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15 Types of People You Should Never Drunk-Text

15 Types of People You Should Never Drunk-Text

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Have you ever had a few drinks and suddenly felt the urge to contact someone either from your past or present?

It’s easier than ever to do so, especially in today’s digital age, when reaching out to someone is just a click away.

But before you go and hit send, take a moment to think about who you’re reaching out to. Some people may not appreciate being contacted while you’re under the influence, and some are just better left alone.

Here are 15 types of people you should never drunk-text:

15 Types of People You Should Never Drunk-Text

1. Your Ex

Let’s start with the obvious.

No matter how many drinks you’ve had, texting your ex is never a good idea.


I get that there might be many things you want to say to them but trust me, they can wait until you’re sober.

Besides, do you really want to wake up the next day and regret sending that embarrassing text?

It’s better to save yourself the embarrassment and keep your ex out of your late-night texting spree.

2. Your Boss

Reaching out to your boss under the influence might seem like an opportunity to show your more relaxed and personal side.

It might even seem like a brilliant idea at the moment to share your “innovative” thoughts or to express how much you appreciate their mentorship, but please resist the urge.

You have professional boundaries for a reason, and crossing them can lead to awkward situations or even jeopardize your job.

There’s a time and place for everything, and drunk-texting your boss doesn’t fit into either category.

Sending a text to your boss while you’re intoxicated is a surefire way to land yourself in hot water.

3. Your Parents

Your parents have been there for you since day one, and they probably know you better than anyone else.

So, while alcohol may make you feel sentimental and want to express your love or appreciation for them or even reveal some long-held secret, it’s best to do so when you’re sober.

Your parents care about you, and a random, possibly incoherent message could worry them more than warm their hearts.

It’s always better to have meaningful conversations when you’re fully present and can convey what you mean clearly.

So, spare them the worry and save your heartfelt messages for when you’re clear-headed and can truly express yourself.

4. Your Crush or Someone You’re Interested In

When you have a crush on someone, you have one clear goal: to impress them.

But when alcohol is involved, that goal can quickly become blurred, and you might end up doing the exact opposite of what you intended.

Drunk texting could lead to misinterpretations, spelling errors, or expressing feelings you’re not fully ready to share

And drunk-texting your crush or someone you’re interested in can come off as desperate, clingy, or even creepy.

Trust me, those are not the vibes you want to give off.

5. Your Work Colleagues

Just like drunk-texting your boss, contacting your coworkers while under the influence is a recipe for disaster.

Even if you have a close relationship with them, they are still your colleagues, not your drinking buddies.

Sending inappropriate or unprofessional messages could damage your reputation in the workplace and make things awkward between you and your coworkers.

And you wouldn’t want to experience that in a place where you spend the most time during the week.

6. Your Ex-Best Friend

It’s understandable to feel a wave of nostalgia or even miss the good times you once shared with a person who was once a big part of your life.

I have some peeps like that, too.

But things happen, people change, and sometimes friendships come to an end.

As tempting as it may be to reach out after a few drinks, drunk-texting your ex-best friend can lead to a messy and emotional conversation.

It’s best to focus on the present and not dwell on the past when you’ve had alcohol in your system.

Let bygones be bygones.

7. Your Ex’s Friends or Family

I remember blocking all my ex’s friends and family on social media when we broke up.

I thought that since my ex was no longer a part of my life, it was best to cut all ties with anyone associated with them.

So I wouldn’t understand why drunk-texting your ex’s friends or family would ever be a good idea.

Imagine getting a text from someone you barely know rambling about their past relationship with your friend or relative.


8. Your “Frenemies”

We all have that one person in our lives who we have a love-hate relationship with.

They may be someone you used to be friends with but now can’t stand or even someone you’re secretly competing against.

Whatever the case, drunk-texting them is just asking for unnecessary drama and stress in your life.

You don’t need to give them any more ammunition to fuel the tension between you two.

9. Your Bank or Credit Card Company

This may seem like a strange one, but stay with me.

Have you ever had a few drinks and suddenly remembered that payment you forgot to make or that suspicious charge on your credit card statement?

Your first instinct may be to reach out to your bank or credit card company in a state of panic, but let’s save that call for when you’re sober.

You want to make sure you can articulate your concerns and understand their responses clearly.

Not to mention that drunk-dialing your financial institution is not a good look.

10. Your Therapist or Mental Health Professional

Reaching out to your therapist or any mental health professional while under the influence might feel like the right choice in a moment of vulnerability.

You might think it’s a harmless act driven by the need to share your thoughts and feelings, but it can actually be detrimental to your recovery.

Your therapist is there to help you work through your emotions and make progress in your mental health journey.

Talking to them while intoxicated may blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not, making it difficult for them to provide effective guidance and support.

Not only that but sharing personal information while under the influence can also put you at risk for potential legal or professional consequences.

Respect the boundaries of therapy and save those conversations for a clearer state of mind. 

11. Your Pastor or Religious Leader

If you are serious with your faith, I doubt you’d want your pastor to know about your drunken escapades.

Our spiritual leaders are revered and respected in our lives, and an impulsive, intoxicated message could disrupt this sacred relationship.

Also, if your pastor or religious leader holds a position of authority in your community, they may be obligated to report any concerning behavior or actions that could pose a danger to yourself or others.  

Because spiritual leaders are not just mere confidants but also have a responsibility to protect and guide their congregation. 

12. Your Ex-Coworkers

Just because they’re no longer part of your professional circle doesn’t mean they won’t be affected by any drunken messages sent their way.  

Your past coworkers may still hold important connections or references for your future career endeavors, and a drunken message could jeopardize those opportunities. 

And if you left on bad terms with any of them, an intoxicated text could reignite old tensions and create unnecessary drama.

13. Your Children

I know this may seem obvious, but I’ve got to mention it.

As a parent, you are responsible for the well-being and safety of your children, whether they’re young or grown.

They look up to you, seeking guidance, stability, and support.

A message that comes from a place of drunkenness could confuse, worry, or even frighten them, depending on its content and their age.

So, sending drunken messages, especially ones that are inappropriate or hurtful, can damage your relationship with your children and erode their trust in you. 

It also sets a poor example for them to see their parent out of control and make irresponsible decisions. 

As a parent, your actions speak louder than words. 

14. Your Siblings:

Your siblings may have been your first friends (or foes) in life, sharing countless memories, laughter, and, occasionally, the odd rivalry.

We all have siblings, and while we may love them dearly, some things should not be shared while we are under the influence. 

You are not in the right state of mind, and you may say hurtful things to them or reveal secrets that could harm your relationship with them. 

They might even use whatever you say as leverage against you in future sibling arguments.

You don’t want that, do you? 

15. Your Partner:

Your partner is someone who loves and supports you unconditionally. 

They are your confidant, best friend, and soulmate. 

But when you are under the influence, you may act in ways that could damage your relationship with them.

You may say things you don’t mean or do things that you will regret later on. 

Alcohol can also affect your behavior and lead to arguments or even physical altercations.

Don’t do it!


From the way I see it, drunk texting anyone is not a good idea. 

I’ve never been drunk, let alone drunk text anyone before. 

My advice is to not get drunk, and if you do, don’t text anyone except if you’re in urgent need of their help.

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