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13 Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

13 Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

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I always tell ladies that when a guy is into you, you will know.

If you’re still second-guessing and doubting a man’s proclaimed feelings for you, it’s most likely because he doesn’t like you or he’s not into you.

When guys are really into a lady, even when they try to hide it, their actions betray them.

They will effortlessly and lavishly express romantic gestures whether outrightly or subtly.

But it will be clear that they’re into the woman.

What are these romantic gestures?

13 Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

1. Showering you with compliments

Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

A man who is into you will make you feel special through his words.

His feelings for you already make you a queen in his heart, and he’ll express that verbally by giving you accolades, calling you sweet names, and magnifying the beautiful things about you.

Sometimes you may not even realize some of your uniqueness and beautiful features, but guys who are into you will draw your attention to them because that is how they see you.

There used to be a guy in my class in college many years back who had such a huge crush on me.

This guy had a dramatic personality and every time he saw me, he would stop in his tracks, act like he had just seen an angel, and start talking about how magical I looked.

It always made me laugh and blush then and he made me see so many more amazing things about myself.

He’d compliment my smile, sense of style, and how I spoke, and say many other beautiful things about me.

He was quite the charmer.

Now, I am not saying that every guy will be that expressive or do it exactly that way but in his way, if your guy likes you, he will shower you with compliments.

So if he’s not saying anything nice about you, it’s simple; it’s because he doesn’t see it.

If he’s into you, he’ll be so drawn to you and no matter how hard he tries to keep it to himself, he will tell you.

2. They always want to be around you

When guys are into you, it’s so easy to tell because they’ll always want to be around you.

You’ll find them always hanging around your premises, and acting as though if they were away from you for too long, their lungs would stop working.

This is why you find them making time to be with you, taking an interest in the things you like so that you can have more shared experiences, and planning dates for you two.

They want you to know how much they love being around you and desire to spend more time with you so they create opportunities for that to happen.

These guys will plan special outings, ask you to be their date for events, or simply go to places where they know they’re likely to meet you and hang out.

They want to take in as much of your atmosphere and presence as possible and enjoy experiences that create lasting memories together.

They’ll try to engage you in conversations, make you laugh, and create moments of joy and laughter together.

3. They buy you gifts

Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

Gift-giving is another one that is always there, you can’t miss it.

Guys spoil the women they love silly!

If a guy keeps showering you with presents and thoughtful gifts, he’s simply showing you that he cares about you and wants you to be happy.

Especially if the gifts are well thought out and are things you like.

It’s a sign that he pays attention to your likes, dislikes, and interests because he’s into you.

4. Making sacrifices

Willingly letting go of their comfort or preferences to prioritize your happiness is one sweet thing men in love do.

A finished man (Nigerian slang for a man who is helplessly in love) is known not by how much he confesses his love for you but by how much he’s willing to do for you.

Men who are into you will do everything they can to see you happy and fulfilled.

They’re not reluctant to make compromises or go to lengths for your sake.

When a man is into you, if you ask him to jump, his only question will be “How high?.”

5. They stay in touch

Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

If you’re still chasing that man with phone calls and messages, it’s because he’s not into you.

Men who are into you will be more than ready to call you at every given chance.

Even when he’s busy, he’ll find a way to contact you and keep in touch because he likes you.

Sometimes they may even bombard you with text messages and calls until it’s annoying.

But they’re not trying to annoy you, you just set their soul on fire.

6. They do cute stuff for you

Guys can be very cheesy, you won’t have any idea until you’ve experienced that dimension of them.

A guy can look all macho and hard, almost unbending until he falls in love.

Then he melts like wax.

He may still be Mr. Strong and unbending to other people but to you, he’s like a kid who was just given candy.

He begins to do really cute stuff like sending you cheesy text messages about how amazing you are, organizing fancy dinner dates, making customized love bracelets, and so on.

Another side to this is being chivalrous; he’ll open doors for you, pull out chairs, or offer you his jacket if you’re cold.

7. Thoughtful surprises

Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

This is one of the cute stuff guys who are into you will do for you.

And depending on the kind of guy he is, this can become a regular occurrence in your life.

My man loves surprises so he plans them for me very often.

Sometimes it’s the little unexpected gestures like leaving sweet notes or sending me my favorite flowers,

Other times, it’s grander gestures like meticulously planning surprise dates or even a romantic getaway.

Sometimes the surprise doesn’t come as gifts or activities but as acts of service.

Going out of his way to help me with responsibilities or chores is also a reflection of his feelings for me, thoughtfulness, and consideration for my well-being.

8. Listening to you and remembering details

Sometimes people hear us speak but don’t listen to us because they have their minds elsewhere.

This is why they can’t remember much about the things you said.

But a man who is into you is different, he doesn’t just hear you, he listens.

He’s genuinely interested in your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, so he listens attentively and actively without judging you.

The natural result of this is that you feel respected and cherished, but also that he remembers a lot of information about you.

He recalls small details about your life, interests, and preferences, remembering significant dates like anniversaries, birthdays, or the day you both met.

9. Being affectionate

Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

You’re wondering why he always speaks to you softly, holds your hands through the crowd, hugs you tenderly, and kisses your hand.

It’s possibly because he’s into you.

Guys can’t help themselves when they’re around a woman they like.

Their body language and overall behavior give them away quickly.

They’d usually express their affection through gestures such as hugs, kisses, cuddles, and physical touch, conveying warmth and love, depending on the relationship existing between them.

10. Cooking for you

This is one of my favorites!

A man in love can cook for you whether he’s a great cook or not.

If he’s good at cooking, that’s a bonus!

He’ll take his time to prepare a special meal or your favorite dish.

The effort he puts into cooking is from a place of love, care, and consideration for your preferences.

11. Writing you letters

Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

Do you think the writing of letters may seem archaic and out of fashion?

Then you haven’t met a man in love.

Not all men will do this but a good number of men do it.

They express their love not just through modern-day SMS or WhatsApp text messages but also through love letters.

They send thoughtful messages throughout the day to let you know they’re thinking about you.

But they also write cute love notes and send them to you in gift packages, or the lunch they ordered for you.

They could even hide the notes in different places around the house waiting for you to find them, more like a treasure hunt.

How exciting is that?

12. Offering support and encouragement

Being kind, reliable, and supportive will never be outdated.

Everyone needs these things but if a man is into you, you can be sure you won’t lack them.

He’ll be there for you, offering support and assistance when you need them.

He’ll support your goals and encourage you to go for your aspirations and dreams.

During tough times, he’s both a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on, offering emotional support and care.

13. Respecting boundaries

Romantic Things Guys Do When They’re Really Into You

This is not necessarily a grand or cute gesture but it is romantic and wholesome.

When guys are into you, they show you respect and honor.

And one of the ways they do this is by respecting your boundaries.

They’ll show you that they value your personal space and privacy.

A man who is into you wants you to feel comfortable and safe so he stays far from anything that may make you feel contrary.

From his actions, his intentions are clear – you give him tingles and he’s into you.

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