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12 Vivid Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

12 Vivid Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

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There was once a woman who had a crush on my husband.

”What?” You say.


You read that right.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t even angry or jealous.

I felt sorry for her.

Because I understand how sensitive and tough matters of the heart can be, especially when it comes to loving someone you cannot have.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that it’s possible for a woman to be attracted to a married man.

But how can you tell if that’s the case?

Well, here are signs that may indicate a woman’s attraction towards a married man.

12 Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

1. She initiates conversations with him.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

It’s one thing for someone to reply when spoken to, but it’s another thing entirely when they initiate the conversation themselves.

When a woman frequently initiates conversations with a married man, it may be a sign of her attraction towards him.

I’m not talking about casual, infrequent chats about the weather or trivial things.

I mean making a consistent effort to engage him in deep, meaningful conversations.

She might ask about his day, his feelings, or his thoughts on personal topics.

This shows that she’s not just interested in him as a friend or colleague, but she’s genuinely interested in his life, his emotions, and his inner world.

It’s a way of establishing an emotional connection because conversations, especially those that dive into personal areas, create a sense of intimacy that can fuel attraction.

When you are attracted to someone, you want to talk to them, you want to know them, you want to be drawn to them, and you want them to be drawn to you.

And how best can you accomplish this?

Through conversations.

2. She compliments him frequently.

Compliments are good.

They make us feel seen, heard and appreciated.

So naturally, if a woman is attracted to a married man, she might shower him with compliments.

She may praise his appearance, intelligence, talent, and other positive attributes that she admires about him.

She might even go as far as complimenting things he’s not so great at because when you’re smitten by someone, you tend to see the best in them and overlook their flaws.

These compliments may be more personal and specific than what you would expect from a regular friend or colleague.

She might say, ”You have a lovely smile,” instead of just saying, ”you look nice.”

Or she might compliment his sense of humor by saying, ”You always make me laugh,’ instead of just saying, ”You’re funny.”

These extra details make her compliments more intimate.

Also, the frequency of these compliments is a major indicator of her feelings towards him.

I mean, it’s okay to compliment a married person once in a while, but when it happens constantly, eyebrows are raised.

3. She tries to get close to him physically.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

When you’re attracted to someone, it’s natural to want to be close to them.

You want to feel their presence, touch them, and be touched by them.

If a woman is attracted to a married man, she might try getting physically closer to him whenever the opportunity arises.

She might sit next to him at work meetings, stand closer to him than necessary when talking, or initiate physical contact like hugging and touching his arm.

These actions, though subtle, are a way of showing her desire for physical closeness with him.

4. She shows signs of jealousy towards his wife.

Okay, this is what the woman I talked about earlier did.

And it was one of the ways that I knew she was attracted to my husband.

She would get upset when he mentioned me or our marriage, and she would act cold towards me whenever I was around.

At first, I didn’t understand why she behaved that way towards me.

But then it hit me, she was jealous of my relationship with my husband.

She wanted what we had, and the thought of not being able to have it made her resentful.

So, if a woman shows signs of jealousy towards a married man’s wife or their relationship, she might be attracted to him, and she couldn’t hide it.

Just as this woman couldn’t hide her feelings for my husband.

5. She tries to impress him.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

When you’re attracted to someone, you want to make a good impression on them.

You dress nicely, do your hair and makeup perfectly, and try to be your most charming and interesting self.

If a woman is attracted to a married man, she might make an extra effort to impress him whenever they’re together.

She might wear her best outfits, put on her favorite perfume, or mention exciting things happening in her life to spark his interest.

In other words, she’s trying to stand out from the rest, to catch his attention and keep it.

6. She gets flustered or nervous around him.

Being attracted to someone can make you feel all kinds of emotions.

But one thing is for sure, it makes you feel anything but calm, cool, and collected.

A woman who is attracted to a married man might get flustered or nervous in his presence.

She might stumble over her words, fidget with her hands, or blush when he speaks to her.

These are all signs of a racing heart and sweaty palms, classic symptoms of someone who is head over heels for someone else.

7. She remembers little details about him.

Have you ever noticed how people remember things about those they’re attracted to?

It’s because our brains are wired to pay attention to what we find special and important.

So, if a woman is attracted to a married man, she might remember little details about him that others wouldn’t.

She might recall his favorite food, his birthday, or something he mentioned in passing during a conversation.

These may seem insignificant, but they show that she’s paying close attention to him and wants to remember everything he shares with her.

8. She shares personal/hardship stories.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

It takes a lot of trust and vulnerability to open up about personal or difficult experiences.

But sometimes, we do it because we want someone else to see us in a certain light.

If a woman is attracted to a married man, she might share personal or hardship stories with him to gain his sympathy and form a deeper connection.

She might also do it to show him that she’s strong and capable of handling tough situations, making her more attractive in his eyes.

I mean, why would you be telling a married man stories that should be meant for your therapist?

9. She constantly checks his social media.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to a Married Man

Social media has made it easier for us to keep tabs on people we’re attracted to, especially without them knowing.

If a woman is attracted to a married man, she might constantly check his social media profiles to see what he’s up to and who he’s interacting with.

She might also look for any signs of trouble in his marriage or opportunities for her to swoop in and make her move.

It’s a subtle way of staying connected to him and keeping updated on his life, even outside of work or social gatherings.

Even deep down, she’s hoping to find some indication that he might be interested in her too.

10. She flirts with him.

Flirting is a natural way of showing someone you’re interested in them.

When we’re attracted to someone, our flirting game gets turned up a notch.

Even if you are not a natural flirt, you’d find yourself doing it subconsciously when you’re around your crush.

You’d even be amazed at yourself.

If a woman is attracted to a married man, she might flirt with him subtly or obviously, depending on her personality.

She might compliment him, tease him playfully, or use body language like smiling, leaning in, or playing with her hair.

Whatever the form of flirting may be, it’s a clear sign that she sees him as more than just a friend or colleague.

11. She tries to find out if he’s happy in his marriage.

This one might seem a little sneaky, but when someone is attracted to a married person, they’re bound to wonder about the status of their relationship.

A woman who is interested in a married man might try to find out if he’s happily married or not.

She might ask indirect questions about his marriage, drop hints about being available if things don’t work out, or even act as a listening ear when he talks about any problems in his marriage.

This shows that she’s considering the possibility of being with him and is trying to gather information on her chances.

12. She doesn’t like talking about his wife.

As I mentioned earlier, the woman who was attracted to my husband didn’t like talking about me or our marriage.

Whenever he brought up anything related to our relationship, she would quickly change the subject or act disinterested.

If a woman is attracted to a married man, she might avoid talking about his wife or their marriage altogether.

It’s not because she doesn’t care; on the contrary, it’s because she cares too much and can’t stand the thought of him being with someone else.

And that’s why I said I felt sorry for her because I knew that she was fighting a losing battle.

And it’s not just her, any woman who is attracted to a married man and shows these signs is setting herself up for heartbreak.

Because at the end of the day, no matter how much we try to deny it, being in love with a married person never ends well.

So if you find yourself experiencing these signs or know someone who is, it’s best to take a step back and re-evaluate your feelings.

Because even though love is a beautiful thing, sometimes we need to accept that some things are just not meant to be.

And in this case, being with a married man is one of them.

So let go, move on, and find someone who can give you all the love and attention that you deserve.

True happiness comes from being with someone who is truly available to us.

Leave the fairytale endings for movies and focus on finding your own happily ever after with someone who is right for you.


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