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11 Telling Signs You’re A Physically Attractive Woman

11 Telling Signs You’re A Physically Attractive Woman

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People often say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” to imply that we can’t really determine who is attractive.

While I kinda agree with that, I also believe that when you’re physically attractive, most people can see it.

Being physically attractive is not a hidden feature or something reserved for a select few to see.

It’s glaring.

When you’re physically attractive as a woman, there will be indicators around you that let you know.

Whether you’re trying to confirm your attractiveness or you’re just curious, keep reading to learn the signs that you’re a physically attractive woman.

11 Telling Signs You’re A Physically Attractive Woman

1. You get stared at a lot

Signs You're A Physically Attractive Woman

This is a telltale one: the stares!

They’re the first signs that let you know that there’s more to you.

Whether you’re taking a walk or on the bus, you always get stared at!

People don’t just look at you and look away; they actually pause and observe your features.

Sometimes, this can even get embarrassing.

You may have even gotten used to it, so you’re not surprised anymore when people mop.

They’re looking because you’re above average in appearance; you’re physically attractive!

2. People make eye contacts

Staring at you is one thing, but making eye contact is another level.

Some people will go as far as looking into your eyes and not looking away even when you catch their state.

You’d wonder if there’s some treasure in your eyes they seek.

Perhaps when you walk into rooms, you notice people looking at you and maintaining eye contact.

They’re looking intently as though they need something from you.

It is often a sign that they find you visually appealing.

They’re not ashamed to look and even be caught looking because you’re a sight for sore eyes.

3. You’re never starved of compliments

Signs You're A Physically Attractive Woman

If compliments made people rich, you’d be on Forbes by now because you get them in abundance.

“You’re so gorgeous,” “You look amazing,” “You’re so beautiful,” and “Wow,” the compliments come from acquaintances and strangers.

You’re always told how beautiful and well-put-together you look, and people do it willingly.

This is a clear sign that people find you physically attractive.

You’re never lacking in compliments and sweet words from people, even on days when you’re not trying to do the most with your dressing.

You can dress averagely and still get told that you’re beautiful.

And when you decide to go all out in dressing and self-care, people almost drown you in compliments.

I for one, make it a point of call never to hold back compliments from people.

When I see attractive people, I let them know by dishing out one or two compliments to them.

Many people are like me too, so if you’re a physically attractive woman, chances are that you’ve been told a couple of times by both people you know and people you don’t know.

4. You love your body

Everyone can suffer from some level of body dysmorphia sometimes; it doesn’t matter how good-looking you are.

However, for some women, one of the signs that they are physically attractive is that they know it and love themselves.

For them, people’s stares, attention, and words are secondary; their perception is primary.

If you’re physically attractive, unless you’re suffering from some form of trauma or self-esteem issues, you’ll know.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, go through your pictures or examine some of your body features.

You know you’re a snack, and the world is so lucky to have you.

A great sign that you’re physically attractive is that you think you are.

5. People approach you often

Signs You're A Physically Attractive Woman

Like the word itself says “physically attractive”, something about you draws people in.

If you have observed that you’re easily approachable and get approached by people a lot, maybe when they want to ask questions or start conversations, that’s a sign.

They’re very likely drawn to your attractiveness.

They may approach you for casual and random stuff or they may come with intentions such as asking you out on dates or making romantic advances.

Guys flock around you a lot and it’s obvious.

It’s a clear indication that people find you attractive.

Like a magnet, you draw them close.

6. Your social media engagements are high

We live in a social media world where likes and comments rule.

Social media content creators spend a lot of time, effort, and even money looking good, and taking high-quality images and videos because that’s how they get people’s attention.

People love to see good things, so physically attractive people naturally get a lot of attention.

You’ve probably seen a lovely picture of someone you don’t even know on social media and still given the picture alike because of how good they look.

Similarly, if you get a lot of likes, comments, and shares on your pictures online, it’s a strong sign that you’re physically attractive.

The important disclaimer is that the fact that you don’t get a lot of likes online doesn’t automatically translate to mean you’re not attractive.

That’s not how it works.

You can be physically attractive yet not have many social media engagements because the social media algorithm is another factor.

But generally speaking, if you post your pictures and get lots of comments and likes, it’s very likely because people are attracted to you.

Unless you use filters and makeup heavily until your natural form is altered.

In that case, we can’t tell if you’re physically attractive or they’re attracted to the filter.

7. People ask you for beauty tips

Signs You're A Physically Attractive Woman

One slang often used by Nigerians is “cut soap for me.”

People say it when they see someone doing great at something, and they’re trying to ask the person for helpful tips on how they got there.

So if I see someone making a lot of money from a particular business, and I desire to do the same, I can jokingly say “Please cut soap for me”

Similarly, if people constantly ask you to “cut soap for them” on how to be attractive, that’s a sign.

If your friends frequently ask about your beauty routine or ask you for fashion advice, it’s a subtle compliment to your attractiveness.

8. You get favors a lot

Signs You're A Physically Attractive Woman

Pretty girl privilege is a thing and attractive women know and experience it.

From getting random acts of kindness from strangers to receiving special treatment or better service in restaurants, stores, or other public places.

You may also get positive body language from people like smiles and waves.

Strangers offer to help you and people tend to focus on you a lot even when you’re in a group.

If you frequently experience one or more of these favors, it’s very likely because you have a compelling aura or appearance.

People are naturally drawn to be kind to those they find appealing so chances are high that they’re doing these things because they find you pleasant to look at.

Your attractiveness is magnetic.

9. You receive flirty comments

Signs You're A Physically Attractive Woman

Being flirted with is cute and nice when it’s from someone you’re interested in.

When it’s fine by someone you don’t like romantically, it can be annoying.

One of the woes of being attractive is that both the people you want and the ones you don’t will flirt with you.

Your appearance and allure draw them all in and some of them may flirt.

If people often flirt with you or make playful, romantic comments, it can be a strong indicator of your charm.

10. You’re easily remembered

Another thing that can be a sign that you’re good-looking is how easily people remember you.

When you meet people once, and they quickly recall the next time they see you, it’s because you left a lasting impression, and that impression can be your good looks.

Your appearance may have made a lasting impression on them.

They find it easy to remember you because of your engaging appearance, which left a lasting impression on them.

11. You’re constantly photographed

Signs You're A Physically Attractive Woman

You don’t have to be Rihanna to have paparazzi all around you.

Sometimes if you’re good-looking, people will want to photograph you.

Perhaps you have observed that in most events and public places, people always want to take pictures of you.

Friends, family, and photographers love taking pictures of you because your striking features enhance the photos.

The funny irony about this is that you may not necessarily be photogenic.

You can look good in person but less good in pictures.

But generally speaking, people’s eagerness to take pictures of you can be a sign that you’re pleasant to behold.

Most of the signs have to do with how people perceive and respond to you.

If you experience one or more of these, you can confidently say that you’re a physically attractive woman.

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