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13 Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

13 Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

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As much as we don’t like to admit it, some of us women tend to be too weak when it comes to relationships.

We often let our emotions cloud our judgment and end up in toxic relationships that drain us physically and emotionally.

But how do you know if you’re being too weak in your relationship?

Here are 13 signs of a weak woman in a relationship:

13 Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

1. Always making excuses for bad behavior

Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

While excuses can mean that you think the very best of a person or be a sign of loyalty, if, in the face of bad behavior, you continue making excuses, then this is an obvious sign of weakness.

The thing about making excuses for bad behavior is that it enables it and allows it to thrive.

A weak woman will shy away from stating the truth and telling her partner what is right.

A good example is a man who’s in a relationship with a woman beater and keeps excusing his untamed anger and rage all in the name of “I made him angry…it’s not his fault”.

2. Putting their needs before your own

It’s important to compromise in a relationship, but not at the cost of your own happiness and well-being.

If you constantly prioritize your partner’s needs over your own, it may be a sign that you’re too weak to advocate for yourself.

Some people call this being sacrificial in love, but I beg to differ.

It takes a healthy level of self-love to love others.

A weak woman in a relationship doesn’t think much of herself and so downplays her needs and will ratther put her spouse’s needs before hers.

Even though this makes her feel good, it is rooted in weakness and self-hate.

3. Constantly seeking validation

Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

If you find yourself constantly seeking reassurance and validation from your partner, then this may indicate low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

A strong woman knows her worth and doesn’t rely on others to feel good about herself.

However, a weak woman will live for the praises of her partner and trust narcissists to leverage this.

4. Not voicing your opinion

It’s normal to have different opinions in a relationship, but it’s important to speak up and express yourself.

If you’re too afraid to voice your thoughts and feelings, you may be sacrificing your own needs to keep the peace.

You are in a romantic relationship and not a prisoner of war.

If you lose the courage to speak up or express your opinions in a relationship for whatever reason, then that is a sign of weakness

5. Being afraid of being alone

Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

A weak woman may stay in a toxic relationship because she’s afraid of being alone.

This fear can hold you back from leaving a bad situation and finding true happiness on your own.

In fact, due to the fear of being alone, some people ignore red flags that are billboard-like and force themselves to remain in a toxic or wrong relationship.

“No one will want me now,” they say in their defense.

Some say, “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”

I beg to differ, the root of this mindset is a lack of self esteem and awreness.

It is a weakness. 

6. Letting your partner walk all over you

If you constantly give in to your partner’s demands and let them have their way, then you may be too weak to stand up for yourself.

A strong woman knows when to compromise and when to put her foot down.

I once heard a story of a woman who ALLOWED her boyfriend to dictate everything about her life, and each time she didn’t follow his instructions to the letter, he’d embarrass her publicly.

Yes, she allowed him to do all that to her in the name of “being a fool for love.”

That’s a weak and foolish thing to do, my dear.

7. Not setting boundaries

This leads me here… BOUNDARIES!

Healthy relationships have clear boundaries that both partners respect.

If you constantly let your partner cross the line with no consequences, then this may indicate weakness on your part.

If you also have no boundaries and take anything your partner dishes out to you, then that’s a sign of weakness.

8. Making excuses for their behavior

Similar to making excuses for your partner, making excuses for their behavior toward others is also a sign of weakness.

A strong woman wouldn’t defend or cover up their partner’s wrongdoings.

Your partner is a grown man who should come to terms with his actions or inactions.

However, if you are always in the habit of making excuses for his behavior toward others, then that’s a sign of weakness.

9. Putting up with disrespect

Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

If your partner constantly disrespects you and you continue to tolerate it, then this may be a sign that you’re too weak to demand respect.

The truth is that we directly or indirectly tell others how to treat us.

You may tolerate disrespect because you think you deserve it, or you may treat your partner like a ‘small god.’

I read the story of a woman who was in an abusive relationship, and her partner treated her with so much contempt and publicly, too, but each time her friends tried to stand up for her, she’d say, “Let it go, I caused it. I deserve it.”

It made no sense to anyone, and after a while, they all left her alone.

Guess what? 

The partner became even more contemptuous, and one day, he beat her to death.

For no reason should you put up with disrespect!

A strong woman knows her worth and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

10. Ignoring red flags

We all have our intuition that tells us when something isn’t right in a relationship.

If you constantly ignore red flags and give your partner the benefit of the doubt, then this may indicate weakness on your part.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t excuse your partner in some cases.

But if this is your default and because your partner is larger than life to you, you ignore the obvious red flags in your relationship, which shows a weakness. 

Many women have ignored red flags, landed in worse situations, and made messy judgments.

Ignoring red flags may be a weakness in your judgment or a defective way you view yourself.

It is usually rooted in fear, unhealed trauma, and low self-esteem.

11. Too dependent on your partner

I’m not saying you need to be completely independent in a relationship; after all, why do we need partners?

But being too dependent on your partner can also be a weakness.

This could manifest in various ways, such as relying on your partner for emotional support, financial stability, decision-making, or even basic daily tasks.

While it’s important to have a strong support system and rely on your partner at times, being overly dependent on them means you’re giving them too much power and control in the relationship.

This could lead to resentment, co-dependency, or even manipulation.

12. Fear of conflict

Signs Of A Weak Woman In A Relationship

Trust me, nobody likes conflict; it’s uncomfortable.

I don’t like fighting with my man, but I do know that healthy disagreements and conflicts are necessary for a strong relationship.

If you’re constantly avoiding conflict because you don’t want to upset your partner or fear the consequences, it’s a sign of a weak woman.

This is a weakness because being unable to express one’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions is detrimental to your emotional well-being.

Avoiding conflict means you’re too afraid to voice your opinions, concerns, or needs and are willing to sacrifice your own happiness to avoid a fight. 

Listen, peace is not the absence of conflict; it’s the ability to handle conflicts effectively and respectfully.

If you’re constantly avoiding conflict, you’ll never truly be able to fully understand each other and resolve issues. 

So, where is the strength in that? 

13. Being manipulative

 Being manipulative and controlling in a relationship is not a sign of strength; it’s actually a sign of insecurity and fear. 

Manipulation and control may work for a short period of time, but eventually, the truth will come out and cause even more damage to the relationship.

True strength lies in being able to communicate without resorting to manipulation or controlling behavior. 


There is no perfect woman out there, and being a strong woman doesn’t mean you are one.

It also doesn’t mean you have to be tough and unemotional, not show fear, or not make mistakes.  

Being a strong woman means being true to yourself, having self-awareness and self-confidence, and constantly working on personal growth, and letting these reflect in your relationships. 

No one is born a strong woman; it’s a journey of learning, growing, and evolving. 

And I hope this article will help you on that journey.



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