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6 Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend Ideas That Work

6 Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend Ideas That Work

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“In moments of pain, we seek revenge” —Ami Ayalon

When we have been hurt, it is our default response to seek revenge.

That desire to hurt someone who has hurt you in the past is something that we all can relate to.

Among all the possible kinds of hurts you may experience in this life, being cheated on by your boyfriend is one of the deepest.

This level of betrayal cuts so deep and its scars are long-lasting…

Such a deep level of pain may inspire you to desire greater heights of revenge.

You may want to come up with really creative ways to revenge for the betrayal.

Is it petty?

You don’t even want to consider that because you believe that a cheating boyfriend deserves to be taught a lesson.

Well… You may be having trouble coming up with creative ways to revenge on your boyfriend.

Here’s where I come in.

In this article, I will be unveiling some ideas you may want to consider if you want revenge on your cheating boyfriend.

And no, none of them involves torturing him in a dark cellar.

Come along, let’s see what these ideas are…

6 Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend Ideas You Might Wanna Consider

1. Cut him off completely

revenge on cheating boyfriend ideas you might wanna consider

Ever felt the pain of being blocked by someone you like on social media?

It could be really painful… and trust me, I am saying this from experience.

I used to think that being blocked wouldn’t hurt me until the first time I got blocked.

It was for a petty reason but I felt so pained by it.

It felt like I had received an injury to a vital organ.

Everyone hates the feeling of being powerless and alone.

But men are especially bothered by this.

After spending a huge chunk of the relationship being in control, it may come as a rude shock when they find themselves on the receiving end.

One of the best ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend is to end things with him.

End things with him summarily without showing much emotion.

This will knock him off his high horse.

Refuse to talk to him, calmly listen to him apologize, and still insist that you are done with the relationship.

This is one of the first ways to reduce him into a begging puppy.

However, don’t be moved by those puppy eyes he makes.

You still have more things to do to revenge your hurt.


2. Getting in shape won’t hurt

revenge on cheating boyfriend ideas you might wanna consider

When Ivana Trump said “Looking good is the best revenge”, she wasn’t kidding.

There has been a viral TikTok trend making its rounds recently about people’s physical transformation from when their ex broke up with them and I must say that a lot of those transformations are mind-blowing.

There’s no better way to show your cheating boyfriend—now ex, hopefully —what he is missing than to look fit and so beautiful.

Many ladies make the mistake of grieving and letting themselves go after being cheated upon by their boyfriends.

If you want to truly revenge for being cheated on by your boyfriend, you need to do the opposite.

Hit the gym!

Aspire to have that dream shape.

This may not exactly be the best motivation for developing healthy habits that will help you.

However, if hitting the gym for revenge will help you live a healthier lifestyle, by all means, do it.

In addition to the health benefits, you will be sure that the next time your “boyfriend” sees you, he will be drooling and regretting his decision to cheat on you.


3. Date one of his friends

revenge on cheating boyfriend ideas you might wanna consider

Men can get a little territorial about the women they care about, especially when it’s a friend who is getting closer.

To hurt your boyfriend optimally, go out with his friends.

Just hang out with one or more of his close friends.

Ensure that you tell them about how their friend has been cheating on you.

If his friends are decent, the odds are he has been keeping his affair hidden from them because he knows they would condemn his actions.

They would support you and criticize his actions.

That way you would have ended up driving a wedge between him and his close friends.

There is almost no better way to revenge against a cheating boyfriend than turning his friends against him.

Friends are his support system and without them, he may find himself floundering through life.

You should be careful while doing this though.

If his friends are aware of his actions, you may just end up being treated like a joke.


4. Give him the cold shoulder

revenge on cheating boyfriend ideas you might wanna consider

There are a lot of loud and nasty ways to get back at a cheating boyfriend.

However, the silent way may be the best, sometimes.

Don’t say anything at all…

Even after catching him in the act.

Just ignore him and every one of his attempts to ask for forgiveness.

Don’t give him the attention he seeks and avoid getting emotional while dealing with him.

Let him feel neglected and guilty without giving him the respite of forgiveness.

If he is a narcissist, then there is nothing he will hate more than being ignored and treated like he doesn’t matter.

It’s weird but narcissists may be feeling guilty for committing an offence but the moment you ignore them, they will get angry that you didn’t give them attention.


5. Gain the support of his family

If you and your boyfriend have gotten to the ” meet his family” stage, this idea will work like magic.

Don’t keep quiet after your boyfriend cheats on you.

Keeping quiet will give your boyfriend the chance to control the narrative and make you look like the villain rather than the victim that you are.

So what do you?

Seize and control the narrative!

Gain the support of his family…

You can do this by reaching out to his mom, sobbing about how your boyfriend cheated on you.

Feel free to exaggerate a little, just enough to ensure that she supports you in spite of anything her son says.

As a woman, her compassion will probably be with you because she can relate to how you feel.

This way, you would have also succeeded in ensuring that his parents are displeased with him.


6. Live your best life ever

revenge on cheating boyfriend ideas you might wanna consider

Now, if you are doing this, you must know that you are not exactly doing this for revenge.

You may end up exerting revenge on your cheating boyfriend but that shouldn’t be your motivation for doing this.

After being cheated on and probably exiting the relationship, many ladies may find that they have a lot of time on their hands to introspect and engage in purposeful activities.

Don’t waste this period, thinking of how he has wronged you and trying to come up with creative ways to hurt him back.

Rather, you can spend this period developing yourself and building meaningful and purposeful friendships.

There are many rewarding activities that you can engage in.

Volunteering, reading, painting or just learning a new skill.

You can come out of this period looking like the best version of yourself.

This reminds me of a quote by George Herbert…

“Living well is the best revenge”

Live well and even if you don’t desire revenge, your cheating boyfriend will feel the pain and regret of losing someone as special as you.

Revenge isn’t the answer to your cheating boyfriend’s problems, but taking some sort of action to get back at him is sure to lift your spirits a little bit.

However, it is important that you consider these words…

“There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness”— Josh Billings.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you should stay with him.

You can forgive him and move on without the past holding you back.

There is no greater revenge than this.

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