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7 Types Of Married Men Who No Longer Kiss Their Wives

7 Types Of Married Men Who No Longer Kiss Their Wives

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Kissing between couples is a silent conversation that needs no words, where every brush of lips conveys a universe of emotions, from the first stolen kiss to a lifetime of shared love stories.

In all honesty, I cannot imagine a union without kisses.

I mean, kissing is everything you can think of to be with your partner.

It carries unsaid words and emotions and can even pass messages without you saying anything.

That’s why there are intense, slow kisses that tell you how much he is in love with you and has missed you or the hard, passionate ones that lead you to the proverbial “other room.”

Anyway, I am not about to talk about kisses cos I can spend the whole day talking about it.

You’re reading this blog post because you want to know the kind of men who no longer kiss their wives.

The kind of men who will neglect the fact that kissing plays a vital role in building physical affection in marriage, which in turn serves as a solid foundation for the emotional connection.

Without blabbing on and on, I’ll just get right to it.

7 Types Of Married Men Who No Longer Kiss Their Wives

1 The Neglectful Husband

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A neglectful husband is the one who has come to the point where he forgets almost everything and anything about his wife.

He forgets their special occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays, and even major milestones in their marriage.

Most of these occasions are brought to his knowledge by Facebook memories, year in, year out.

Not to make excuses for this kind of man, but sometimes, he doesn’t start off like this.

Due to certain factors and challenges that have been birthed over the course of the marriage, he might be weighed down, and this will wear him out over time as it begins to take a toll on him and his home.

Some of these factors could range from work stress to internal crises in the marriage or even a combination of both, which will eventually lead to him being neglectful at home.

Another factor could also be the psychological factor, which goes beyond what is seen around him but is an internal battle he is trying to win.

These burdens go on to impact his level of intimacy with you, who is his wife because there is an established emotional strain already in the union.

While the height of every intimacy ends in the bedroom, real intimacy begins and peaks with kissing, and without an emotional connection, intimacy will die a natural death.

In essence, a neglectful husband is one who won’t kiss his wife due to all or any of the reasons above.

2. The Workaholic Husband

Types of Married Men Who No Longer Kiss Their Wives

A workaholic husband is constantly preoccupied with work-related matters.

He doesn’t know the difference between his home and his office.

He is always trying to do one or two things about his work, and he does not give time to anyone if he doesn’t find a solution to the work matter before him.

This kind of man has failed to realize that workaholism has brought the intimacy level with his wife to zero.

This is so because of the fact that the quality of time he has with his wife has drastically reduced as a result of his work and the burden associated with it.

He doesn’t set boundaries for his work time and family time.

As a result, the work time takes the bulk of the time he has to spend with his family.

It is not to mention that he will work overtime in the office and still bring some more work home.

He has failed to neglect the essence of scheduling his tasks in such a way that will give him time to build intimacy with his spouse.

All of these actions impact the intimacy in a family because the time is not there, and the emotions are all clogged up.

And where there is no time for intimacy, this definitely will lead to him not even remembering to kiss his wife because, by the time he’s done with his work task, he will be exhausted.

3. The Uncommunicating Husband

Where there is a communication breakdown in a family, there is definitely a meltdown of the intimate moments shared.

This is because miscommunication is often the bedrock of misunderstanding, argument, conflict, and constant quarreling among couples.

One thing that we should always know is that communication is what breeds physical affection.

Communication plays a significant role in affection because it is with effective communication you can have open conversations that can build more intimacy between you and your spouse.

However, where a man has communication issues and cannot even express his feelings or emotions correctly, then there will be a lack of intimacy between both of them.

Is it possible for an angry man to want to kiss his wife?

Of course not.

A man with communication issues or a home where communication has completely broken down will not be able to kiss his wife.

This can lead him to completely stop kissing his wife when he gets used to the current home dynamics.

4. The Husband Who Lost His Spark

Change is the only constant thing in life, and this is also applicable to the dynamics of a marriage.

You know marriage can start on a very sweet in a world where everything and anything you want is manifested.

You have your romantic dinner movie night, and you can even go on a couple of camping trips and all those things that make you happy and give you butterflies.

All of those are featured at the onset of the marriage.

You can literally see the romantic part of the marriage is lit.

However, down the line, you realize that so many things have changed, even unconsciously, that you have adapted to them being a normal part of your life.

