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Can A man Forget a Woman He Slept With? Well, It Depends

Can A man Forget a Woman He Slept With? Well, It Depends

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Can a man forget a woman he slept with?

Growing up, my father had one piece of advice for my sisters and me, “Never let any man, especially one you meet for the first time, see your body. If you do, the man will have no single regard for you, and he will forget you.”

I can still hear him and see him raise an arm and an index finger to show the seriousness behind this piece of advice.

Ironically, when I was growing up and made my friends, a friend told me she slept with her husband the first day she met him, and they are married now and raising their kids together.

She said she thought she had messed up and that the man would forget her and move on but to her surprise, he called her the next day and requested that they start dating officially.

Before she knew it, he proposed, and 15 years later, they are still married.

According to her, there are no hard and fast rules to dating and physical intimacy, and it generally depends on the man.

In other words, some men forget while others don’t.

Frankly speaking, while I won’t ever advise a lady to get intimate with a man she has met for the first time (because I don’t like to gamble), I agree with my friend.

However, in addition to depending on the man, there are several other reasons that might make a man forget a woman he has slept with. 

Can A man Forget a Woman He Slept With?

  1. The mental state of the man.

Can a man forget a woman he slept with?

If he was intoxicated or heavily drunk at the time of the intercourse, he might find it difficult to remember that he slept with a woman the previous night or even hours before he became sober.

Yes, some mild memories may come and go as he tries to remember his previous activities.

Even the fragrance of a feminine perfume may strike a chord somewhere in his mind, but due to the fact that he was drunk or heavily intoxicated, it would be difficult to remember every detail of that sexual encounter. 

In such a case, the man would forget about the woman he slept with.


2. He’s into one-night stands.

He’s into clubbing and partying and loves to indulge in one-off sex.

To him, sex is nothing personal and something he uses as a means of relaxation after a long night of heavy clubbing and partying.

For men like this, there’s no need even to know the name of the lady or try to establish contact or any form of connection with her.

It’s enough to know that she’s a lady and can satisfy his need to relax at that moment, and when his needs are met, he moves on and forgets her.


3. He’s heartbroken and grieving his past relationship.

Can A man Forget a Woman He Slept With?

Many ladies think that when a man is heartbroken or grieving the loss of a relationship, it makes him more vulnerable, and he’s likely to get entangled easily with another woman.

Truth is, It doesn’t always happen that way. 

In fact, sometimes, when a man is heartbroken, the only name in his heart and on his lips is that of his ex. 

In such cases, chances are high that he asked you out and eventually slept with you because you look like his ex or something about you reminded him of her.

Strange but true.

The guy is simply obsessed with thoughts of his previous partner, and nothing about the intimacy you shared with him was about you.

If this is the case, even if he has slept with you, he will most likely forget about you because, from the onset, it was never about you.


4. He has multiple partners.

This reminds me of a professional colleague who has been on a date with and is involved with many ladies.

Sometimes, I look at him, and I wonder how he does it and if it’s possible to remember the names of all these ladies and the details of the experiences he had with each of them.

I think it’s impossible because there are too many of them, and only so much a man can remember at a time.

Men like my colleague are in several relationships simultaneously and like to date casually.

Sex, to them, isn’t personal or deep, so they aren’t interested in knowing the personal details of the women they sleep with.

Their only interest is in taking the women to bed.

Once they do that, they feel sorted and satisfied, and off they move on to the next lady in line.


5. He is a narcissist.

He is so self-centered that his world and everything in it revolves around him, and he thinks of no other person but himself.

He may be a spoilt brat, the over-pampered son, or the only child of his parents, but from the onset, you don’t feature anywhere in the story. 

It was about pleasing himself, and the moment he feels pleased and satisfied, he forgets you.


6. His life is messed up.

Can A man Forget a Woman He Slept With?

He may have a drug or alcohol addiction, and naturally, his life is filled with many incidents he doesn’t remember anymore.

It is common for such men to go to bed with a lady at night, treat her like a nobody the next morning and leave her wondering if he even remembers the intimate moments they shared.

His life is a sorry affair and nothing to write home about, so it’s possible he would forget the woman he has slept with, the same way he forgets every other incident in his life.


7. He lacks a conscience.

Rumour had it that a certain male neighbor once spent the night with a lady in a hotel. 

Before the lady woke up the next morning, he was gone. 

He didn’t settle the hotel bills or even pay for the meals they were served the previous night.

He just left the lady to her fate.

I don’t know how this lady handled herself that morning and if the rumor is true, but it is most appalling.

Sadly, men like this neighbor of mine exist.

They believe that sex is a God-given right of theirs and that they are entitled to as many women as can accept and sleep with them.

Therefore, they quickly “finish” with one woman and move on to another. 

For such men, no matter the passion and the depth of the intimate moments you both shared, they would forget you.


8. He has a bad memory.

As sad as this is, it’s a possibility.

I know sex shouldn’t be forgotten with a wave of the hand, but honestly, men with terrible memories forget things easily and it’s really not something they enjoy and can help. 

It just happens to them, and they forget.


9. You don’t want to be known or remembered.

This might come as a huge surprise, but yes, it’s not always about the man.

Some ladies just want to have fun, get laid, and move on with their lives. 

It’s not important to them to get personal or establish any connection with the man, so they create a mysterious or ominous air around them and refuse to let their guards down.

If this is the case, it’s likely a man won’t care to come close because he knows it won’t end well for him.

He simply focuses on having fun and moving on.

Nothing personal or serious.

Even if he remembers, he would try hard to push the memory somewhere down his mind and forget about the lady.

So yes.

Men forget about the women they have slept with, and it’s not always their fault or something they want to do.

This is why ladies are strongly advised to delay sex and other forms of physical intimacy with a man and cultivate friendship first.

It always keeps the mind open, clear, and discerning enough to understand the man you are dealing with and decide whether to stay and build something with him or leave while you can.

Can A man Forget a Woman He Slept With?

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