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15 Things Guys Want In A Long-Distance Relationship

15 Things Guys Want In A Long-Distance Relationship

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Relationships require work and effort to thrive, but long-distance relationships require a tougher grind.

I am in a long-distance relationship, so I have some things to tell you.

To make things work in a long-distance relationship, you have to be more attentive to your partner’s needs and meet them as much as you can, as they do the same for you.

As a lady, you may be wondering what those needs are for your guy.

I’m here to tell you all you need to know – what guys want in a long-distance relationship.

15 Things Guys Want In A Long-Distance Relationship

1. Loyaltythings guys want in a long distance relationship

This is one of the major needs guys have in a long-distance relationship.

They desire commitment and faithfulness from their woman, even over a distance.

They want to be able to trust her and rely on her even when they can’t see her.

Whether they say it or not, somewhere deep within them, guys fear being cheated on by their partners.

A partner who stays faithful and loyal to them even when they are not in close physical proximity is an asset.

2. Communicationthings guys want in a long distance relationship

When you can’t physically make contact with someone, the closest thing you can do is discuss frequently to be in touch.

Guys want this.

In a long-distance relationship, you may not be able to hold hands or share a hug, but you can talk.

I know it’s not the same, but it is something.

Scratch that.


Communication may not look like much until you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Then, it becomes the air that the relationship survives on.

You know that regular checking up and sharing experiences, feelings, and thoughts?

It means a lot, and guys want it.

Guys want their long-distance relationship partners to embrace technology and be open to the various communication channels it provides.

3. Connectionthings guys want in a long distance relationship

It is way easier for physical and emotional connections to be maintained when couples are physically close.

But what happens when that can’t happen?

When you can’t just walk up to each other’s place and have a heartfelt conversation or share a warm hug?

It’s not easy to maintain a strong connection over distance, but it is possible, and guys want that.

They want to be intimate with their long-distance relationship partner, and although that can’t be achieved physically, it can be done in other ways.

Intimacy transcends physical contact and closeness.

And if we’re talking about a relationship and not a marriage here, then I believe that there should be limits to the level of physical intimacy engaged in because I am a Christian and believe that anything sexual is exclusively for married people.

There are many other ways in which people in relationships can stay connected and maintain their bond.

Sharing their thoughts, dreams, and desires and connecting emotionally and intellectually are some of them.

4. Quality time

It is often said that “out of sight is out of mind.”

If one is not careful, this can easily apply to a relationship.

When two people in a relationship are in two different locations, without intentionality, they can easily forget or trivialize each other.

It is easy to get busy and consumed in the things that are physically before you that you forget about your partner, who should mean a lot to you, just because they’re far away.

Quality time is essential for a long-distance relationship to work.

Guys want their partners to create time for them to connect over the distance.

This can be through shared activities like online games, texting, phone calls, and video calls.

Anything that bridges the gap.

5. Surprisesthings guys want in a long distance relationship

Oh, did you think that ladies are the only ones who desire and appreciate thoughtfulness?

Not at all.

Guys love it too when they’re surprised by their partners over the distance.

Sometimes, it’s not grand gestures; the little surprises like unexpected presents or surprise visits communicate that they are remembered and valued.

6. Independence

A healthy balance is always important.

As much as guys want to be involved and carried along in their long-distance relationship partners’ lives, they also want to maintain their individuality.

A girlfriend who calls often and keeps in touch is wonderful, but when it gets excessive or borderline obsessive, there is a problem.

There is a reason the guy had to go to a different location: he perhaps had important things to handle, and he should be given reasonable time to focus on his endeavors without being suffocated with calls and text messages.

7. Commitment from their womanthings guys want in a long distance relationship

Every guy in a long-distance relationship who wants to make things work also wants a woman who desires the same.

They want to see the willingness and actions taken by the woman towards fostering the love and affection they share.

Distance may be there, but it doesn’t have to erode the commitment.

This creates a sense of security in the guy.

8. They want to be missed

Everybody wants to know that they are desired and that their absence is felt.

Guys want it, too.

They want to know that their partner wants them around, their absence is palpable, and they want to hear them say, “I miss you.” 

9. Planning visitsthings guys want in a long distance relationship

Guys want to plan a visit to see their long-distance relationship partner, and they want their partner to do the same.

This may not always be possible, but whenever it is, they want it.

They know that these periodic visits are essential because they build a sense of anticipation and hope, and these help in sustaining the passion in the relationship.

10. Understanding and support

One thing I can tell you for free is that it is super easy for couples to misunderstand each other in long-distance relationships.

This is why guys crave understanding and support from their partners.

They want the relationship to have a strong bond where they are both there for each other and try to see things from each other’s perspectives.

A lot of patience is also required as long-distance relationships sometimes come with unforeseen circumstances.

11. Agreementthings guys want in a long distance relationship

Guys want to know that their partner is on the same page with them.

This helps strengthen their bond.

They want to align with their partner in plans, goals, hobbies, and interests.

Another area where most guys crave agreement in long-distance relationships is in the area of financial planning and goals.

This is crucial for most guys.

12. Trust

Although distance can make trust a little more tough, guys want their women to trust them regardless.

They do not just demand; they also want to be seen as loyal and trustworthy, especially by their partner.

This alone reduces the potential of conflicts by 50%.

13. Good conflict resolutionthings guys want in a long distance relationship

Distance already makes people in long-distance relationships more prone to arguments and fights, so they must be good at resolving them.

Guys understand this and desire that their women cooperate with them in resolving issues when they arrive.

They like to think things out logically and find practical solutions, and they want their partner to have the same problem-solving skills.

14. Emotional strength in their woman

Because of the kind of toll distance takes on couples’ minds in a relationship, emotions must be managed well.

Guys try to be emotionally strong and want their women to emulate that.

When issues like loneliness, frustration, and other emotions arise, they want it to be handled firmly and quickly.

15. To be carried alongthings guys want in a long distance relationship

Lastly, guys want to be in their woman’s life as much as possible, regardless of the distance.

This is achieved by keeping each other up to speed with the activities in their individual lives, talking about progress made and challenges encountered, and so on.

They want to know how their partner is handling advances from other men and how she’s spending her time.

Distance greatly limits what people can do together, but the little that can be done to strengthen the relationship, guys want to jump on it and have it.

This list is not exhaustive, as people are unique, and their needs differ.

But with communication, one of the points listed, you can find out the specific needs of an individual in a long-distance relationship.

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