type.”


64. “He may have taken a detour, but trust me, I’m the destination.”


65. “Girl, if you’re his secret, then he really needs to aim higher.”


66. “Is playing second fiddle as glamorous as it sounds?”


67. “You might be his mistake, but I’m his ‘I do.”


68. “Do yourself a favor and leave before he realizes how boring you are.”


69. ”How do you even sleep at night knowing that you’re taking away someone’s family?”


70. “You could be the spark, but I’m the whole damn fire.”


71. “I don’t know what he sees in you. Please, enlighten me.”


72. “You’re nothing special. He’s just with you because he has nothing to play with. Plaything; that’s what you are to him.”


73.” How would you feel if this were done to you?”


74. ”You may think you’re in the game, but I own the whole damn stadium.”


75. ”Have you thought about the consequences? Like, at all?”


I don’t support approaching the other woman.

I believe you should face your man; he’s the one you have business with.

However, if the other woman is unfortunate enough to cross her boundaries, she deserves whatever you say to her.






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