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”My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It” Do This

”My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It” Do This

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”My wife says she loves me but doesn’t show it.”

Love can be very dynamic with all the highs and lows and the twists and turns which add fun, beauty, and variety.

But what happens when it seems like you’re always on a roller coaster ride in your marriage?

Your heart is always on your sleeves because you don’t know what to expect from your wife the next minute.

She says she loves you, but she doesn’t show it.

You feel jumpy whenever you’re around her, and you can’t help it because you don’t even know where you stand in her life.

How do you handle it?

In this article, we’ll look at possible reasons why your wife says she loves you but doesn’t show it.

We’ll also see some of the things you can do about it.

Let’s get started!


My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It: 10 Possible Reasons

1. She doesn’t feel safe being vulnerable with you

Your wife may not be able to show physical affection if she doesn’t feel safe enough in her relationship with you.

That could mean that she feels insecure about the security of your marriage or that she has trust issues from past relationships.

Vulnerability is hard for women to manage, including sharing their feelings with their husbands—even if those feelings are love.

If she doesn’t feel safe to be vulnerable with you, she may be too scared to show you how much she loves you.


2. You’re not available to her emotionally

Many women need you to be available emotionally to them before they can show the love they profess to you.

If you’re too busy, stressed out, and distracted, it can be hard for your wife to feel connected to you.

Because when you’re stressed or distracted, she might feel like she doesn’t matter as much as other things in your life that are more important.

She might also feel like her feelings don’t matter or aren’t valid.

So if you’re not emotionally available to your wife, she may say she loves you, but she won’t show it.


3. Both of you don’t trust each other enough

My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It

If you’re saying, “my wife says she loves me but doesn’t show it,” it can be that you have not built enough trust with each other.

Every healthy relationship should be built on a foundation of trust.

And if that’s not the case in your marriage, she’ll find it difficult to share her thoughts and feelings with you.

It could be that whenever she looks at you, she pictures herself building a future with an unreliable individual.

It’ll make her hold back on the things she is meant to share with you.


4. You’re too demanding emotionally

My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It

Yes, your wife should show you she loves, and not just say it.

But if she’s showing you and it’s not just enough for you?

What if you are the one who is emotionally demanding and needy?

If you constantly expect your wife to meet your needs and make you feel good emotionally all the time, then her efforts will never be enough for you.

So maybe your wife is showing you she loves you, but you are not seeing it.


5. You don’t treat her like an equal partner

If a woman feels like her husband treats her like an object or a servant, she won’t feel motivated to show him love in return.

She will probably stop showing affection towards him because she feels like he doesn’t care about how she feels or what she needs.

Instead of treating your wife as an object, try treating her as an equal partner who deserves respect.

So that when she tells you she loves you, she really means it.


6. She isn’t happy with her life right now

My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It

It’s possible that your wife isn’t happy with her life.

Perhaps she feels like there are aspects of her life that need changing.

Maybe career-wise or in other areas such as finances or family dynamics–and until those changes happen, she won’t be able to feel truly happy about anything else, including her relationship with you.

This can make it difficult for her to show affection toward you.

It’s easier to show love when you are happy with other aspects of your life.


7. She’s afraid of being taken advantage of

Your wife may be unable to show her love because she is worried about your reaction.

She might fear you will take advantage of or take her for granted if she shows you too much love and affection.

Women, especially smart women, can be more cautious regarding their personal space and relationships, so they might often keep their distance until they know someone will not take advantage of them.


8. She doesn’t know how to show it

Many women don’t know how to express their love in actions.

They don’t know how to say “I love you” in a genuine and authentic way.

They think that saying “I love you” will come across as cheesy or insincere.

This may be the case with your wife.

Maybe she was raised by parents who weren’t affectionate with each other or not affectionate with their children either.

Because she didn’t have role models of what it looks like when people show love toward each other, she may have no idea how to express herself emotionally through touch or words of affirmation either.


9. You have different expectations from each other

You and your wife may have different expectations of how you should act toward each other, which is why she might not be showing love in the way that you want her to.

You want to be closer and she wants space.

You want to spend more time together and she wants you to go out and be with friends.

You want more sex, but she doesn’t.

You want more romance and she’s not interested in being swept off her feet.

If you want her to treat you like a boyfriend and she wants to treat you like a husband, there’s going to be some miscommunication and frustration.


10. She shows love differently

My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It

The way we show love is different from one person to the next.

Some people prefer actions over words; others prefer words over actions.

This could be an issue if your wife prefers one over the other and you don’t understand that about her.


My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It: What To Do

Now that you know the possible reasons your wife says she loves but you don’t feel it because she doesn’t show it, what can you do?


1. Understand why she says she loves you but doesn’t show it

The first step to dealing with this issue is understanding why your wife finds it hard to show her love for you, and it could be any of the above reasons.

Knowing this will help you know how to deal.


2. Tell her how you want her to show love to you

I know that sounds like an odd thing for a man to say, but it’s true.

Women aren’t mind readers and we don’t always know what our husbands want from us.

Also, our expectations of love can vary widely.

Some people believe that love is expressed through gifts and material things; others believe that love is expressed through time spent together. .

So the best way to get your wife to show you love is to tell her how you want her to show it.

If you want her to be more affectionate, say so.

If you want more gratitude and appreciation, explain that.

You might be surprised at how quickly she can change if you ask for what you need from her.

And who knows, she might have been doing the best she could all along.


3. Let her know it’s okay to be vulnerable with each other

My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It

It may seem strange to hear that your wife is afraid to be vulnerable with you.

After all, if she loves you, isn’t it natural to want to share everything with you?

But no matter how much she loves you, there are some things she just can’t bring herself to talk about—and that’s not because she doesn’t care about you or your relationship.

A lot of women feel like they have to be strong for everyone else in their lives: their parents, their kids, their friends, and even their husbands.

They feel like everyone expects them to take care of everything and never show weakness or ask for help.

And when a woman feels like she has to be strong all the time, it’s hard for her to fully open up and share the things that are really important to her and make her feel safe enough in someone else’s arms that she can let go of all those responsibilities and just be herself.

If you want your wife to be able to share more with you and show more affection toward you than just saying “I love you,” let her know she can trust you enough to be vulnerable with you.

Make her feel safe with you.


4. Don’t try to manipulate or pressure her into showing affection

This will only backfire on you and create resentment in both of you.

Instead, focus on being the kind of man who inspires love in her.

Try to be more affectionate yourself and she might start doing the same for you too.

As the head of the home, lead by example. 

I hope you found this article is helpful.

My Wife Says She Loves Me But Doesn’t Show It


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