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Do Husbands Come Back After Divorce? Yes They Do If…

Do Husbands Come Back After Divorce? Yes They Do If…

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Do husbands come back after divorce?

Divorce is a phase of life that no one sets out to be in.

This is why it may be hard for most people to accept and settle into a divorcé lifestyle.

For some, a while after the divorce has occurred, they seek to come back into the lives of their exes.


Do Husbands Come Back After Divorce?

There is no guarantee that an ex-husband will come back after a divorce, but yes, it does happen.

Some factors, like why the marriage broke initially, who initiated the divorce,  how long they were married, how long they have been divorced, and so on, are what determine if an ex-husband can come back.

Is your ex-husband making an attempt to give your broken marriage another shot, and you are confused and wondering why the sudden change of mind and if he is for real?

In this article, you will find out if and why an ex-husband might want to come back after a divorce.

1. He now has a better knowledge of the psychology of womendo husbands come back after divorce

Some men go into marriage without even knowing much about the gender they married.  

When it comes to marriage, no knowledge acquisition is excessive.

If, for instance, the man did not have any ex-girlfriend, female sibling or close female friend before marriage, some of the ways of a woman, at closer view and contact, may be alien to him.

And, if unfortunately, he is impatient, they may have clashed over and over again.  

Little issues in marriage have been known to escalate into bigger ones, and if proper and quick attention is not given to such issues, it may get too late to salvage the marriage.

Now, he has probably made attempts to date other women and he sees some of the traits he saw in his ex-wife in them.

Now, he realises that you are not weird.

You are just being a woman.

This is why I always say that marriage is not for naive people.

You are permitted to be innocent but not naive about the things that matter.

You cannot be vowing to spend the rest of your life with the opposite sex and not acquaint yourself with their thoughts and behavioural patterns.

Some will be learnt, however, by experience, but what is important is the willingness to learn.

Marriage requires long-term preparation.

You do not start preparing for marriage just when you are of age to get married.

 I remember buying the book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” out of curiosity years before I started dating.

How does a man think? I could not stop wondering.

2. He realises his mistakesdo husbands come back after divorce

Every man makes mistakes, but a wise man learns from them.

If your ex-husband now realises the things he did or issues he mishandled, he may seek to return to you.

This is not to say that he was the bad person in the marriage.

You both would have had your flaws that contributed to the breakdown of the marriage, but he has just realised his.

If a man allows himself to be too ego-driven in marriage, he will be blind to his own mistakes until it is too late.

An oversized ego is known to be one of the major causes of failed marriages in this age.

It makes a person, in this case, a man, believe he is always right, constantly seek to win,  ask for more consistently and be less empathetic.

It takes a vulnerable and humble person to realise and acknowledge their misdeeds.


3. He is not finding dating easy

do husbands come back after divorce

This may be a challenge for him, especially if you were married for long before the divorce.

The dynamics of dating these days are changing compared to how they used to be in time past.

Starting to get to know another woman all over again and not knowing for sure how things will end up may be such a herculean task for him.

So, this realisation may drive him back to you.


4. He was heartbrokendo husbands come back after divorce

If your ex-husband did move on to another relationship but got his heart broken, he may come back to you.

He thought he deserved better and could be loved better, but he did not get what he set out to get.

Rather, he got his heartbroken.

Be careful of being used as a rebound to get over an emotional pain.

You would not love the outcome eventually.

You should look out for signs that he may be back to you as a rebound.


5. He does not want to have children with different womendo husbands come back after divorce

If you both have children already, but he wants to have more children and he is trying to avoid baby mama drama, you may just find him back at your doorstep.

This is, however depending on how much having more children matters to him.

He may choose to come back to you rather than get another woman to be the mother of his unborn children.

This seems like a selfish reason, and as a woman, you must be smart enough to think deeply and consider if you are willing to have more children for someone you once fell out with to the point of divorce.

If you must take him back, let it be because the reason favours you both in order to avoid feeling used later on.


6. He never wanted the divorcedo husbands come back after divorce

A man who never wanted the divorce to happen may keep trying his best to come back.

He probably still believes that whatever issues you both had could be worked on, but you didn’t give him the chance.

This is why you see him trying to woo and win you over all over again.

Not all men would do this, in the real sense of it.

Some would rather accept their fate and move on rather than stay with someone who does not want them enough to fight for their love.

I guess it depends on the personality of the man involved, after all.


7. He is back on a revenge missiondo husbands come back after divorce

Be wary.

Your ex-husband’s intentions may not be pure.

He may still be hurt from the divorce saga, and if he is a vengeful type, he may be planning a comeback for you.

He may be masking his real intentions with sweetness while he has insidious motives.

You may need to ask yourself questions that will refresh your memory about him.

Was he a forgiving partner, or he always wanted to give the last strike in any fight?

Was he kind in his anger, or did he not care to hurt you in a feat of anger?

Your answers to these questions will aid you better in your decision-making.


8. He still loves youdo husbands come back after divorce

Your man has gone east, west, north and south, but he has found no love like yours.

He probably realised you are a good catch and that he took your love for granted.

He has realised that even though love is not enough, as long as it is not lacking, you can still both do all you can to reconcile your differences.

Love may not be enough, but it is not negligible.



Some ex-partners have remarried and had an admirable second marriage.

However, as a way of playing safe and protecting your heart, do not wait in anticipation of his return.

But if he comes back to you, you may decide to consider if you taking him back is a wise decision or not.

Be sure to find out what he has been up to while he was away.

This would help you figure out his intentions.

This may not even matter to you if you have moved on and you wouldn’t touch your ex-husband with a pole even if he came back.

Some ex-partners are good riddance to bad rubbish.

As an ex-husband, if you desire to return to your ex-wife, be sure that you have given it a hold thought and that your intentions will birth to a great marriage if she accepts you back.

And for your sake, be sure of her intentions for also accepting you back.


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