You settle into the routine of married life, especially when kids have come into the picture, and finances also need to be balanced.
You have a whole lot of distractions on your hands, and almost everything is begging for your attention.

You will realize that all of these will impact your husband greatly because, as much as we tag them as distractions, they are the things that kill the spark in the union.

Your husband, in this home, will want to try to balance everything because he takes it on as his responsibility as a married man.

No matter how much such a man tries, the fact that reality keeps calling him back will keep him away from even thinking about those moments of intense intimacy, like kissing his wife.

5. The Health Neglecting Husband

You know so many factors influence our lives over time, and one of these is health.

More than we will ever admit, our health is the determinant of the quality of life we live as well as the actions that we can take.

Imagine being married to a man who used to take proper care of himself, does his regular health check-ups, is fit and proper, maybe not in an athletic way, but to a considerable extent, is appealing to behold to his wife.

As the years go by, he begins to settle into marital life with different things that have actually impacted him, such as the economy, job stress, and family life, to mention but a few.

With all of these stressors in place, this kind of man tends to forget himself, neglect his health, and even lose focus on his self-care because he’s probably emotionally exhausted.

He doesn’t know how to manage his stress and even his new life as a whole, and that manifests as health neglect.

Somehow, he will completely lose himself in this new life and routine.

A man who can lose himself in this regard will not even be thinking of kissing his wife.

The last thing that will be on this kind of man’s mind will actually be showing intense affection for his wife.

6. The Emotionally Distant Husband

Types of Married Men Who No Longer Kiss Their Wives

The emotionally distant husband is more common in a lot of homes than we can imagine

I am always of the opinion that everybody should learn to build emotional intimacy in their relationships, even before building physical affection.

Where a couple is emotionally intimate, there is no way physical affection will be a problem.

When they have challenges in terms of navigating what works for them in the other room, the fact that they are emotionally intimate will help them analyze and deduce what works best for them.

However, where the opposite is the case, and there is no form of emotional intimacy, or there used to be emotional intimacy and the husband becomes emotionally distant like this kind of man I’m trying to talk about, expressing affection becomes a problem.

He goes from being the king of romance to being the overly modest husband who gatekeeps and sensors everything they do as if they are under 18.

This kind of man will not share his feelings nor even express any form of desire to his wife.

He stops being vulnerable around her, and all of these are actually what help in building physical intimacy.

A man who is too distant from his wife emotionally will definitely not kiss his wife.

7. The Time-Strapped Dad

Types of Married Men Who No Longer Kiss Their Wives

Welcome to the parenting side of marriage

Yes, this type of husband is the one who has prioritized fatherhood and parenthood over marriage itself.

This kind of man has forgotten the fact that it is the marriage that actually propelled him into fatherhood, and somehow, he has neglected every act of responsibility in terms of affection toward his wife.

In all honesty, parenthood can be a lot, especially when accompanied by the challenges of a busy work schedule and the harsh economy.

Finding dedicated time for your spouse amidst the family time already mapped out in the already tight schedule is almost impossible for a time-strapped dad.

He is trying so hard to be a good father to his children or child, as the case may be, that he is forgetting his wife.

This type of man will not even have time for a quick kiss because all he wants to do is spend time and bond with his child or children, and when he is done with that, he moves on to work, and the cycle continues.

Yes, he expects the wife to understand because he is doing the right thing, and she should be happy by his own standards as a good father.

I’m not saying he’s doing the wrong thing, but the fact that what he is doing is right does not mean that he is not doing anything wrong, like neglecting to kiss his wife and even having time for all the intimate acts with her.

This kind of man does not know how to balance fatherhood and being a husband, and that is why she has completely forgotten to kiss his wife.

Final Thoughts

Those are the kinds of men who stop kissing their wives.

If your husband falls into any of these categories, you can help him by trying first to understand the issue you’re dealing with and address it practically from a holistic angle.

You can create new activities that will bring you together or even seek the help of a professional if it goes beyond your control.

See you on the next one.

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Gary Zornow

Monday 20th of May 2024

Hello I am an avoidant style husband and I always feel uncomfortably touching, holding hands and yes kissing. I don’t know if I am doing it right or if it’s the right time, so I most often do not initiate physical contact. You could say I fall into a few of those categories for a husband.

Thanks Gary