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13 Reasons Married Women Leave Their Husbands For Another Man

13 Reasons Married Women Leave Their Husbands For Another Man

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You may wonder why a woman with a husband would go after another man.

It’s reasonable to wonder why because one would expect that since she chose the man and married him, she should stick with him.

But that’s not always how the story goes; sometimes, married women leave their husbands for another man.

That is a serious decision; if a woman makes such a decision, she should have a reason.

Did you just ask what those reasons could be?

I’ll tell you.

13 Reasons Married Women Leave Their Husbands For Another Man

1. They found what they wantReasons Married Women leave their husbands for another man

Yeah, before you begin to think about the deep, wild, or sensitive reasons, let us look at the primary reason in most cases – attraction.

As flimsy as it may sound to some people, attraction is one of the reasons that married women leave their husbands for other men.

They saw what they wanted in another man and felt a strong attraction.

I mean, for someone to leave a whole marriage, that attraction must be very serious.

They saw in the new man something their husband lacked, and they wanted, so they went for it.

Not everyone holds and respects the sacredness of marriage, so don’t be surprised when people do things like this.

Some people fail to understand that marriage does not stop you from seeing other attractive people.

It just requires self-discipline, or you’ll occasionally go after different people.

Not everyone understands this, so when some women feel more attracted to and compatible with another man, they go with him, regardless of their marital status.

This does not necessarily mean they had a bad marriage before; they may or may not have.

That is not the major factor influencing their decision.

Their feelings are.

2. Unmet needs

As much as I don’t think any excuse is good enough to justify infidelity, I have to honestly admit that a deficiency in a marriage can contribute to it.

Some women leave their husbands for other men because their needs are not being met in the marriage.

Marriage is meant to fulfill certain needs in people’s lives; many things can go wrong when it doesn’t do so.

Perhaps the woman’s needs, whether emotional, physical, or material, were consistently left unmet in her marriage.

The need may even be psychological, such as the desire to be valued and appreciated.

Her husband leaving those needs unmet for a long time may have led her to look for someone who could fulfill them.

That may not have been the best thing to do, but we’re talking about reasons today, not my opinions, so let us just continue.

3. The search for adventureReasons Married Women leave their husbands for another man

Variety is the spice of life, or isn’t that what they say?

The desire for novelty and adventure has led people to invent and pursue many amazing things, but it has also led many to make poor decisions and destroy some marriages.

When a woman’s craving for excitement is so large that it beclouds her sense of reasoning, it can be a problem.

In a bid to satisfy that desire, the woman may seek excitement or adventure with someone new.

The desire for fun, a change, or excitement is not in itself a bad thing, but if not checked, it can lead to negative things.

4. The Oliver Twist syndrome

“Please, sir, I want some more,” was what Oliver Twist said, and it’s what some married women are saying.

The difference is that with little Oliver, he only wanted more food to satisfy his hunger, but it’s different for these women.

Some women have large appetites for money, sex, experiences, and men.

For these women, one man is never enough; their eyes are always searching for others.

If a woman like this is married, it’s only a matter of time before she leaves her husband for another man.

It’s either this or she employs herself into full-time infidelity.

5. Lack of valuesReasons Married Women leave their husbands for another man

A sheer lack of values is the main reason some women leave their husbands for another man.

Having values and morals from personal standards or religious beliefs helps keep people in check when they’re about to veer off.

As an adult, you are at liberty to do whatever you wish, but the restrictions placed on you by the values you subscribe to keep you from doing certain things.

If a woman does not subscribe to healthy values and morals, she can do a lot of things, and leaving her marriage for another man is one of them.

6. Negative influence

Have you ever caught yourself doing something out of character and later realized that you picked it up from a friend or colleague with whom you spend a lot of time?

That’s the power of influence.

Influence can be positive, spurring you to do amazing things, but it can also be negative, leading people to make rash, unwise decisions.

Some women who get involved in extramarital affairs do so because they were influenced to do so by their friends.

If a woman has friends who are all divorced or who keep advising her to “live a little” and give other men a chance even though she’s married, she may eventually succumb to the pressure.

7. Negative lifestyleReasons Married Women leave their husbands for another man

Sometimes, the woman’s friends and close people may have a large part in the share of the blame.

But sometimes, it’s purely on the woman.

Her choices and lifestyle brought her to this point.

Women who embrace lifestyles that involve things like excessive partying, substance abuse, smoking, drinking, and mingling in the wrong circles are likely to do unusual things.

A negative lifestyle is very unlikely to produce a healthy life.

8. Communication breakdown and emotional neglect

Lack of communication can end a marriage.

Yes, it can.

Perhaps the woman’s marriage lacked effective communication, leading to misunderstandings and feeling unheard.

This may have pushed the woman to seek understanding elsewhere.

This is also closely related to emotional neglect.

A loss of connection between couples can leave one or both feeling emotionally neglected or unappreciated in the marriage.

9. Unresolved issuesReasons Married Women leave their husbands for another man

This is another common reason why women leave their husbands for another man.

When fights are not quickly fixed, they can keep growing apart, thus leading to other issues. 

Past issues or conflicts in marriages that have not been properly addressed may create tension and dissatisfaction.

This can quickly turn the marriage into an unhealthy one, paving the way for infidelity.

10. Financial reasons

Some women seek financial stability at all costs.

Of course, this is wrong, but I don’t want to believe that they don’t already know that.

Sometimes, the pressure of financial stress may also get too much, which strains the marriage.

That might be what pushes the woman to seek financial security or stability elsewhere.

11. AbuseReasons Married Women leave their husbands for another man

Of all the points shared so far, this is the only one I’m trying to see the reasons with.

Even though going off with another man is not exactly the solution to an abusive marriage, I can understand why a woman would do that.

Being subject to emotional, physical, or verbal abuse in a marriage can be depressing.

This could drive a woman to seek safety and support from another man.

12. Payback

A married woman leaving her husband for another man can be her way of getting back at him.

Perhaps the husband cheated first, so the woman decided it was her turn to play the game.

Infidelity is an unfortunate thing that shouldn’t be part of marriage.

But unfortunately, it can become part of some people’s marriage, even to the point where they’re doing it randomly to get back at each other.

13. Life changesReasons Married Women leave their husbands for another man

Some people are not great at dealing with new seasons and life changes, and others are not great at being there for their partners through these seasons.

If new significant life changes, such as career shifts, relocation, or children’s birth, are not probably handled, they can become issues in a marriage.

This can strain a marriage and lead the woman to seek comfort in another relationship.

Infidelity is wrong, no matter why it happened or who does it.

However, to know exactly why a woman cheats, you’d have to closely look at her situation and possibly have a conversation with her.

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