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When A Guy Kisses You First: 7 Things It Means

When A Guy Kisses You First: 7 Things It Means

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As a woman in this generation, I think that we have evolved in so many things but not in the tradition of intimacy and affection.

I am saying this in relation to a guy that you actually like, or you have a thing for.

This is not for casual flings and almost relationships.

I consider the first kiss to be magical and very memorable in any relationship, especially when both parties feel the same way about each other in a positive way, that is.

You know, men have been assumed to take leadership roles even in affairs of the heart, so when a guy kisses you first, it actually creates a more intense feeling in the heart of a woman.

It somehow answers some of her questions, especially about how he feels about her.

Personally, I had to ask my man what it means when a guy kisses you first, and he was generous enough to give me an insight from his own perspective.

When he gave me his answers, I was really amused as to what goes on in the head of a man who makes an attempt to kiss a woman first.

I took a step further to ask my brother and two of my close male friends, and somehow, their stories and responses were in sync.

I was able to come up with a comprehensive list of what it means when a guy kisses you first from these varying perspectives, and it goes on to confirm that a kiss is not just a kiss.

One thing I want you to know is that as much as they gave me their word as to what goes on in the mind of a man when he kisses you first, I want you also to know that it is not applicable to all men because they might just be one of the clusters of the different versions of men out there.

So, from my little research, let’s get to it.

When A Guy Kisses You First: 7 Things It Means

1. He’s Attracted to You:

When A Guy Kisses You First

Even as a woman, I know for sure that it only takes a man who is attracted to you to kiss you.

It is very direct.

Imagine going on a date with a man that you have been talking to for some time, and you’re dressed nicely.

You have a nice perfume on, and your accessories are giving.

Your makeup is modest and clean, that is, if you have any on.

You tick all the boxes of what attraction is on a first date.

And then the conversation is so great between you guys, and you did not even notice that time was far spent.

At the end of the evening, you are heading to your home, and he drops you off or rides with you in an Uber.

At that point, the attraction will be very high, and the atmosphere will be definitely charged because everything about the evening was great.

The fact that he is physically attracted to you will propel him to lean in for a kiss.

And that will only happen if you are ready or you also envisage it and receive it at that point.

That kiss is his way of showing that he finds you desirable and captivating.


2. He Wants To Express Affection:

After establishing the fact that attraction is one major reason a man kisses you first, another thing to note is that he might be kissing you first because he wants to express his affection for you.

At this point, I believe that you’re not kissing a stranger, and both of you must have had something prior to that moment, like intense discussions about the present future or even the possibility of exploring a romantic relationship.

You must have even had late-night conversations at some point, and somehow, the affection is already built in the air before the first date or meeting.

Kissing is an affectionate act, and you can afford to have a one-night stand and not even kiss the person involved because it’s a total stranger to you.

On the contrary, a man who wants something deep with you will want to kiss you, and how he kisses you will also make you understand that he feels strongly about you.

This kind of man will kiss you so intensely without making a further move on you because, for him, he just wants to establish the fact that he feels deeply affectionate towards you.

A man who kisses you first is out to show you how much he cares for you and is deeply into you.


3. He’s Interested In Building A Deeper Connection:

When A Guy Kisses You First

One statement of fact you need to understand is that a kiss is usually the first step for any deep emotional connection.

A man who makes a move to kiss you first, either directly or asks to kiss you, wants to possibly explore a romantic relationship with you beyond friendship.

You might have even been friends with this person for a long time, and you are not getting all the signals he gives, or you are unsure of the signal he has been giving all along.

If it happens that you already like this guy and he leans in to kiss you, he is definitely wading into the waters of deep emotional connection.

When he sees how you respond to him, he will then know the progression of things between you two.


4. He’s Testing The Waters:

Okay, this is a very dusty one because it is more of him trying to assess your reaction or reception to his advances.

Maybe you and this guy have been talking for quite some time, and you know he obviously takes an interest in you.

But he is not so sure about where you stand with respect to his advances, and because of that, he is treading cautiously.

Then you go on a date or have a conversation somewhere, and he initiates a kiss.

Yes, he is kissing you because he is into you, but at the same time, he wants to know if you are also into him.

He goes ahead to kiss you softly, and maybe with some hesitation.

You see, those soft, intense kisses are the ones that reveal a man’s truest state of heart to you.

At that point, you know he is not kissing you just because he wants to get you behind the doors.

He is doing that just because he wants to know if you feel the same way about him.

So yes, a man will kiss you to know where he stands with you.

It’s a way to gauge your interest in him.


5. He Seeks To Create A Special Moment:

When A Guy Kisses You First

Do you know what it means to create special moments?

That is what it means for a man to kiss you first.

This is especially so when this kind of man loves you and wants to get something started with you.

He knows he wants to be with you and wants to be with him, and you have probably both agreed to embark on the journey of love together.

This kind of man knows that something needs to put a steel on the moment.

And kissing you right there is a very special moment for both of you.

It is a romantic gesture that signifies the beginning of something beautiful in your lives.

A kiss to seal the night, either at the table, museum, or wherever you choose to create the moment.


6. He Values Communication:

Kissing is a way of showing nonverbal communication between two people who have something going on for themselves.

A man will attempt to kiss you if only he has noticed the connection and chemistry between you two.

He knows that nonverbal communication between two people who share a romantic bond cannot be underestimated.

Nonverbal communication, like kissing, holding hands, and hugs, to mention but a few, convey feelings and emotions more powerful than words.

How do you explain the intensity of what you feel for someone without words?

Of course, your actions will have to do that.

And a man who values communication of this sort will only know how intensely you want to communicate with his emotions and feelings by the way you reciprocate the kiss he gives you.

The way you kiss him back will help him decode the message you are trying to pass across to him, if you are really into him like you say you are or not.


7. He Wants To Be Physically Intimate With You:

When A Guy Kisses You First


When a man leans in for the first kiss on your first date, it can be a prelude to physical intimacy.

He might not lead you to the bedroom immediately, especially if it is an indoor date, but his body gestures will gravitate towards the fact that he really wants you.

He might kiss you and then hold you in his hands in silence; that is just for him to assess how receptive you are to the gesture.

He tries to break the silence by initiating small talk and repeats the process of the kiss all over.

The kind of kiss this man will give you here will be one that will whet your appetite and keep you longing for more.

He might even voice it in between breaths that he craves your body but wants to take things slow, so you don’t end up regretting the act.

Well, even if he wants to take things slow, making that utterance shows his actual intention that he really wants to have something physical with you at that moment.

At this point, your body releases a conflicting emotion, especially if you really like him, and it becomes a case of fleeing or facing it.

Whatever you choose to do at that point will be borne as a result of the combined effect of his kiss and the emotional tension that came with it.


When a guy kisses you first, really, it can mean a whole lot of things, and I deliberately focused on the positives here because I like to look on the bright side of things.

I forgot to mention that the way a man kisses you will also tell you a lot about how he feels about you at that moment.

Soft, tender kisses, most of the time, often reflect affection and love, while the raunchy, intense, strong ones signify something stronger, obviously.

This is not always the case anyway, but no matter what, it’s best to have your relationship clearly defined.

Whoever this man who has made you read this blog post is, I hope you get the best out of it.

See you in the next blog post.

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