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10 Top Things Girls Do That Guys Love Absolutely

10 Top Things Girls Do That Guys Love Absolutely

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It is true that figuring out whether a man loves you or not can be such a tricky thing.

We have come to discover that there are certain small (and maybe even big!) gestures that can make a man fall head-over-heels in love with a girl.

So, while you may be having a hard time getting him attached to you, here are some tips and cues that a woman can do to get a man’s attention their way and make him fall in love with her! 

10 Top Things Girls Do That Guys Love Absolutely

1. Asking for his help

things girls do that guys love

Guys love it when a woman around them requires their help.

It makes them feel useful and macho. 

Those little chores, like taking out the trash, buying groceries, fixing stuff around the house, and even helping open a tight jar of mayo, can create tiny sparks inside them.

Indeed, helping you may fan their ego, but it can also be an avenue to nurture the protective side of them to grow.

They find it really good when they can help you because it boosts their self-worth.   

2. Praising him (genuinely not flattery):

things girls do that guys love

Guys love it when a girl adores them.

When you sing the praises of what he’s done, he’s more than likely to keep you around and even fall in love with you.

Praising him does not only make him feel good, but it also makes him want to strive for even better things. 

He will be motivated to do more in order to keep the appreciation and admiration coming from you. 

When praising your man, focus on his successes, positive traits, and his efforts instead of his possessions or physical attributes.

Encourage him with empowering words, be vocal about your admiration for him, and be intentional about complimenting his style, looks, and even his methods.

Be rest assured that you’ll see this man cling to you faster than a nail to a magnet.    

3. Making eye contact with him

things girls do that guys love

A girl who can hold the gaze of her man with an intense stare is a winner in their books.

It conveys strong emotions and a deep connection, which can be incredibly attractive to him.

Men love it when your eyes are fully focused on him and not anything else.

It shows you’re interested in him and will give him the green light to be vulnerable to you. 

It’s amazing how much eye contact can do for a relationship, and it will definitely make your man feel important, valued, and appreciated by you. 

Be sure to maintain eye contact when talking with him or even while cuddling up to watch a movie together.     

4. Eating his food

things girls do that guys love

No matter how many times they grumble about this, take it from us that they love the gesture.

It is a subtle sign that you’re comfortable around him and want to be intimate.

Of course, this is a trait that men are fond of when done with moderation. 

Too much of it may come off as weird. 

But if done right, it’s a great way to show your man that you care. 

It can be as simple as taking a bite of his sandwich or finishing off the last slice of pizza. 

He will appreciate it and feel loved by your little gesture.     

5. Being playful around him

things girls do that guys love

There is always a boy in a man, no matter how mature he may seem.

When he finally feels comfortable enough to express that playful, boyish side of him, you want to mirror it in a feminine, sweet way.

They love the coy messages and playful banter that happens.

It brings his walls of defense down and makes you two closer than before.     

6. Put an effort to dress nicely for him

things girls do that guys love

You know that light touch-up you do before he comes around, and even how you begin to wear more attractive clothing around him to show off your curves? 

Well, it goes further than just looking good. 

When you put in effort to look nice around him, it shows that you care about how he perceives you and only want to make a good impression on him.

He will appreciate the thought you put into dressing for him and enjoy seeing your beauty in full force.

Most times, these guys are aware you put in extra effort to come to see him in your best state, and they feel really honored and loved when that happens.     

7. Laughing loudly

things girls do that guys love

To discover that he said something really funny to bring up a bubbly burst of laughter from you makes him feel good.

Most guys feel incredibly proud when they see that they are the reason their woman is excited and laughing loudly.

In context, the expression of the laughter is not uncouth or demeaning towards the guy. 

Instead, it is a sign of appreciation for his wit and charm. 

He’ll have the confidence to keep making you laugh like that in the future.     

8. Your natural face

things girls do that guys love

Yes, in the initial stage of attraction, you buttered up and looked like a doll, but he looks forward to seeing your bare face, zits and all.

There is something homely when he knows you outside of the glitz and glamour of outdoor life.

It truly makes him feel at home.

He knows he can trust you and that you are genuine about your feelings towards him.

Seeing your real face allows him to feel comfortable without worrying about what others think of his choice of lady

It’s special to him because it is just for him– no one else gets to see it.     

9. When you remember something he told you a long time ago

things girls do that guys love

This applies to good stuff.

You remember his favorite flavor of ice cream or the exact specifications of the laptop he desires to own.

Men love to know that you pay attention to their wishes, wants, and desires.

Hearing you eagerly speak of something they told you reassures them that you’re listening and care about what they say.

Even if they don’t voice it out, they appreciate the gesture so much.    

10. Defending them when someone puts them down

things girls do that guys love

Men may not say it, but they actually like to see their woman take charge of a situation and defend them.

There’s a safety they feel and a loyalty she exudes that lets him know that she’s on his side, that they are a team, regardless of any embarrassing situation that might come up.

They do not ever want to let go of someone who’s loyal to them and stands up for them.  

It’s a beautiful thing to see that kind of unconditional admiration and respect being given.

It is one of the best things a girl can do for her man.     

11. Expressing your passions

things girls do that guys love

A man loves to see his lady’s individuality shine through her passions.

He also loves hearing you speak about it.

He’s observing your face and seeing how lit up you are doing what you love because it reveals a side of you that he is not familiar with. 

He also loves seeing your willingness to share your passions with him, as it brings the two of you closer together. 

It is a wonderful feeling for him to witness that kind of trust and love between you two. 

When he knows how much effort you put into something and how passionate you are about it, he feels even more connected with you and can see how important it is to you. 

This can help him better understand your values and theories in life, which makes the relationship even stronger. 

Letting him see your passions is an amazing gesture of love and appreciation that he won’t forget.     

12. When you touch him

things girls do that guys love

Men always look forward to you reaching out to initiate physical contact with him.

Even the light brushing of skin that occurs when both of you meet, the holding of hands, the hugs, neck rubs, massages, etc.

Whenever you initiate physical contact, he believes it’s because you want him around you and even as close as possible.  

He feels completely loved and appreciated when you take the time to touch him, even for just a few seconds.

It’s amazing how something so simple can make him feel so connected with you. 

Physical contact has the ability to bring two people close in ways that words simply cannot.     

13. Seeing you be assertive

things girls do that guys love

Some guys love to see their girls take charge and make decisions.

It shows them that you’re strong and not to be messed with.

As much as he’s seen that soft side of you, he wants to see the strong side of you.

It also sometimes gives the idea that you’re not easy to come by, and he worked hard to get you.     

14. Seeing you shy

things girls do that guys love

Finally, men love it when you blush around them or shyly avoid eye contact when they say something unnerving.

Seeing your cheeks turn red makes him more aware of his effect on you.

They also find it adorable when you bend your head down to avoid their intense stare.

Your shyness boosts their confidence. 

It is good to note that many of the things listed above are not to be taken to the extreme, or else you might see an ugly side to your partner.

Being aware of these things can help you take the right steps to check if that guy you just started seeing is really serious with you.

It can also help you position yourself to have better chances with a man you like. 

So let us know in the comments: which of these gestures highlighted above have proven to be true?

Do you think there’s any that we missed out on?

Do let us know in the comments, and see you soon.

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