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17 Clear Signs Your Ex Never loved You

17 Clear Signs Your Ex Never loved You

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Are there signs your ex never loved you?

Perhaps your thoughts wandered to your ex, and you are wondering if they ever loved you while both of you were in a relationship.

Do you need to know if their feelings for you during the relationship were real or if they were just stringing you along?

It is not wrong to have these questions nagging your mind.

Sometimes, you need this kind of closure to help you do better in your next relationship.

But then, you don’t think they’ll be honest with you if you just approach them and demand answers.

So, what do you do?

How do you know the truth about how they felt about you?

This article will be looking at the signs your ex never loved you.

We’ll be looking at some obvious signs that it was never loved on their end.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to link some of them to their attitude and get your answers.

17 Signs Your Ex Never Loved You

  1. They Didn’t Contribute Much To The Relationship

Cast your mind back to the relationship and remember all you did to make things work.

Now, try to remember the roles your ex played too.

Can’t recall much or even any on their part?

The problem is not you; you didn’t forget all they did in a flash.

They just didn’t do anything.

You were the one running the relationship.

Yea, I know it hurts so bad.

But I’m sorry, it’s one of the signs your ex never loved you.


2. They Didn’t Admire You

One of the signs your ex never loved you is if they never admired you.

Love goes together with admiration.

So, a person who loves you will admire you.

They will be proud of your accomplishments and will want to share them with their friends.

They’ll brag about you, talk about how smart you are, and make sure everyone knows what a great catch they’ve got.

So, if they didn’t admire you when you were a couple, I don’t think your ex loved you.


3. You Were Not Their Priority

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

If you can’t recall being their priority or one of their top priorities, I’m afraid it wasn’t love.

The person you love becomes your priority when you’re truly in love.

If your ex didn’t make the effort to spend time with you and put your needs first, it’s a sign that they never cared about you as much as they claimed to.

When people care about someone, they make time for them and try to spend as much time as possible with them.

Even when something comes up last minute or takes longer than expected, most people will still make an effort to see their significant other at least once during the week or weekend.

If your ex wasn’t willing to do this, then it’s likely because they just weren’t interested enough in spending time with you.


4. They Never Encouraged You

If your ex never encouraged you or tried to help with your goals, it’s because they didn’t care enough to do so.

Encouragement is one of the most important elements of a healthy relationship because it shows that both people are invested in each other’s success and well-being — even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something that makes them uncomfortable.

A supportive partner will always encourage their significant other when they’re trying something new or challenging themselves in some way.

Maybe it’s starting a business, going back to school, dieting, or whatever it is. 

If your ex never encouraged you, then there’s a good chance they didn’t have your best interests at heart.


5. They Didn’t Want To Stay Around You


One of the other signs your ex never loved you is if they were not comfortable being around you.

During the relationship, they were always in a hurry to go home either from your place or from a meeting spot.

You might have thought that they needed some time to themselves.

The truth is that they did not like being around you.

And who doesn’t like to be around someone they claim to love?


6. They Weren’t Romantic 

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

Romance is an important part of any relationship.

It doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top; it just needs to exist somewhere in the relationship.

If your ex never seemed interested in doing anything romantic with you — whether taking a walk through the park or going out for dinner and drinks — then this might mean that they didn’t really care about you as much as they should.

Some people are not romantic naturally, but you get to see them melt like jelly around their partners from time to time.

But if your ex was rigid from the beginning till the end of the relationship, they never loved you.


7. He Blocked Your Contact Immediately After Breakup 

Although there may be no tangible reason to stay in touch with your ex after a breakup, you can still hope for a turnaround as if it were a bad dream.

This means that you usually don’t get rid of their contact or anything that reminds you of them until it becomes very clear that it is over.

But if your ex didn’t waste a second after the breakup to delete your contact and get rid of everything that reminds them of you, I don’t know how to put it lightly.

They never loved you.


8. They Never Got To Know You

When two people are deeply in love with each other, they always try their best to get to know each other better over time.

They want to know everything about each other and learn more about their likes and dislikes.

If your ex never got to know you well enough or tried getting deeper into your life, it’s probably because they were never interested in getting closer with you.


9. They Didn’t Listen To You

If your ex didn’t listen to you, it’s likely that they never really loved you.

People who care for you will always listen to you because they respect your opinion.

Someone who loves you will listen to whatever you have on your mind.


10. They Never Said That They Loved You 

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

Never professing their love for you is one of the big signs your ex never loved you.

You were always dishing out the I love yous, and all they did was smile and never replied.

You can’t expect someone to show their love for you if they never verbally expressed it, which is why this is one of the most obvious signs of an ex who didn’t truly care.

However, there are other reasons why someone might not use the magic words. Here are some of them:

They’re shy

They’re embarrassed to say it out loud

They’re afraid of commitment


11. They Didn’t Respect Your Family

When you love someone, naturally, you get to respect that person and everyone important to them.

Although there are exceptions, such as people having hurtful behavior, respecting your partner’s friends and loved ones should be something that comes easily.

But if you notice that it was quite the opposite for your ex, your guess is as good as mine.

They never loved you and so couldn’t respect your family.


12. They Didn’t Want To Commit

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

Commitment is a serious thing — but if your ex wasn’t willing to commit, then they probably weren’t ready for a relationship with you.

Commitment is just one sign of love; it’s not everything.

However, if this person couldn’t even commit to being with you, there’s no way that they could ever be ready for marriage and kids.


13. They Were Never Affectionate

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

If your ex was never affectionate towards you (holding hands or kissing), then it’s likely that they were not in love with you — at least not enough to show it physically especially in public.

Someone who’s truly attracted to you will want to show you off at every opportunity.

This isn’t just about bragging rights but about letting other people know how happy they are.


14. They Didn’t Fight Fairly

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

If your ex-partner was willing to throw around insults and berate you during an argument, then chances are their feelings weren’t all that strong for you in the first place.

Healthy couples don’t just fall in love; they also learn how to argue effectively and treat one another with respect even when things get heated between them.

If your ex would resort to name-calling or insults when things got tough between the two of you, they didn’t deeply care about your well-being and happiness.


15. They Were Never There For You

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

One of the signs your ex never loved you is if they ignored you perpetually.

Your partner should be your confidant, someone you can always run to.

But what if he chose to ignore you when you needed his attention and help?

They didn’t care about your emotional well-being, and this is because they didn’t love you.


16. They Didn’t Appreciate Your Efforts 

When you’re in love with someone, even the most basic gestures look like they’ve moved mountains for you.

And so, appreciation is easy for you to do.

But if your ex rarely appreciated your efforts in the relationship, they never loved you in the first place and didn’t see all you did as a big deal.


17. Your Relationship Was All About Sex

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

If your relationship was so superficial and all you did was explore each other’s body instead of exploring each other’s minds, maybe they were only using you for your body.

They didn’t love you, they were only using you for your body.

They could also be using you for money, attention, and even a place to live.


What do you do when you realize your ex never loved you?

Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing the signs when you were in the relationship.

Now that you know, lookout for these red flags in your next relationship, so you don’t get played

Signs Your Ex Never loved You

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