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7 Signs the Universe Wants You to Stop Dating Someone

7 Signs the Universe Wants You to Stop Dating Someone

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Have you ever felt like the cosmos themselves were trying to nudge you in a particular direction, especially when it comes to matters of the heart?

I know it might sound like something out of a mystical novel, but for those who believe in the power of manifesting and energy, it’s not that far-fetched.

Many believe that the universe sends us signs and messages to guide us on our journey, including when it’s time to let go of a relationship.

If you’re currently dating someone and feeling unsure about whether or not to continue the relationship, here are some signs from the universe to perish the thought of being together.

7 Signs the Universe Wants You to Stop Dating Someone

1. Intuition and Gut Feeling

Signs the Universe Wants You to Stop Dating Someone

If you seek logical explanations for everything, you’ll have trouble trusting your gut, but sometimes, our intuition knows best.

Ever get that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach that something’s just not right?

Sometimes, you meet a new person, and even though you don’t know anything about them, you sense that something’s off.

That’s your intuition talking, and it’s wise to give it a listen.

Sometimes, when you’re with someone and things seem okay on the surface, your gut is busy doing its own detective work, trying to tell you that something’s off.

You might not be able to put your finger on it, but if that little voice inside you is telling you to run, trust it.

Your subconscious mind picks up on more than you consciously realize, so if it’s uneasy, there’s likely a good reason.

The universe could be sending you a sign through your intuition.

2. Constant Arguments and Misunderstandings

Signs the Universe Wants You to Stop Dating Someone

No one expects a relationship that is totally smooth sailing; if you do, you’re probably living in a fantasy world.

If you don’t disagree, how will you know the contours of your relationship or learn anything new about each other?

By disagreements, I don’t mean hot fights where you need to hold the pots and pans before they fly off.

I’m talking about constant arguments, misunderstandings, and conflicts that leave you feeling drained and exhausted.

If every conversation with your partner ends in a disagreement or misunderstanding, this could be a sign from the universe that this relationship may not be right for you.

Constant conflicts are emotionally draining.

Relationships are hard enough without feeling like you’re constantly butting heads over every little thing.

When we’re in love, sometimes we overlook red flags, thinking they’ll disappear with time.

But if the conflicts are ongoing and unresolved, it may be a sign from the universe to let go and move on.

3. Lack of Effort

They say someone’s effort is a reflection of how much they value you and the relationship.

Is one of you always the planner, the motivator, or the one making all the effort to keep the relationship afloat?

That’s not a relationship; that’s a one-sided affair.

Relationships are a two-way street, requiring effort and enthusiasm from both parties.

If it feels like one of you is the only one trying to make plans, initiate conversations, or keep the spark alive, what other sign does the universe have to send you?

When this happens, it’s usually a sign that one person is not as invested in the relationship as the other.

You might even be making excuses for your partner’s lack of effort, thinking they’ll change or that it’s just a phase.

But if the lack of effort continues, it’s time to move on and find someone who values and puts equal effort into the relationship.

4. Constant Doubts

Signs the Universe Wants You to Stop Dating Someone

Even when we were about to be married, I had doubts.

It’s normal to have some doubts and fears when entering into a serious relationship, but if those doubts are consuming your thoughts and causing you distress, you should not overlook them.

If you find yourself questioning everything about your relationship, even the small stuff that never used to bother you;

If you find yourself constantly questioning whether or not this person is right for you or if you’re truly happy in the relationship;

If you constantly question your partner’s words, actions, or the future of your relationship, it’s time to pay attention to those doubts.

Doubts can be healthy to a point, as they push us to seek clarity and reassurance.

However, when they become an everyday guest in your thoughts, it’s a sign that something’s not right.

Constant doubts will take a toll on your mental and emotional health, leaving you to wonder if you’re just overthinking or if these feelings are valid.

Rather than brushing these doubts aside, pay attention to them, as they could save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

5. Constant Negative Signs

When it rains, it pours.

And the same can be said for negative signs in a relationship.

Like every time you plan a date, something goes wrong; maybe the restaurant loses your reservation, you have a bad fight, or you both end up feeling sick.

Or every time you talk about your future together, something negative happens.

Maybe one of you gets laid off from a job or experiences a health scare.

These may seem like coincidences, but it could be a sign from the universe that this relationship is not meant to be.

No relationship is perfect, but negativity shouldn’t be a constant presence.

6. Lack of Growth

They say, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Although this sounds a bit dramatic, there’s an iota of truth in it, especially when it comes to relationships.

Relationships are meant to help us grow and become better versions of ourselves.

So, growth in a relationship means you’re both evolving together, challenging each other to be better versions of yourselves, and building a future that excites both of you.

If you’re feeling stuck, like you’re in the same spot you were six months or a year ago, without any signs of progress or development, then the universe might be waving a big red flag at you.

If both of you aren’t growing together, or even worse, if the relationship is stifling your personal growth, holding you back from reaching your full potential, you might not be in the right relationship.

A good partnership should inspire growth rather than hinder it.

7. When Your Values Don’t Align

Signs the Universe Wants You to Stop Dating Someone

There’s more to relationships than saying sweet nothings to each other and going on dates.

Relationships require a strong foundation of similar (not necessarily exactly the same) values, beliefs, and morals.

Values are like the GPS for your life’s road trip.

And when you’re in a relationship, it’s like deciding to carpool.

If you both are heading to totally different destinations, you’re gonna have a bumpy ride.

I think your values should even determine who you will consider to date.

For example, I cannot date, let alone marry someone of a different faith/religion.

There’s no thinking about it.

It’s a no-go for me because I know that our values will eventually clash and create irreconcilable conflicts in the relationship.

So, it’s super important that your core values align.

I’m not talking about simple differences like one of you likes to watch TV before bed, and the other prefers to read.

I’m talking about fundamental values like honesty, integrity, family, career goals, similar life goals, wanting children in the future, and compatible beliefs about what’s important in life, etc.

If these don’t match up, you might find yourself constantly at a crossroads, trying to convince the other person to take your route or compromising on your values.

In the long run, this will lead to resentment and unhappiness.

So, if you find yourself in a relationship where your values don’t align, it may be a sign from the universe that it’s time to reevaluate and potentially move on.

Relationships require effort and compromise, but when it comes to fundamental values, there should be no compromise.

It’s vital to stay true to yourself and your values in order to find a truly fulfilling relationship built on a strong foundation of compatible values.

Even if the universe is not showing you any specific sign, if you notice these seven signs in your relationship, you should wonder if you are in the right relationship.


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