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10 Super Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage

10 Super Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage

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All over the internet, you can always find articles listing the negatives of marriage, and some people believe that happy marriages are “audio” (meaning fake in Nigerian street slang).

However, that is not true.

Even though we like to think that happily ever afters are fairy tales and don’t exist in the real world, there are truly happy marriages and women who are truly happy in their marriages.

But how can you know a woman is truly happy in her marriage?

To start with, please disabuse your mind about the idea of a perfect marriage.

Two imperfect people cannot come together to make a perfect marriage.

Apart from the human factor, sometimes life just happens.

Seasons come and go, and what the couple makes of those seasons determines their reality.

This is why I always say, “The grass is not greener on the other side; it is greener where you water it.”

When you ask married women the question, “Are you truly happy in your marriage?”

Many will answer YES in a heartbeat without really thinking much about it.

However, when you stop and think about it, you may find that you are trying to be happy or maybe masking what you really feel.

But it is possible to be truly happy in your marriage, and I have met women who have attained this.

Perhaps reading this article will lead you on an intrinsic journey and help you find true happiness in your marriage, too.

10 Super Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage

1. She glows

Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage


The glow of a woman who is truly happy in her marriage is like the sun.

You’ll be drawn to how radiant she is without her saying much.

This glow is similar to the honeymoon glow many are used to, but it is different in that it comes from a deeper place.

I met a woman who recalibrated my feelings about being a stay-at-home wife and mother.

She was so happy it oozed out of her, and she looked so beautiful because of this. 

I was drawn to her, and associating with her made me see my marriage and life differently.

And guess what?

I started glowing too… so much so that people started noticing. 

From this woman, I learned that true happiness is an inward job that starts with self-love, self-value, the right perspective, and buckets of love and grace.

Gaskiya (a Hausa word for frankly/seriously), a woman who is truly happy in her marriage, cannot hide it because she will carry that atmosphere of joy everywhere she goes.


2. Gratitude spills from her

 Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage

Perhaps you have that friend who goes on and on about her husband till you are sick of it.

For every sentence she makes, she must chip in “my husband” … lol!

Pepperdem gang“!

Okay I can imagine you rolling your eyes already… I would too.

But a woman who is truly happy in her marriage will be truly grateful for her husband, and that gratitude will spill out of her.

I have a friend I call a “correct lover girl,” she is forever thanking her husband for everything he does.

She enjoys doing life with him so much that gratitude always spills out of her.

When she says those things, she is neither pretentious nor mischievous; she has just come to realize the treasure in her husband and marriage and will not keep quiet about it.


3. She protects her marriage and family

Well, not everyone will be loud and very expressive about how sweet their marriage is and how happy they are in it.

However, one thing conservative and even expressive women who are happy in their marriages will do is that they will protect their marriage with all their hearts.

Ah! You try to attack their spouse or marriage and you will experience their terrible side.

I have found that as a defense mechanism, women who are truly happy in their marriages keep bad energy far away from them.


4. She loves being married and being with you

Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage

A woman who is truly happy in her marriage will love being married and spending time with her boo.

I used to think all married women loved hanging out with their spouses until I met someone who shared how she always felt better when her husband traveled.

According to her, their relationship was better from a distance.

A woman who is truly happy in her marriage won’t think this way.

She will be happy to spend time and be with her husband, and you can always tell that this is how she feels.


5. She always tries to make you happy

This one fills my tummy with butterflies because I love love!

A woman who is truly happy in her marriage will make your happiness her priority.

She will make visible and intentional efforts to make you happy and put smiles on her face.

Whether she’s being goofy to make you smile, letting go of her leisure time to support your favorite football team even though football is not her thing, or springing up a surprise for you, her major driving force will be to make you happy.

And if we are sincere, marriage is sweeter when the parties in it are outdoing each other in love and kindness.


6. She is at peace and content

Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage

A woman who is truly happy in her marriage will be peaceful and content.

Often times, people equate happiness with money, but how wrong they are!

True happiness is not a function of material possessions.

I know a couple who have very little but are happy together and contented.

Their home always feels like heaven even though it doesn’t have the luxuries some others have.

Whether they are gisting and bantering together over a game of ‘ayo olopon‘ or eating boiled yam and palm oil, it is always bliss with them, and the wife is the perfect picture of peace and contentment.

She is proof that true happiness brings a peace that passes understanding and you can truly find contentment in your marriage.


7. She tells it

When you are truly happy, guess what?

You usually are more chatty and open to sharing.

This also applies to a woman who is truly happy in her marriage; she says it.

Now, this telling isn’t a self-deluded one where she is trying to convince herself about her feelings.

It spills out from her.

She talks about how her husband and marriage gives her so much joy and she embodies the joy she speaks of.


8. She can do anything for you

Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage

This one right here is jackpot because a woman who is truly happy in her marriage will show immense loyalty to her spouse.

She will go over and beyond for her husband.

Even the negativities on social media won’t stop her from doing certain things for her husband and for the sake of her marriage.

Truth be told, sacrifice comes easier when you are safe and truly happy in marriage.


9. She is her authentic self

This reminds me of the stay-at-home wife and mom I mentioned earlier.

She is one of the most authentic persons I have ever met.

She is absolutely comfortable in her own skin, has no sense of comparison, and is without guile.

This woman never cared about the feats her friends were achieving as high-flyers; instead, she applauded them while remaining in her lane and blossoming from there.

This is what a truly happy woman looks like; she is true to herself and living her best life.


10. She laughs a lot

Signs A Woman Is Truly Happy In Her Marriage


What’s true joy without an expression?

A woman who is truly happy in her marriage will express it in how much she smiles and laughs.

Yeah, joy can’t be kept a secret, so it’ll be hard to find a constantly moody woman who claims to be truly happy in her marriage.

Want to know if she is truly happy in her marriage?

Check the atmosphere around her and how much she laughs.


One year into our marriage, my husband asked me, “Are you happy?” and I answered in a heartbeat in the affirmative.

As years passed, I started to see that my answer was too hasty.

I wanted to be happy, but I wasn’t really.

First, happiness is an intrinsic job, but I wasn’t even happy with myself, let alone my marriage.

Meeting the woman I shared about in this article changed my life, and I realized that the killjoys in my life were my low self-esteem and discontentment.

I had a great marriage and a super sweet husband, but I still wasn’t satisfied because I didn’t value or love myself to start with—until I met the phenomenal woman who inspired me to see differently.

My marriage doesn’t need to be perfect for me to be happy and to enjoy it.

Often times, it is healing and a mindset shift we need to upgrade our lives and come into our higher selves.

I hope this article leads you on that journey to finding your own happiness and becoming a woman who is truly happy in her marriage.


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