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10 Subtle Signs He’s Committed To You And Only You

10 Subtle Signs He’s Committed To You And Only You

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In a sane world, it’d be normal to assume and believe that when someone says they’re committed to you, they’re exclusively for you alone.

Unfortunately, in this wonderful world of ours, that’s not the case.

Sometimes, people can claim and profess love and commitment for one person but still have eyes for other people.

Thankfully, not everyone is like this: many people still stay true to their word and remain committed to just one person.

Being with someone and knowing they’re committed to just you is wonderful, especially if you’re also loyal.

But as a lady, how do you know that a man is committed to you and you alone?

Let me tell you for free that the signs are always there.

Sis, you may not see them or know that they are, but they are there.

When you see these signs, you can have some sense of rest and security in the fact that you’ve got a real one.

And just in case you don’t know what the signs are, don’t worry.

That’s why I’m here today: to help you understand the signs that he’s committed to you and you only.


Let’s get into it.

10 Subtle Signs He’s Committed To You And Only You

1. He stops searching and invests in only you

Subtle Signs He's Committed to You and Only You

If a man is committed to just you, it’ll be evident because his search for a partner will be over.

He’ll gladly hang his boots and sign out of the streets because he knows he’s found his gem.

But he won’t stop there; he’ll also give you his maximum attention and time, building what you both share.

This sign is non-negotiable, and it is always seen in a man who is committed.

The man makes long-term investments in his woman and puts his energy into what they share, working towards building a future together.

A man who still acts like he’s searching for a partner is not a committed man.

If he’s committed, he’ll no longer be in the market for a partner.

2. He doesn’t entertain other women

If you can see him taking active steps to ensure that no other woman makes you feel insecure or tries to come too close to him, he’s a keeper.

A man who is committed to you alone will create boundaries against other women.

He’ll show you faithfulness and loyalty by being transparent with you and also ensuring no other woman comes in between.

Trust and fidelity are important components in every relationship and he’ll put in effort to demonstrate his trustworthiness to you.

You’ll never have to deal with the fear of him getting into sneaky links and other suspicious behavior.

His actions will give you confidence and security.

3. He prioritizes you

Subtle Signs He's Committed to You and Only You

A man who is committed to you alone will always prioritize you.

There’s no one else in his life he doesn’t have to share his time with anyone else.

And even when he has other valid engagements, such as work, busy schedules, and other platonic relationships to attend to, he still finds a way to make time for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard that no one is ever too busy to make time for what they love.

In fact, I have a theory that you can tell how committed someone is to something or someone else during the busy seasons of their lives.

How much effort they put into creating time amidst their busy schedule for you is a reflection of their commitment to you.

4. He plans his life with you

This sign right here was the very one for me.

It’s the one that gave away the fact that my man had pledged his allegiance to me and me alone.

He always involved me in his plans, both long- and short-term.

I never had to second guess my place in his life or his devotion to me because he always made it glaring.

I’m always in his plans and it is so heartwarming.

Even when our relationship was still new, he knew I was what he wanted, so he’d share his future plans with me, seek my opinion about them, and ensure I was fully involved in the decision making process.

He always considered my views and timelines, ensuring the plans he had could work with mine.

When a man does this with you, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that this person has chosen to pitch his tent with you fully. 

5. He’s always there

Subtle Signs He's Committed to You and Only You

Another way you can tell that a man is fully committed to you is by how much he supports you.

This is an important sign that may not be as flashy as him showering you with gifts and taking you out fancy dates, but it is super important.

A man being there for you when you need him and offering emotional support in difficult times can be a strong indication of commitment.

Some ladies make the mistake of leaving the guy who is their biggest fan and support system in the friend zone and go chasing after a man who doesn’t care about them.

Many times, it ends in tears.

Sis, if he’s always there supporting you during tough moments of your life and and celebrating you when you experience successes, that’s your guy.

6. His communication gives him away

One thing you will always see in a man who’s committed to you is constant communication.

But that’s not all, the content of the communication also matters.

It’s not just the quantity (length of communication), it’s also in the quality (content of the communication).

He’ll always want to talk with you and his words will tell him a lot that you need to know.

Without outrightly saying certain things, you can know where he stands.

If he’s truly committed, his words will show it; he’ll talk about his feelings for you, show concern for your needs and desires, and give you reassurance.

A lady who was seeking clarity in her talking stage with a guy, wanting to know if he’s the one or not, came to me and I told her to pay attention to their conversations.

A lot about that man will be easily given out by the things he says.

7. He gives you his all

Subtle Signs He's Committed to You and Only You

And no, I don’t mean he’ll die on the cross for you.

Not at all.

I’m talking about sacrifices, and compromises.

A man will only keep back from giving to the woman he loves if he has a scarcity mindset or there’s another woman in the picture.

But if he’s fully devoted to you, you’ll see him make sacrifices for you one too many times.

He’ll even put your needs above his sometimes, making you feel treasured and valued.

That’s because he’s dedicated to you.

8. He introduces you to important people in his life

When a man introduces you as his woman to his friends and family, you know things are getting pretty serious.

He’s demonstrating his commitment to you by bringing closer into his inner circle.

He wants the people who matter to him to know you because you also matter to him.

This is a subtle but strong sign that he’s dedicated to what you both share.

9. He does his best to make things workSubtle Signs He's Committed to You and Only You

From a man’s attitude towards his relationship with you, you’ll know all you need to know, to be honest.

Does he put efforts into the relationship, actively working towards making it better?

Is he quick to show affection and openly express his love for you in his words, actions, and lavish gestures?

Does he respect and support you, showing you that you matter to him?

Is he responsive to conflict resolution and willing to approach issues calmly and find solutions rather than escalating them?

If the answer to all of these is “yes,” that’s your sign staring you in the face.

A man who continuously works on strengthening the relationship through communication and efforts, is a committed man.

Even when challenges come, they don’t faze him because he knows he’s in this for good.

10. He appreciates you

Subtle Signs He's Committed to You and Only You

A lavish show of gratitude for your contributions to the relationship and presence in his life is another way to know.

This is a sign that is usually subtle but if it’s there, you can’t miss it.

If he regularly expresses appreciation for your contributions to the relationship and acknowledges your value, it shows that he values and respects you and he wants this to work.

These signs collectively show that a man is committed to you and the relationship you share.

When you see these signs, know for a fact that that man is loyal and willing to give his time and energy to you and you alone.

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