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What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman? These 10 Things

What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman? These 10 Things

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This blog post happens to be one of the most interesting I’ve written in a while.

Before I start, what does it mean for a man to respect a woman?

Respect can be defined as feeling admiration, regard, or esteem for someone.

Putting it in the context of a relationship between a man and a woman simply means valuing her opinions, feelings, boundaries, limits, values, and everything that makes her a woman.

Respect is when your husband or partner listens to you when you talk and does not shut you down.

It is him valuing your opinion and not treating it like trash when you talk to him.

It is him placing a value on your dreams and not thinking you belong strictly to the bedroom and kitchen.

We have been conditioned to believe that men should be respected and women should be loved.

That is not true.

Respect is not gender specific.

Respect does not belong to one person in the relationship.

It is a two-way thing.

You respect me.

I respect you.

However, in this blog post, I will be dwelling on things that make a man lose respect for a woman.


What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman? These 10 Things

1. Being overly dependent

What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman

I was having a conversation with my friend some time ago, and I made her understand that as much as I am independent and free, I still want to depend on my man and remain his baby girl.

Now don’t get it all wrong.

It is totally sweet for you to know that you have a man you can depend on at any time, but it would be very wrong of you to depend on that man and become a liability to him.

A man will not place any value on a woman who sees him as a cash-out cow.

In fact, he stops being caring, and this very act can lead to resentment.

Where in the universe will you find a man respecting a woman he resents because of the fact that she is almost overly dependent?

Like I said, there is nothing wrong with relying on your partner for support and help when needed.

What you should do is not make it a regular thing, if not, he will be frustrated, and he will lose his respect for you because of this.


2. Lack of ambition

What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman

As much as I preach love, and I am a lover girl, I also preach individuality when in a relationship.

I learned this lesson from one of my exes back then.

I used to be really all over him, and he made me understand that I was beginning to lose my individuality.

I was tilting more towards his passion, his dreams, and his goals and neglecting my own completely.

Before I met him, I used to do a lot of poetry, and I traveled a lot.

Along the line, he made me understand that he wanted to write a stage play, and I began to learn how to write dramas so as to help him achieve his own dream.

It was sweet that I was helping him, but at the same time, I was neglecting my own passion.

Instead of having that singular act bring us together.

It’s made us drift apart because I was even struggling to get it right.

He called me someday and made me understand that I was losing myself and was getting frustrated in the process of being more like him.

Eventually, we had to part ways, and I went back to my poetry and some other things that made me happy.

What I’m saying is do not neglect your own life and ambition to fuel another person’s life.

You will not be respected, and it will become a major turn-off because he will likely see you as one who is not capable of being strong, independent, or assertive.

3. Being controlling

What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman

As much as men like women who are in control of things, it doesn’t mean that they like a woman to control them.

Being in charge of things and situations is not the same thing as being in charge of your man.

In fact, even as a woman, you did not like a man to take control of your life and boss you around like a puppet.

Imagine a man telling you to take permission for every single thing you have to do because you are together in a relationship.

Epic BS if you ask me.

So how does this lead to disrespect in a relationship?

Exerting dominance and controlling your man will make him feel suffocated because it is more of controlling his every move than caring for him.

When you trust and respect each other in a relationship, you will not have the urge to control your man because you will trust the outcome of whatever decision he is bound to make.

Your act of control simply means you do not trust him to have a good head on his neck and think right to make quality decisions.


4. Lack of communication

What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman

If you’re familiar with me and my posts, you will know that I do not compromise on communication for anything in a relationship.

When you are with a man, and there is a lack of communication or even a breakdown in communication, you have opened the gate to misunderstandings, arguments, and, eventually, loss of respect.

If, as a woman, you constantly fail to listen or value communication in your relationship and you do not even care to improve on it, you do not deserve to be in one.

Communication is the lifeline of any healthy relationship.

Without effective communication, a relationship will inevitably falter and ultimately fail.

This is because one partner cannot express himself and his feelings without fear or hesitation.

This eventually leads to a loss of respect and resentment and eventually breaks down the relationship.

