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9 Ways Men Show Their Soft Side To The Woman They Love

9 Ways Men Show Their Soft Side To The Woman They Love

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Sometimes, I feel like men are one of the most misunderstood creatures.

Although they are generally soft on the inside, they present a tough façade to the world, which can make them seem harsh and stern.

This is probably due to the upbringing of most guys and the intense pressure to live up to society’s expectations of masculinity.

Due to this, men are considered to be mysterious when it comes to matters of the heart.

However, even the hardest men have soft sides that are mostly only witnessed by those they love.

When a man loves a woman, he shows his soft side to her in very special ways.

We will be exploring the various ways men show their soft sides to the woman they love.

Come along, let’s take a look at them together!

9 Ways Men Show Their Soft Sides To The Woman They Love

1. He is kind even when correcting you

Ways Men Show Their Soft Side to the Woman They Love

One of the major facts about life is that we are not perfect.

It is a generally accepted truth.

However, even with the knowledge of the inevitable imperfection of humans, men can sometimes be the most difficult sets of people to please.

As a kid, I came to associate criticism with my dad.

If my dad wanted to correct you, you should be prepared for a long lecture on the things you could have done right and those things you could have done better even if you have done them well.

School also reinforced this ideology with my favorite teachers being females because they rarely punished me, unlike the males.

This generally tough outlook on life is one that only a few men carry into their love lives.

For the most part, men are soft on the woman they love.

They don’t want to hurt her and hence, would not do anything to hurt her intentionally.

When a man loves you and wants to show you his soft side, he finds it hard to criticize you even when you do something wrong.

You must note that criticism in this context refers to the onslaught of words that you usually expect when you make a mistake or do something wrong.

It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t tell you that you are wrong.

Of course, he does, but he does it in a gentle manner that could shock you if you are not used to such a reaction from a man.

His criticisms are constructive and geared towards helping you improve.

Men show their soft sides to the women they love by treating them kindly when correcting their mistakes.

2. He touches you affectionately

Ways Men Show Their Soft Side to the Woman They Love

How a man touches you says a lot about his feelings for you.

When ladies complain about not really knowing what a man feels for them, I think it’s because they don’t pay attention to the things he does.

When a man loves you, you may discover that he just seems to be unable to keep his hands to himself.

He wants to touch you.

Don’t get it twisted; this touch doesn’t mean the mindless, lustful groping of a man who only wants sex.

When a man loves you and wants to show you his soft side, he is content with just holding your hands.

He makes you feel so special with something as regular as holding your hands or a pat on the shoulder.

He looks deep into your eyes and holds your hands like you are his lifeline.

He hugs you like he never wants to ever let you go and when he isn’t touching you physically, you can feel his eyes on you.

3. He is your biggest cheerleader

Everyone needs a cheerleader, a support system that helps them get through the challenges of life and achieve their goals.

Almost all of us have had these support systems in each stage of our lives.

As a kid, I had my parents as support systems.

In their own way, they encouraged and supported me through life.

They set high expectations for me…

Expectations I had to satisfy or it would feel like I underachieved.

I remember the one time I came second in class; my dad asked me a question…

“Did the person in the first place have two heads?”…

My achievement was not celebrated because it didn’t meet their expectations.

The next time, I was back at the top of the class and they celebrated me.

When a man loves you, he automatically becomes your biggest cheerleader.

He encourages you to grow and improve in every aspect of your life.

But he does this in a markedly different way from what I experienced when I was a kid.

He celebrates every one of your little wins like they are his.

You don’t need to achieve something phenomenal before a man who loves you celebrates your win.

When a man wants to show you his soft side, he celebrates all your achievements.

They could be anything ranging from important stuff like promotion at work or passing an exam to trivial stuff like resisting the urge to eat ice cream because you are on a diet.

When a man wants to show his soft side to the woman he loves, no win is too small to be celebrated.

4. He is vulnerable with you

Ways Men Show Their Soft Side to the Woman They Love

Vulnerability is a very interesting concept.

Men know how important it is to their relationships, yet it is one of the hardest things for them to do.

To most men, vulnerability is weakness.

What they don’t realize is that the ability to share our weaknesses with others is a strength in itself.

There is great strength in vulnerability and when a man wants to show his soft side to a woman he loves, he opens up to her about what is going on inside him.

He tells her about his fears, hopes, and dreams.

He shows trust in her and a willingness to be seen genuinely by someone he loves.

This vulnerability, and the insight it gives you into a man’s previously enigmatic attitude, is another way men show their soft sides to the woman they love.

5. He listens to you intently

We all listen.

At least, that is what we tell ourselves.

Listening is not about just hearing the words spoken to you; it involves understanding the thoughts and emotions behind the words.

Men often express their softer sides by actively listening to the woman they love.

They are totally attentive and focused on understanding her perspective.

They are not just waiting for their turn to speak or politely waiting for the conversation to taper out.

They are truly listening to understand you and perhaps even help you.

This heightened sensitivity and value for your words is how men show their soft sides to the woman they love.

6. He supports you emotionally

Ways Men Show Their Soft Side to the Woman They Love

A man isn’t just there for the good times alone.

That’s not how love works.

So, you don’t get to be someone’s biggest cheerleader without being there for them in the worst times of their lives.

One way men show their soft sides to the woman they love is by being there for her in tough times.

Encouraging her, comforting her with both words and just his presence.

When a man offers you a shoulder to cry and lean on, it is a sign that he loves you and wants you to see how much he cares for you.

7. He performs acts of service

Ways Men Show Their Soft Side to the Woman They Love

Well, apart from this being one of the love languages Dr. Gary Chapman explored in his book “The Five Love Languages”, this is one special way men know how to show their soft sides to the woman they love.

Whether it is fixing a leaky faucet, repairing a malfunctioning light switch, or perhaps cooking dinner after a long day of work, acts of service are the go-to ways that men show their soft sides to the woman they love.

By doing all these, they are trying to ease the stress in your life.

It is a way of showing how considerate and caring they are even under the hard exterior.

8. He speaks words of affirmation to you

So, I grew up with a father who was in the military and before then, had grown up in a loveless household.

My dad was a hard man.

He was quick to show displeasure and slow to show pleasure and pride about anything I did.

I grew up in this household, so the first time someone told me, “I love you, ” I was blown away.

Never in my entire life had it happened.

In recent times, my father has undergone some changes.

He is now softer.

Now, he tells you how proud he is of you and how much he loves you.

Well… the point of this trip into my past is that men will use words of affirmation to show their soft sides to the woman they love.

I know a lot of people say things like, ” Words of affirmation are not basically the style of men”…

Yes, I agree that many men are not comfortable expressing themselves verbally but love will make you do things you are not comfortable with.

Sometimes, a simple “I’m proud of you” or “You mean the world to me” can mean everything.

Men are usually not verbal with their feelings but when they do express them, they are usually genuine and heartfelt.

9. He laughs a lot

Ways Men Show Their Soft Side to the Woman They Love

Laughter is a universal language of happiness and sharing a laugh with a friend or lover is one of the best ways of bonding.

Men usually laugh a lot when they want to show their soft sides to the woman they love.

A healthy sense of humor and an ability to find something positive in everyday life to laugh about bring out the softer and playful sides of men.

Ultimately, love makes men do many different things, but one of the major things it does is bring out the softer and more playful sides in men in ways that can even surprise you.


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