5. Being dishonest

A relationship that is not built on honesty is bound to sink.

Honesty is very crucial in a healthy relationship, and when a man catches his partner constantly lying about significant and insignificant issues, it will be the bedrock for the loss of respect in that relationship.

I make it clear to my partner that I do not lie to him at any point, and that is not because I cannot lie, but there is no point in lying to him.

When you begin to lie to your partner, or you become dishonest about anything, you are punching the trust of your relationship in the face.

And by the time the trust is defaced, you will be left with nothing to hang on to.

Your man will gradually start to question everything you say, and this can lead to fights, arguments, and, ultimately, the demise of your relationship because all respect is already lost at this point.

Honesty is not just about telling the truth, it is also about being transparent and open with your partner.

It means sharing your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with them without fear of judgment or rejection.

When you are honest in a relationship, you are showing respect for your partner and their feelings and vice versa.

6. Taking each other for granted

Signs Your Husband is Tired of You

In a long-term relationship, it’s easy to fall into a routine and take each other for granted.

You no longer see things he does for you as big deals because you believe it is his duty, after all.

Doing these is cracking the wall in your relationship.

One thing I really appreciate in my relationship is the fact that my partner appreciates me so much, and I do the same with him.

There is no such thing as taking each other for granted because appreciation shows how much he really means to me.

Bring this back to you, when you appreciate your partner, it shows that you also respect him.

Imagine expecting what you know you do not give.

The law of sowing and reaping applies even here.

When you take your man for granted, you gradually erode the respect he has for you.

7. Lack of support

In any healthy relationship, partners should always learn to support each other’s goals, dreams, and aspirations.

I mean, what is the point of being in a relationship where you do not have each other’s back?

It is just as good as being alone.

When your man begins to feel that you are not supporting him, or you’re constantly putting him down or belittling his dreams, you can be sure that you’re building a wall of resentment and lack of respect.

Imagine how hurtful and betraying it feels when your close friends do not support your dreams.

How worse will it be for your romantic partner when they find you do not support their dreams?

8. Financial issues

What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman

One of the most difficult hurdles to cross in a relationship is the hurdle of financial accountability or discussion.

Up to this point, I have never had this conversation with any man because I believe I do not have enough financial literacy to hold it.

However, if you are in a serious relationship with a man and you have gotten to this point of financial commitment, you have to show some form of financial responsibility.

You cannot make poor financial decisions or be largely loose with funds that you have collectively built together.

This act will not only make him lose his respect for you but also get him really angry about the whole situation.


9. Infidelity

What Makes A Man Lose Respect For A Woman

Infidelity can be devastating to a relationship, and it can be a major reason for a lack of respect in a relationship if the man decides to continue with the relationship.

Whether it’s physical or emotional infidelity, it breaks trust and can cause irreparable damage.

If one is being factual, it also shows a lack of respect for the commitment and trust that is expected in a serious relationship.

You cannot claim to maintain the sanctity and the sacredness of your relationship when you’re not being loyal and faithful to your partner.

If you have strayed away from the love and commitment you built your relationship on and somehow your man happens to find out, it will be difficult for him to actually regard you with respect at that point.

10. Playing mind games

A healthy relationship is built on trust, communication, and authenticity.

Playing mind games, such as manipulation or deceit, introduces a toxic element that can take away the trust and respect your man has for you.

Mind games often involve trying to control or manipulate a partner’s emotions or actions for personal gain.

If you are fond of guilt-tripping your man when you’re in the wrong or even gaslighting him to get away with things, you will soon be the center of disrespect.

Sometimes, some women go as far as employing cunning tactics to create confusion or insecurity just so that they can remain the center of their man’s world.

This does not end well in most cases.

What eventually ends this is the fact that the man will drop that woman lower than where they started and eventually, they might have to even call it quits.


What am I saying in conclusion?

If you know your man values you and cherishes you, it’s best you do not do things that will lead to him losing the respect and admiration he has for you.

Take note of these actions, and if you’re doing any unconsciously at the moment, you can retrace your steps ASAP.


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